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Divers Lodge Lembeh


Divers Lodge Lembeh - Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Divers Lodge Lembeh is a small intimate resort which can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests. This means we can cater to our guests needs and provide excellent personal service. The 7 bungalows are scattered around the hill and each has its own path and private access. In this way every guest is guaranteed privacy and beautiful view.

Divers Lodge Lembeh is situated on the south west tip of Lembeh Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The resort is surrounded by 25 hectares natural beauty of protected forest and mangroves, 250 meter long private beach and an excellent house reef.

There are some villages and settlements, but none in the immediate vicinity of the resort. You may see a wide variety of big butterflies, monitor lizards, many species of birds like the king fisher and sea eagle and, with a bit of luck, after sunset even the Tarsius monkey.

The service we offer is really unique. We are having 7 dive boats and 10 experienced dive guides for our maximum number of 12 guests. We stick to a ratio of never more than 2 guests per guide and depending on the package, only 1 (yes one) up to 4 guests on the same boat. All boats are equipped with 220 Volt battery charger, toilet and rins tank. We offer Nitrox 32 and top quality rental gear.
The 7 bungalows at Divers Lodge Lembeh are spaced well apart, with plenty of privacy and stunning views. Clean and tidy spacious rooms with European style bathroom and real hot shower, guarantee a comfortable stay.

Wireless internet is available in the resort for free and there’s a laptop, 42 inch widescreen HDTV with surround home theatre sound system, DVD/BluRay player, movies, music, a wide range of novels and marine life identification books, are provided for your use and enjoyment.

Although smoking is not allowed in the bungalows, the restaurant, the lounge and in the sheltered part of the boats, if you are a smoker you don't need to worry! There are lots of places left where you can enjoy a cigarette, for example on your private terrace in front of your bungalow, in the open lounge, in the gardens, on the beach or at the front deck of your boat.

Divers Lodge Lembeh is the perfect place for someone who likes privacy, while at the same time providing the opportunity to get to know other guests and make new friends.


Divers Lodge Lembeh is situated 90 minutes from the international airport of Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. This airport offers direct connections with Singapore and most places of Indonesia. We can assist you in buying domestic flights.


All our bungalows offer you comfort privacy and an astonishing view over the jungle, volcanoes and the sea. In short, your personal piece of paradise.

The bungalows have comfortable beds, chairs, tables, desks with extra lights to work on your cameras and a wardrobe. They have an ensuite bathroom equipped with a western toilet and a hot shower. Our hot water facility is generated by solar heating with electrical back up. The bungalows are well ventilated and have fly wire screens, so mosquito nets are not needed. Because the bungalows are on a ridge surrounded by the sea, cool breezes are common. However, when there are no breezes, a fan provides relief.

There is electricity 24 hours a day, providing you with light while assembling your camera or reading a book in bed. We generate our electricity through a combination of solar panels, wind turbines, batteries with a Mastervolt true sinus power converter and a fuel power generator. The current is 220/230 Volt, 50 cycles. Adaptors or an inverter to 110 volt are available if required. Like in the rest of Indonesia we are having the European style 2 round pin plugs here. Every bungalow has at least 5 power outlets. Valuables can be deposited with our staff for safekeeping in the central safe.

To give you a better impression about the layout of the resort herewith some distances in meters, a short description of the bungalows and how high they are above sea level.

Restaurant and lounge
Construction: wood. Height above sea level: 17 m. Distance from the beach: 80 m
Bungalow Musang
Construction: stone and wood. Height above sea level: 35 m. Distance from the restaurant 70 meters (90 steps)
Dimensions: room 5.00 m x 7.00 m; bathroom 2.00 m x 3.00 m
Bungalow Kura kura
Construction: wood. Height above sea level: 14 m
Ddimensions: room 5.50 m x 6.50 m; bathroom 2.00 m x 3.00 m
Bungalow Soa soa
Construction: stone and wood. Height above sea level: 18 m. Distance from the restaurant 60 meters
Dimensions: room 4.50 m x 5.50 m; bathroom 1.50 m x 3.00 m
Bungalow Penyu
Construction: stone and wood. Height above sea level: 22 m
Dimensions: room 4.50 m x 5.50 m; bathroom 1.50 m x 3.00 m
Bungalow Rajawali
Construction: stone and wood. Height above sea level: 41 m. Distance from the restaurant 80 meters (102 steps)
Dimensions: room 4.50 m x 5.50 m; Bathroom: 1.50 m x 3.00 m
Bungalow Tupai
Construction: wood. Height above sea level: 27 m. Distance from the restaurant 30 meters
Dimensions: room 4.00 m x 4.00 m; bathroom 1.50 m x 3.00 m
Bungalow Paniki
Construction: wood. Height above sea level: 31 m
Dimensions: room: 4.00 m x 4.00 m; bathroom 1.50 m x 3.00 m
Guestroom Linda and Rob
Construction wood. Height above sea level: 9 m. Distance from the beach 50 meters
Dimensions: room 5.00 m x 7.00 m; private bathroom 2.00 m x 3.00 m. Spacious L-shaped terrace, private entrance, internet access, widescreen TV Set, view on the beach, Lembeh Strait and Klabat Volcano.


