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Mimpi Resort Tulamben


Mimpi Resort Tulamben - Tulamben, Northeast Bali, Bali, Indonesia

It sits at the foot of Mount Agung in the tiny village of Tulamben in the northeastern coast of Bali, right on the black lava-rock beach and some of Bali's most accessible coral reefs. The resort retains traditional ambience of a Balinese fishing compound with 13 terraced patio rooms, 12 thatched-roof cottages and 4 ocean view cottages. It is ideally set for a relaxing holiday whilst exploring some of Indonesia's most recognized underwater world.


Mimpi Resort Tulamben is located in the small village of Tulamben, on the north-side foot of Bali’s sacred Mount Agung. The region belongs to Northeast Bali locally called Karangasem which covers most of Bali’s east coast with its capital city Amlapura.

The ride from Bali’s international airport will approximately take 2 hours through Bali’s newest highway of Tohpati – Kusamba. There are several famous shopping spots on the way. As soon as leaving the highway, the ride will get to Bali’s historic city of Semarapura. Considered as former capital city of Bali’s old kingdom, it is home to the famous historic site of Kertagosa, an old justice court with uniquely-painted ceiling from old time.

After Semarapura, the ride will also pass Candidasa, a tourist beach-side village which houses accommodation hotels and restaurants. Bali’s ancient village of Tenganan is located on short turn from Candidasa.

The next important spot after Candidasa is Amlapura, the capital city of East Bali locally called Karangasem. As soon as leaving the city, the ride will pass Tirtagangga, an old royal water palace built in 1940’s by East Bali’s last reigning king. The palace represents European influence to Bali’s architecture.

The village of Tulamben is located approximately 20 minutes after Tirtagangga. The resort is located right on the village bay next to a local temple called Pura Batu Kelebit. A resort sign is set by the main road to guide you to its entrance.

There is certainly another option available through the region of Kintamani heading to Tejakula but the above rout is most recommended as it is the shortest and most convenient.



Ocean View Cottage IDR 2.800.000
Deluxe Cottage
IDR 2.380.000
Patio Room
IDR 1.540.000
Extra Bed
IDR 472.500



Liberty wreck, House Reef, Drop off. 1 Night dives IDR 420.000
Includes : Equipment
IDR 490.000


Alamanda, Palung-palung,Batu kelebit, Emeral,seraya, Kubu
Includes : Equipment,
IDR 490.000

Amed/Jemeluk 2 Persons IDR 1.120.000
Menjangan Island
4 Persons IDR 2.100.000
Nusa Penida
4 Persons IDR 2.100.000
Includes: Equipment. Transfer by Car and boat, lunch
Single diver additional charge boat fee
  IDR 540.000
Snorkeling Gear With Gear
  IDR 540.000

per person per day dive
Full Set Equipment (regulator/gauges, BCD, wetsuit, boot, fins, mask and snorkel)
(Diving with Mimpi Tulamben Diving center)
IDR 308.000
Full Set Equipment (regulator/gauges, BCD, wetsuit, boot, fins, mask and snorkel)
(Diving without Mimpi Tulamben Diving center)
IDR 210.000
Tank and Weight Belt (per dive)
IDR 70.000
Air Fill (per tank, own tank)
IDR 140.000
Fins, Boots, Mask and Snorkel
IDR 112.000
Wetsuit IDR 112.000
BCD IDR 140.000
Regulator / Gauges IDR 105.000
Underwater light (including batteries)
IDR 105.000
Computer IDR 140.000


COURSES        PRICE      
Discover scuba diving 1 dives
Includes: Theory, pool season , 1 dives No certificate
IDR 1.050.000
Open Water Course ( 3 – 4 days )
Included : Equipment,Cost material,Theory,pool season, 4 Ocean dives,
instructor, certificate.
IDR 5.950.000
Advanced Course ( 2 days )
Include : 5 dives, equipments, manual book, PIC card and certificate
IDR 4.550.000
Rescue Diver Course ( 3 – 4 days )
Included : Theory, pool &ocean dives, book, Certificate card
IDR 5.600.000
Refferal Course (2-3 days)
IDR 4.200.000
Scuba review (refresher Course)
If you havent’ dived for a while and want to practise you dive skills
IDR 630.000

The Course fee include course material, certificate and instructor. Discover scuba diving does not include certification


Ocean View Cottage

4 cottages are set in the front row to view blue of Tulamben bay offering mood of ocean waves whilst enjoying relaxing hours from the private gazebo. Bedroom is cool with marble floor and wooden furniture. Entrance to each cottage is uniquely designed through a wooden door gate.

Deluxe Cottage

The 12 Balinese-style cottages with peaked thatched roofs, each has its own private garden compound and detached bale bengong veranda surrounded by a lava-rock moat full of carp. Bathrooms feature an open-air shower accessible through a door from the garden, built specifically so divers do not have to drip salt water and algae through their bedroom. Shower corner is uniquely fenced with black lava-rock.