Chillout in our small open-air restaurant & lounge with great sea view to the bay, Moluccan Sea, Lembeh Strait and Klabat mountain.

For your enjoyment, there is wireless internet available for free, a laptop, 42 inch widescreen HDTV with surround home theatre sound system, DVD/BluRay player, movies, music, a wide range of novels, marine life identification books, home-made snack and chips, softdrinks and Bir Bintang/Heineken!

Most evenings, the guests have dinner together with Rob and Linda. This is also the time of day to get to know other guests and to discuss the next day's schedule. After dinner, we review the dives of that day with the dive guides, identify creatures in the guide books, watching movies play a game, chit-chatting or just relax with a cold beer..


Enjoy plenty of delicious meals at Divers Lodge Lembeh which are freshly prepared from local product. There are many variety of menu served every
day, from chicken or beef, fish, soup, rice, pasta, fried potatoes, salad, perkedel/croquette, vegetables, and fruits or cake dessert.


All-in Fullboard Dive Package Prices

The following prices are per person in Euro € and are valid only if booked and paid in advance. Unused dives in any packages cannot be refunded and are non-transferable. You are free to make any combination of the different packages, land tours and non diving days (39,50/night fullboard/person). Booked diving days can be exchanged with land tours.

Fullboard Accommodation : Euro 39,50/night/person

Type of packages:

  • 2 dives per day package (Share boat or PRIVATE BOAT, PRIVATE DIVE GUIDE)
  • 3 dives per day package (Share boat or PRIVATE BOAT, PRIVATE DIVE GUIDE)

All-in Fullboard Dive Package Includes :

  • Accomodation. Very spacious bungalow for two persons or smaller bungalow for one person
  • Diving
  • All meals, water, coffee and tea
  • Non alcoholic bottled beverages (Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite, etc..)
  • Snacks
  • Laundry service
  • Use of Computer/Laptop with CD/DVD-burner
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Taxes

All-in Fullboard Dive Packages price NOT including:

  • Transfer
    One way. Airport/Manado - Divers Lodge Lembeh (or vice versa). By car (max 3 persons) and boat:
    3 Persons : € 10/person
    2 Persons : € 15/person
    1 Person : € 30,-
  • NITROX 32 (oxygen enriched air): € 4,-/tank fill
  • Lembeh entrance fee Rp. 50.000,- (Eur 4,50)
  • Rental dive equipment (Complete set, excl. computer and torch): Eur 12,50


2 Dives per day
(Night dive surcharge: Eur 10,-/dive)

(Non-diving days, fullboard: € 47,50/night/person)

Days Diving
Nights Fullboard
No of dives
Share Boat
max 4 guests
Euro (€)
Private Boat
Double ocp.

Euro (€)
Private Boat
Single ocp.
Euro (€)
1 day, 1 night
107.5 127.5 147.5
2 days, 2 nights
215 255 295
3 days, 3 nights
322.5 382.5 442.5
4 days, 4 nights
430 510 590
5 days, 5 nights
537.5 637.5 737.5
6 days, 6 nights
645 765 885
7 days, 7 nights
752.5 892.5 1032.5
8 days, 8 nights
860 1020 1180
9 days, 9 nights
967.5 1147.5 1327.5
10 days, 10 nights
1075 1275 1475
11 days, 11 nights
1182.5 1402.5 1622.5
12 days, 12 nights
1290 1530 1770
13 days, 13 nights
1397.5 1657.5 1917.5
14 days, 14 nights
1505 1785 2065
15 days, 15 nights
1612.5 1912.5 2212.5
16 days, 16 nights
1720 2040 2360
*Schedule for SHARE BOAT package:
Leave the resot: 09.00 a.m; 1 or 2 morning dives; Lunch on the boat
1 afternoon dive; Back to the resort: 16.00 p.m
*Schedule for PRIVATE BOAT package:
Flexible as you want

3 Dives per day
(Night dive surcharge: Eur 10,-/dive)
(Non-diving days, fullboard: € 47,50/night/person)

Days Diving
Nights Fullboard
No of dives Share Boat
max 4 guests
Euro (€)
Private Boat
Double ocp.