Patio Room

Sheltered under big trees, 13 patio Rooms are set to landscape with lush tropical garden. A veranda is ideally set with cuisine in front of each room to provide gathering space whilst enjoying hours of chatting. The bedroom is spacious with simple natural details, cool marble floor and high wooden ceiling. The bathroom has an open-air shower with small garden inside.


Tunjung Resto

The Tunjung Resto is set open-air facing the pool and the blue of Tulamben bay. It is uniquely constructed by wood to nestle under swaying tropical trees and sea breeze. The best of it is certainly sound of the ocean drum crashing sleepless to shore the pebble beach. Atmosphere is casually relaxing and menu represents selections from around the globe to suit every taste. A small bar is uniquely added in the corner to serve variety of beverages whilst enjoying blue of the ocean.

Beach Pool

The pool is perched above blue of the ocean sheltered by swaying coconut and tropical trees. Lounging and reading in the companion of ocean drum crashing ashore the pebble beach is simply relaxing. A view of the sun rising out of the oceanic horizon early in the morning gestures a painted backdrop before you start your breakfast.


Geological terrain of Northeast Bali where Tulamben is located is relatively dry due to low average rainfall. The north-side dry valley of majestic mount Agung stands tall in the back of the village. However as you step inside the resort, this dry impression will gradually lift away. Utilizing originally dry ground through long work and effort, the garden is well planned to simulate compound of a traditional Balinese fishing village.

Fish ponds with water lily is intimate in each accommodation corner. Limestone pathways wind between grass-roof cottages with swaying coconuts and other tropical trees. The existing big trees have grown in the ground prior to the resort’s development. The main energy is to keep all of them by incorporating the design in such. The result is a tropical garden which gently blend with ocean drum and sea breeze.


The resort’s spa offers several treatments ranging from 60 to 120 minutes. Staffed by well-trained therapists, each treatment is developed and practiced using natural ingredients produced through bio-energy process. The result is gentle and relaxing to recharge body and mind after an active day. Pre-booking is well recommended.


Balinese Massage
Deriving from traditional Balinese massage techniques to renew, strengthen and heal the body and mind. The massage applies stretching, long strokes, palm and thumb pressure techniques to relieve tension, improve circulation and create a feeling of well-being. Ingredients include God Island Body oil combined with sweet almond, virgin coconut and spice essential oils to warm the body.

Reflexology Massage
An ancient healing therapy, blissful as it is beneficial. Reflexology works on the principle that all body organs are connected to reflex points in the feet, via constantly flowing energy channels. Massaging these reflex points will improve well-being by restoring natural body energy flow. Combine with refreshing natural foot cream.

Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing massage that combines Swedish, Shiatsu, Indonesian and Acupressure techniques and finished with a soothing mini face massage. This massage is developed to allow you to have total relaxation.

Foot Massage
A relaxing foot massage, long strokes and friction movements from sole to upper calf, relaxing tired feet.

Back and Shoulders
A relaxing back and shoulders massage, this massage focuses on shoulders and upper back to relax the muscles, ease tension and smoothen the wrinkles from your mood.


Natural Facial with Poultice and Jade Stone
The Natural Facial uses traditional beauty recipes made with fresh ingredients, mother of pearl powder, nourishing plant and vegetable extracts. Warm herbal poultice gently massaged into the chest, shoulder and neck and acupressure points will relax the muscles, perfected with uplifting natural jade stones.


Owned and managed by mimpi group, the Mimpi Dive Center in Tulamben is operated under affiliation with PADI S-17793. Like any dive operation of Mimpi, it is site-based with expertise to cover all sites in Tulamben area and other nearby Bali’s northeast sites. Dedicated team, well-maintained equipment and passion to quality is combined to put safety on top. It takes great advantage of its location which is a walk-away from Tulamben house reef, the drop-off and the fame Liberty Wreck. Staying at the resort gives an advantage of enabling to make early morning dive before all other day-trip divers from the south arrive to crowd.

Daily arrangement is mostly shore dive with entry along the pebble beach of Tulamben. For some other sites located a bit outside of the bay like Batu Kelebit, Alamanda, Emerald, Seraya Secret and Kubu, traditional boat is used to transport divers to the entry point. One thing about diving in Tulamben is that woman villagers will carry your tank on head to the dive entry. A tradition which has started as early as diving in Tulamben itself is concerned. To dive all further eastern sites around Amed, a day trip by car is arranged.

The dive center is open from 07:00 am to 09:00 pm. To facilitate arrangement, newly-arrived divers are firmly advised to visit the dive center to make pre-arrangement of the following day trip.