Euro (€)
Private Boat
Single ocp.
Euro (€)
1 day, 1 night 3 132.5 152.5 172.5
2 days, 2 nights 6 265 305 345
3 days, 3 nights 9 397.5 457.5 517.5
4 days, 4 nights 12 530 610 690
5 days, 5 nights 15 662.5 762.5 862.5
6 days, 6 nights 18 795 915 1035
7 days, 7 nights 21 927.5 1067.5 1207.5
8 days, 8 nights 24 1060 1220 1380
9 days, 9 nights 27 1192.5 1372.5 1552.5
10 days, 10 nights 30 1325 1525 1725
11 days, 11 nights 33 1457.5 1677.5 1897.5
12 days, 12 nights 36 1590 1830 2070
13 days, 13 nights 39 1722.5 1982.5 2242.5
14 days, 14 nights 42 1855 2135 2415
15 days, 15 nights 45 1987.5 2287.5 2587.5
16 days, 16 nights 48 2120 2440 2760
*Schedule for SHARE BOAT package:
Leave the resot: 09.00 a.m; 1 or 2 morning dives; Lunch on the boat
1 afternoon dive; Back to the resort: 16.00 p.m
*Schedule for PRIVATE BOAT package:
Flexible as you want

Nonlimit Private Boat, Private Dive Guide
(Including Night Dives)
(Non-diving days, fullboard: € 47,50/night/person)

Days Diving
Nights Fullboard
Double Occupancy
Euro (€)
Single Occupancy
Euro (€)
1 day, 1 night 167.5 187.5
2 days, 2 nights 335 375
3 days, 3 nights 502.5 562.5
4 days, 4 nights 670 750
5 days, 5 nights 837.5 937.5
6 days, 6 nights 1005 1125
7 days, 7 nights 1172.5 1312.5
8 days, 8 nights 1340 1500
9 days, 9 nights 1507.5 1687.5
10 days, 10 nights 1675 1875
11 days, 11 nights 1842.5 2062.5
12 days, 12 nights 2010 2250
13 days, 13 nights 2177.5 2437.5
14 days, 14 nights 2345 2625
15 days, 15 nights 2512.5 2812.5
16 days, 16 nights 2680 3000

from our beach (7.00 am - 17.00 pm): Eur 15,-/dives minimum 2 person (incl. tanks & weights).
  • GUIDED HOUSEREEF DIVES BY BOAT (any time of the day): Eur 25,-/dives).
    Extra day-dive: Eur 25,-/dives
    Night dives: Eur 35,-/dives
    1 day 2 dives: Eur 60,-
    1 day 3 dives: Eur 85,-
  • BANGKA DIVE TRIP surcharge: Euro 50,-/boat
  • SNORKELLING with boat to different location : € 25,-/person for minimum 2 persons.
    One way. Divers Lodge Lembeh - Bitung (or vice versa): € 15,-

Tours and Activities Prices Divers Lodge Lembeh

Minahasa Highland Tour
Include: boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, softdrinks, entrance fee, English speaking guide, and lunch at a restaurant in Tomohon
59,- 89,-
Mahawu Volcano hiking
Include: boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, softdrinks, entrance fee, English speaking guide, and lunch at a restaurant in Tomohon
59,- 89,-
Tangkoko Nature Reserve Trekking
Include: boat transfer, car + driver, entrance + guide fee, drinking water, softdrinks and fruits
39,- 59,-
Manado Sightseeing
Include: boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, softdrinks, English speaking guide
35,- 60,-
Hiking Lembeh
include: Including boat transfers, with or without guide
10,- 15,-
Canoeing : 4,-/hour minimum 2 hours

Rent instead of carrying

We now offer the solution for your luggage problems. You can hire brand new top quality dive gear and a perfect dive suit. Complete set for only Euro 12,50 per day: Top model weight integrated Seaquest Jacket, Aqualung regulatorset, BARE 5/4 full suit, Fins and Booties.

Equipment Price Per Day (€)
BCD Jacket 4.5
Breathing Regulator 4
Dive Suit 2.5
Fins & Booties 1.5
Mask and Snorkel 2
Dive Computer 3
Signal Buoy 1
Weight Belt 0.5
Divers Knife 1.5
Dive Light 4.5
Backup Light 3.5

PADI Dive Courses Prices

PADI Dive Courses Remarks Prices (€)
Discover Scuba Diving day
  • Thorough explanation
  • 2 dives (1 confined water)
  • Use of dive equipment and air

Scuba Diver course
  • Theory
  • 5 dives (3 confined water)
  • Rental book and dive planner
  • Use of dive equipment and air
  • Certificate

Open Water Diver course
  • Theory
  • 9 dives (5 confined water)
  • Rental book and dive planner
  • Use of dive equipment and air
  • Certificate

Open Water Diver referral
  • 4 dives
  • Use of dive equipment and air
  • Certificate

Tune-up lesson and dive Use of full tank and weights 40.-
Advanced Open Water Diver course
  • Theory
  • 6 dives (1 confined water)
  • Rental book
  • Use of full tank and weights
  • Certificate

Advanced or Specialty referral dive
  • Theory
  • 1 dive
  • Rental book
  • Use of full tank and weights

Deep Diver Specialty course
  • Theory
  • 4 dives
  • Use of full tanks and weights
  • Certificate

Night Diver Specialty course
  • Theory
  • 3 dives
  • Use of full tanks and weights
  • Certificate

Navigator Specialty course
  • Theory
  • 3 dives
  • Use of full tanks and weights
  • Certificate

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course
  • With booking of a minimum of two dives
  • Excl. certificate

Drift Diver Specialty course
  • Theory
  • 3 dives
  • Use of full tanks and weights
  • Certificate

Wreck Diver Specialty course
  • Theory
  • 5 dives (1 confined water)
  • Use of full tanks and weights
  • Certificate

Certificate   21.-



Payment can be done by bank transfer to our Euro bank account in Holland or US$ and Rupiah account in Indonesia. You can also pay through Paypal with your Credit Card. We will send you the details in the invoice when you make the reservation.

Additional cost at the resort, you can pay cash (Euro/US$/Rupiah) or by Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard). For payment not in Euro, we will have to calculate with the current rates. For US$ cash: not older than 2004, without any marks, absolutely undamaged and unfolded, otherwise they will - for some strange reason - not be accepted by the local banks.

Payment Policy

Divers Lodge Lembeh is a small, specialized dive center with only 7 bungalows. Therefore we are having the following reservation and cancellation policy. By making a reservation you accept this policy.
You can make a temporary reservation that we keep for 7 days. To confirm your reservation you will have to transfer 25% of the total costs for your stay and diving. This can be done in Euro or US$.

Not later than 30 days before your arrival the other 75% has to be transferred to our account. When booking less than 30 days before arrival the reservation is only guaranteed as soon as we have received the full amount. The costs for transferring will be refunded by us.

When you cancel your stay and/or diving with Divers Lodge Lembeh more than 30 days before arrival the deposit of 25% will not be refunded. If you cancel between 30 days and 10 days before arrival 50% of the total payment will be refunded to you. If you cancel less than 10 days before arrival there will be no refunding. Booked dives cannot be refunded.

Diving & Dive Sites
(Lembeh Strait)

The unique underwater world of Lembeh Strait deserves a unique dive facility. Nowhere else will you find eight dive guides, one instructor and six boats catering for a maximum of ten guests. In total, our guides have clocked up more than 10.000 hours of diving in the Lembeh Strait. Very few places on the sea bottom are unfamiliar to them, and even fewer creatures can hide from their experienced spotting eyes. Our policy ensures that there are never more than two guests with one dive guide, unless of course our guests specifically choose to dive in a larger group.

Our English speaking guides show you creatures you may never discover on your own and allow you to take your time to observe them more closely. This is ideal for photographers and videographers, since patience is the key to a good result. There is no time limit imposed on your dive, provided you stay within your computer limits and have enough air! And if you book a non-limit dive package in advance, you and your buddy will have a boat to yourselves, so you decide how many times you want to dive, where and when – this is true “no limit” diving. However, we do ask that all divers adhere to our house rules: preferably no deeper than 30 meters and no deco dive profiles.

While most of our guests use their own dive gear, complete sets brand new top high quality dive gear are available for rent (Complete set for only Euro 12,50 per day). Please inform us in advance. NITROX is available, with a surcharge of only Euro 4,-.

Our boats are specially designed for diving. They all provide good shelter, an on-board toilet, a spacious working area, 220/230 volt electricity, a fresh water tank for camera equipment and all necessary safety devices. Cold soft drinks, water and hot tea and coffee, as well as cookies and fruits, are available as snacks after diving. A delicious lunch is also served on board.

Although our boats are spacious and comfortable they are still quite fast. Some distances in minutes; Goby a Crab (Tanjung Lampu) 8 minutes, Indah Wreck
10 minutes, Nudi Falls 15 minutes, Hairball (which is actually only 10 kilometers from our Lodge) 25 minutes. These times are including taking off from our beach and mooring on the site.

Usually our guests prefer to take their lunch with them on the boat. You can rinse your camera in a basin with fresh water and the cabin of the boat is always dry and clean inside and thus a safe place to change films and/or batteries. It is also possible to charge your batteries on the boat.The cabin of the boat is high enough for you to stand straight up. The boat has a toilet.

Our house reef offers apart from other things an amazing amount of Mandarin fish. But also here we prefer to dive from a boat. You can easily make up to 4 or 5 dives if you want.

Divers Lodge Lembeh offers you the biggest diversity of dive sites around. More than forty diving locations are within our reach and these present the perfect opportunity for an unforgettable diving holiday. A huge number of creatures are to be found in the Lembeh Strait, but perhaps the most famous and unusual are the pygmy seahorse, hairy frogfish, blue ringed and mimic octopus and all kinds of nudibranchs.
Larger creatures, like eagle rays, giant groupers, schools of bump head parrotfish and sharks, are found swimming around here too.

The Lembeh Strait with its beautiful surroundings, beaches, rocks and jungle offers many underwater landscapes. Besides the famous black volcanic sand bottom, there are numerous coral gardens, walls and wrecks.

PADI dive courses are available for all levels. Rob Sinke is a Master Instructor who has trained more than eight hundred students. Please contact us if you want to upgrade your level or just want to take your open water course, the Lembeh Strait is an ideal place to practice your skills and become a licensed diver.


Its reputation as the best place for muck and critter diving in the world may give a false impression because Lembeh has much more to offer, including walls, coral gardens and four wrecks. When you see a picture of a pygmy seahorse, a hairy frogfish, a delicate ghost pipefish or a mimic octopus, its likely the picture was taken at one of Lembeh’s thirty dive sites.
We also have some wonderful colourful coral dive sites, such as Angel’s Window, and occasionally we also see sharks, eagle rays, turtles, barracudas and tuna here. The east side of Lembeh Island still remains largely unexplored.


Lembeh Strait offers you the opportunity to dive four interesting shipwrecks, overgrown with beautiful corals and resting at comfortable depths of 15 to 30 metres.

The Mawali or Tanduk Rusa is the most commonly dived wreck in the Strait. This Japanese freighter from WWII is lying on its portside and has a length of 90 metres.

The melted glasses we found in the kitchen shows that the ship burned before she sunk. This may explain the huge hard corals that are growing on the wreck. The wreck is still complete with propeller, beams, bridge and engines. The cargo holds are safe to visit, but the machine room is unstable and should be avoided.
The wreck acts as a very nice artificial reef, so is attractive even for divers who are not particularly interested in wrecks. Its depth of 16-30 metres and the absence of strong currents make this a pleasant dive. It is marked by a buoy on the surface.


The Bimoli wreck is lying on her starboard side, at a depth of 17-30 metres. The torpedo that hit this Japanese freighter caused a lot of damage but most of the ship is still easy to recognize and is accessible. In the hold you can find ammunition (don't touch!) and even the radio is still on board. Often there are a lot of fish, including schools of big barracuda.

Divers need to be careful when ascending as large ships pass very close to the wreck. Strong currents are not uncommon. The wreck lies at a depth of 17-30 metres. There is no buoy marking its position.

The Indah wreck stands straight on its keel. We are not sure if she dates from WWII or is younger. She is about 40 metres long and is home to a lot of sponges. Her depth is 18-29 metres. Usually there are no currents. There is no buoy marking her position.

Kapal Ikan
This 40 metre steel fishing vessel is seldom visited by divers. Although not an old wreck, it is already becoming overgrown with sponges and corals. She stands on her keel and is largely intact, providing a home to lots of fish and lobster. Her depth is 22-30 metres and sometimes strong currents make anchoring difficult. There is no buoy marking her position.


To the north of Lembeh Strait, the island of Bangka falls away to a 2000-meter deep sea and offers a different landscape for diving. Here, steep rock formations are overgrown with corals and visibility often exceeds 30 metres. You will find lots of colour on walls full of healthy fan corals, enormous table corals with sharks resting underneath and lots of fish typically seen on coral reefs. Dugongs and sunfish (mola mola) have also been spotted here. Although the current can be strong, it is always possible to dive in the shelter of the huge rocks.

Dive sites: Batu Gosoh, Sahaung, Batu Mandi, Batu Tiga, Busa Bira


The small pinnacle named "Preacher’s Rock" seems to be too small to be a dive site. Under the surface, however, you will see that it forms the top of a small mountain. Big schools of surgeonfish, snapper and sweetlips are found here and often also eagle rays and bump head parrotfish.

The most beautiful wall in this area is, however, off the island of Ponteng, near the village of Batu Putih, where you will find a wide variety of hard and soft corals and sponges, as well as many fish and other types of underwater life.

Dive sites: Batu Pendeta, Ponteng and Batu Putih.


You can dive Lembeh Strait all year through. In this part of Indonesia you can not speak about a dry and rainy season. During the period November until April the wind is coming from the Northwest. This time of year you can dive also at the beautiful ocean side of Lembeh island. July until September often bring strong winds from the South.

Air temperatures throughout the whole year vary between 24 - 31 degrees C. Water temperature ranges between 26 and 29 degrees, with the coldest months being July and August. A 3 mm full suit with a hood should be sufficient for most of the year, but photographers and those who are not used to colder waters may want a 5 mm suit.


All dive locations are reached by boat, so a reasonable amount of time is spent on board a boat. This is why we think that the trip to the dive spot, preparing for the dive and the time in between dives should be as comfortable as possible.

We have designed our 7 boats to provide comfort combined with convenience. The boats differ in size and are equipped for a maximum of 2, 4 or 6 guests, with three boats each catering for 4 guests. With a maximum of 12 guests at the resort, the boats are never crowded.

Lunch is served on board, between the two dives, and cool soft drinks, tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit are available at any time.

A large cabin provides shelter from the rain and sun, but if you like, you can sunbake on the bow deck. Dive gear is stored and prepared in the mid-deck area. Entering and exiting the water is easy and you are welcome to put your gear on and take it off in the water. There is a toilet at the back of the boat.

Because we also visit remote dive sites on the ocean side of Lembeh Island, our boats are designed to withstand strong winds and heavy seas and the sometimes fickle weather conditions of these tropical waters. Two outboard motors propel the boats. We believe we have the best dive boats in the Lembeh Strait!

Life jackets, an emergency kit, oxygen tank, a GSM phone and spare parts for diving equipment are kept on board. A solar panel with battery and power converter provides 220/230 volts to recharge camera batteries if necessary. All of our boats are equipped with navigation lights.

If you book an unlimited diving package in advance, you and your diving buddy will be guaranteed a boat to yourselves, making it easy to choose where and when you dive. In any case, the boats will never be crowded as usually no more than 4 guests will be on board for any trip. However, for those guests who want to have 6 on board, our biggest boat will easily accommodate this.

Last but not least, our boat trips provide unforgettable views of the harbour, the town of Bitung, the villages, the landscapes and the seafarers of Lembeh Strait, so bring along your land camera to capture these images.

Lembeh Entrance Fee

Starting February 2010, the local government of Bitung set an entrance fee for diving in Lembeh Strait which cost Rp. 50.000/per person (about 4 euro) valid for your continues stay for the whole calendar year. This permits are available at all resorts including Divers Lodge Lembeh. Below are the details info :

PERDA KOTA BITUNG NO. 2 THN 2009 / NO. 10 THN 2009
To minimize the negative side effects of the dive tourism on the marine life of the waters of Bitung, the Government of Bitung city made the following rules of conduct:
Every recreational scuba divers has to have a valid permit issued by the City of Bitung, before he/she is allowed to dive in the waters of Bitung. The dive centre is primarily responsible that their guests, dive guides and boat crew follow the rules of conduct.

• Valid permit of City of Bitung visible present on the boat
• No touching or disturbing the marine life
• No anchoring
• Not more than 4 divers per guide
• Maximum 15 divers including guides per dive site at the same time

Violation of the rules of conduct can be a risk Pidana and Perdata according PERDA KOTA BITUNG NOMOR 10 TAHUN 2009 PASAL 39.
In relation to Bitung Regional Law Number 10, 2009 about Tourism Retribution and Dive Permit; Divers who stay in Bitung City pay permit Rp.50.000,- per person for the time of their continues stay in Bitung during one calendar year. The following year permit is available starting 1 December of the current year. Divers who stay outside of Bitung City pay permit Rp.50.000,- per person per day.

(Tours, Land-based Activities in North Sulawesi)

Diving and snorkeling are of course the most common activities. However, you can do lots of other things too such as :
• Climb one of the three still active Volcanoes.
• Hiking across Lembeh Island.
• Visit villages
• Relax on the 250 m sandy beach
• Do a tour across the Minahasa highland.
• Hike through the jungle of the near Tangkoko Reserve. Here you will meet monkeys and cuscus. The forest is excellent for bird watching
• Join a local fisherman and catch your meal for that day
• If you want to do some shopping, you can go to Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi
• Cruise on an outrigger boat along the magnificent coast with its white and black beaches, mangroves and cliffs
• Enjoy a lazy afternoon in our open lounge with a good book. We have a small library with Dutch, English and German books. You can also watch movies or listen to music
• And if you don't want to go out at all, just sit on your own balcony and admire the spectacular view. You will be able to spot a lot of birds, butterflies and even sometimes the small Tarsier
So even if you are not diving, you can still have a great time!


The Mahawu volcano (1311 m) in Tomohon is an active volcano, which have spectacular views not only over its caldera, but also over the whole of North Sulawesi with its volcano's (you can see Mt. Klabat, Lokon and Soputan) and surrounding seas. Also you can see Manado bay.

You will be taken to the foot of the volcano by car, leaving Divers Lodge Lembeh at about 7 o'clock in the morning. The walk to the crater then takes about one hour and is fairly easy. You can then walk around the crater and enjoy the view from all sides.Afterwards, you can have lunch in a local Minahasa restaurant. Before returning to Divers Lodge Lembeh, you can visit the ancient Waruga sarcophagi collected at Sawangan village.

Minimum two person: € 59,- /person
Single: € 89,-
Including: boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, softdrinks, entrance fee, English speaking guide, and lunch at a restaurant in Tomohon.


This is an easy, relaxing tour exploring the Minahasa volcanic highland area. You will leave Divers Lodge Lembeh in the morning and will be taken by car to Lake Tondano which, at an altitude of approximately 700 metres, stretches out in a volcanic caldera.

You will see scenic Minahasa farming villages located along the lakeshore where aquaculture and the growing of flowers, vegetables, rice, corn, cloves and vanilla are predominant. From there a panoramic road with spectacular views of Mt. Klabat and the Moluccan Sea will take you to Tomohon.

After a short visit to the Tomohon market, where one can buy smoked rats, dogs and other unusual things, you will continue to Lahendong for a stroll along the colour changing Lake Linow which is rich in sulphur and thermal activity.

You can then visit the traditional pottery village of Pulutan and afterwards have lunch in a restaurant on the shores of Lake Tondano. Before returning to Divers Lodge Lembeh, you will have the opportunity to stop at Sawangan to see the ancient Waruga sarcophagi.

Minimum two person: € 59,-/ person
Single: € 89,-
Including: boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, softdrinks, entrance fee, English speaking guide, and lunch at a restaurant in Tomohon.


The beautiful Bay of Walenokoko is an excellent place to explore by canoe. You will be able to see forests, picturesque coves, mangroves and the small village of Walenokoko. We have two canoe boat with electrical power engine. Price: € 4,-/hour minimum 2 hours.


The 3 hours hike around the Southern to the Eastern part of Lembeh island offers unspoiled nature, beautiful forests, black and white sandy beaches, mangroves, some friendly traditional villages and many kinds of birds and butterflies. From Divers Lodge Lembeh you will be taken by outrigger boat to a small village where you can start hiking.
Price: Minimum two person: € 10,- per person. Single: € 15,-
Including: boat transfers, with or without guide.


Manado isn’t a very charming city. However, if you want to see what life is like in a relatively big Indonesian city, this is your chance!

Pasar 45 is the heart of the city. It is the busiest area of the city, with supermarkets, small stores, restaurants, banks and flea markets. Here you will also find the statue of Lolong Lasut, the founder of Manado.

The harbour is located in the center of the city, within walking distance of Pasar 45. The harbour services mid-sized ships going to Gorontalo or the Sangir Talaud Archipelago, as well as small boats going to nearby islands such as Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen and Mantehage.

Ban Hin Kiong Temple is a colourful Buddhist temple and the oldest in Eastern Indonesia. The temple is located on Jl. Panjaitan in the centre of the city.

You can find several shopping malls in Manado. Mega Mall, IT Center and Manado Town Square will give a good impression of what the Indonesian people buy. You can also enjoy a nice western cup of coffee at Excellso coffee shop.

And for something completely different: Wenang Golf Course is a nine hole course, located at Kayuwatu, about 7 km from downtown Manado, on the road to Sam Ratulangi International Airport. It covers an area of 1800 square meters. It’s cool breezes and restaurant facilities make it a truly enjoyable experience, especially if you’ve missed your golf!

Minimum two person: € 35,- /person
Single: € 60,-
Including: boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, softdrinks, English speaking guide


This is a half day trip to the most beautiful forested land remaining in Sulawesi where you can see the Crested Black Macaques monkey (macaca nigra), small ancient primates Tarsier (Tarsiers spectrum), Hornbills, chicken-sized bird Maleo and other birds.

Concerning most of the animals are active in the morning with their movements dropping off by midday, it is recommed to go there early. Usually our guests leaving the resort at 5.30 a.m in the morning by boat then by car and arrive in Tangkoko before 7 a.m. Our driver then will wait for you while you're doing the 3 hours hiking in the jungle. Usually you will be back at the resort at lunch time and have lunch at the resort.

Minimum two person: € 39,-/person
Single: € 59,-
Including: boat transfer, car + driver, entrance + guide fee, drinking water, softdrinks and fruits.


Divers Lodge Lembeh is situated on the south-western tip of Lembeh island, opposite the town of Bitung. If traveling by air, you will arrive at the international airport of Manado (or Menado), called Bandara Sam Ratulangi, but often abbreviated to MDC.

The trip from the airport to Divers Lodge Lembeh takes about 1 hour by car and then another 15 minutes by boat. We will pick you up from the airport if you tell us in advance your date and time of arrival. Transfer cost from Airport/Manado to Divers Lodge Lembeh by car (max 3 persons) and Boat is 30 Euro.

Silk Air
a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, flies from Singapore to Manado, and back again, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Flights arrive in Manado at about 1.15 pm.

Singapore Airlines
Domestic flights from Jakarta (several flights daily), Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar (used to be called Ujung Pandang), Sorong, Ternate and Luwuk arrive every day. During the last couple of years the number of airlines offering flights to Manado has increased and the airfares have dropped a lot in price. However, it is not always possible to make reservations for domestic flights from your home country, but we can arrange this.

General Tips for your preparation :
• Preparation starts at least 6 to 4 weeks before departure!
• Make sure your travel insurance covers you for medical expenses abroad and, if you will be diving, that diving is covered. If not, supplemental insurance for overseas coverage, including possible evacuation, should be seriously considered.
• Ensure that you are covered by your insurance policy if you need to cancel your trip.
• Bring adequate supplies of all medications in their original containers, clearly labelled. Pack all medications in hand luggage. Carry a duplicate supply in the checked luggage.
• Before leaving, visit your dentist for your regular check-up.
• If you wear glasses or contacts, bring an extra pair. Don’t forget to take lens liquid
• If you will need to use tampons, bring all you will need as they are not available locally.



The following countries do not require a visa to enter Indonesia for a Tourist visit of up to 30 (thirty) days:
1. Brunei Darussalam
2. Chile
3. Hong Kong SAR
4. Macao SAR
5. Malaysia
6. Morocco
7. Peru
8. Philippines
9. Singapore
10. Thailand
11. Vietnam

Please be advised that Visa-Free Short Visits may only be extended upon approval from the Minister of Justice and Human Rights/Director General of Immigration of the Republic of Indonesia based on natural disaster, illnes or accident, but cannot be transferred to another type of visa. Overstay visitors incur to pay a penalty of US$20.- per day (for under 60 days stay) whilst over 60 days stay will be a 5 (five) year prison sentence or a fine of IDF25.000.000 (local currency).

1. Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 (six) months as from the date of entry into Indonesia.
2. Onward or return tickets are compulsory
3. No compulsory vaccinations
4. Visitors on Visa-Free Short Visits must be enter and exit from certain airports and seaports in Indonesia.
There are 15 Airports and 21 seaports (plus 1 overland port) across Indonesia. The airport Sam Ratulangi in Manado (North Sulawesi) and seaport Bitung in Bitung (Sulawesi) are in the list.

Nationals of the following countries can now apply for their Transit (7 days maximum stay) and/or Tourist visa upon arrival at the designated Airport/Seaport and Land Border on entry into Indonesia for a maximum visit of 30 days :

  • Algeria
  • Argentine
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bahrain
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Cambodia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Cyprus
  • Czech
  • Denmark
  • Egypt
  • Estonia
  • Fiji
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Iran
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Kuwait
  • Laos
  • Latvia
  • Libya
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Maldives
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Monaco
  • Netherland
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Oman
  • Panama
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Surinam
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan Territory
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

Nominated for Kalpataru 2010
(Divers Lodge Lembeh)

We are very proud to announce that Rob Sinke, owner of Divers Lodge Lembeh is nominated to receive the national reward for protection and conservation of the environment: Kalpataru 2010 with category Rescuer Area, by the Government of Indonesia.

Early this year, Rob Sinke was also officially inaugurated by the Major of Bitung as "Pala" - Kepala Lingkungan (a kind of village leader under head of village) with a broader task to look after the environment of the whole Lembeh Strait/Island. Thanks to the government of Bitung and the local people for putting their trust.


An Eco Friendly Dive Resort on Lembeh Island

Situated in a beautiful natural settings of 25 hecatares forest and mangroves and surrounded by the sea of Lembeh Strait, Divers Lodge Lembeh is dedicated to maintain an Eco-friendly (environmentally friendly) dive resort on Lembeh island by implementing eco-friendly technologies such as Solar Water Heater to provide warm shower in the resort, Ultra low emission outboard engines at all of our 9 dive boats, and Solar Power is partly providing the electricity and 2 wind turbines to provide electricity by using wind energy.

Environmental care activities for Lembeh Strait

Moorings for dive boats and local traditional fishing boats
Divers Lodge Lembeh actively installed moorings in Lembeh Strait since 2003. Starting 2007, Rob Sinke the owner, invented a better way to make a stronger bouy with low cost. Rob then start making some bouy (with private budget) and installed it in some divesites. As this went successfull and used by dive boats and local traditional fishing boat, Rob then promoting it to resort/divecenters around Bitung/Manado to participate in building more moorings with 1 resort 1 moorings. There are also some guests donating. Now, there are at least 30 moorings installed all along Lembeh Strait and all are well used and maintained.

Garbage Cleaning
Divers Lodge Lembeh is involving a lot in cleaning the environment from garbage, take part in cleaning up Lembeh Strait, and quickly report to the responsible officials if there is any industry polution.

Thanks to the government of Bitung for their successful program of "Healthy Life & Environmentally friendly" that everyone now can see the city is very clean and there are much much less trash on the water.

Stopping Illegal Fishing/Fish trading
Following case of stopping illegal fish trading was on 2007. On the way back home, in the harbour our staff notice a car fully loaded with plastic bag. Our diveguides then noticed that those plastic bag were actualy filled with fishes ready to transfer to other area. Andris, one of our diveguide then contact Rob whom then contact the local authorities and just in time the local police arrived and get all the fishes back to the boat of Divers Lodge Lembeh and together release all the fishes back to the sea :-)
Until now we haven't heard any similiar case happened.

Saving the turtles and other fauna

The price is subject to change. Please  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

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