PADI Courses

PADI scuba courses up to rescue level are offered at several different languages to ensure quality of comprehension. Class and pool sessions are conducted right in the resort facility and all open water dives are done just on short-walk away from the resort. Pre-booking is well-recommended.


Liberty Wreck

The USAT Liberty rests on its starboard side, just 40 meters from the pebble beach of Tulamben Bay. The ship lies with the bow pointing north on the edge of a very steep sloping sand bottom. It is far from intact, yet much of it very recognizable. The stern is shallowest at around 5 meters and easily recognized with its intact rudder. Forward of stern some of the cargo holds have deck beams still supporting the hull and a little further forward the boilers are easily located. The bow itself is intact along with the forward gun, but the cargo hold just back from the bow is twisted mass of metal plates. Maximum depth on the wreck itself is around 30 meters, though the bottom drops well beyond this depth.

The Entire wreck is covered in marine growth. The bow gun is coated in sponges and corals, the boiler valve is thick with coraline algae. While the deck beams are dripping with colorful soft corals. The Liberty wreck is inhabited by fish both big and small from tiny yellow Boxfish to the huge Bumphead Parrotfish. From the miniscule Three Fin and Anemonefish to the giant Scribbled Puffer.

The USAT Liberty was torpedoed by Japanese submarine just south west of Bali in January 1942. She was taken in tow by an allied destroyer and towed towards Buleleng Port on the north coast of Bali (today known as Singaraja). But the situation was worse than thought and crippled ship only made it shore where most of her fittings and propeller were salvaged. The hulk of the Liberty sat against the shore of Tulamben from 1942 until 1963, when the huge volcanic eruption of mount Agung took place. Violent earthquakes and tremors shook the area and the Liberty quietly slid below the surface to rest where she does today, a ship transformed from a wartime machine to a living reef inhabited by plethora of marine life.

Each Part of the wreck has something special to discover .The stern has some fallen superstructure where the stern gun is located. The shallows just before the wreck have Harlequin shrimps hiding among the pebbles. The deeper sections have fantastic soft Corals covering all surfaces. Raccoon Butterfly fish are normally found in pairs around the forward part of wreck. Frogfish are often seen around the wreck they sometimes stay the same sponge for weeks. The bow is one of the best places to look for them.

House Reef

Lying between the Liberty wreck and the Drop-Off is long stretch of shallow reef that follows the shoreline for around 150 meters. Often called as Coral Garden, it is a rich reef, popular among underwater photographers. It is renown for almost guaranteed sightings of critters that are rare elsewhere: Harlequin Ghost Pipefish, Ribbon Eels, Leaf Scorpion Fish and at night, Spanish Dancer Nudibranchs.

It is also a great place to see school of Trevally, Snapper and Sweetlip or perhaps a cruising Black-Tip Shark. All this is literally on the doorsteps from Mimpi. Depths range from 3 -15 meters. Pairs of Bannerfish are seen along the reef, often they shelter inside the big barrel sponges that are dotted around the reef edge.

Angelfish are some of the most colorful fish on a coral reef. The Emperor Angelfish begins life as a dark fish with narrow white and blue rings. Along this reef have resident Anemone fish. There are at least six varieties of the fish to see. Harlequin ghost pipefish are masters of disquise, they hide among the arms of crinoids or black corals, where they are almost invisible.

Drop Off

The village temple sits high on headland at the south east end of Tulamben Bay. The headland is composed of volcanic rock from an old eruption of mount Agung. The ‘Drop-Off’ is series of underwater lava flows that fan-outs from this headland. The reef descends to over 70 meters in very short distance from the shore. This area is often used as an alternative to diving the Liberty wreck, yet it is far from a second rate dive.

Its diversity marine life is staggering, from miniscule frogfish to monstrous sunfish. From translucent shrimps to giant trevally. The drop-off is very rich reef with an easy beach entry for divers. It offers macro delights and wide angle vistas. Nudibranchs abound, hermit crab hide in crevices, while Porcelain Crabs tip-toe over anemones. Pink Anemone Fish are found in the shallows.

Blue sea stars can be seen dotted around the shallows, most have a starfish shrimp living on their underside. The sea whips at the drop-off have many Gobies darting up down their long branches. Long Nose hawk fish hide among the branches of gorgonian fans. A school of Big Eye Trevally are often cruising the entry point very close to shore. Lionfish can be seen in the small cave and overhangs at edge of the drop-off. Octopus hunt for food around the shallows, surrounding the headland.

Seraya Secret

In the next bay south east of Tulamben is a dive site that from the surface gives little hints of the richness that lies below. Seraya Secrets is what becomes known as muck dive that is a dive site without major coral formations, but lots of sand and small structure. A site where unusual animals are abundant and easily located.

Seraya Secrets has two distinct habitats. Just in from of the black-sand beach, the bottom drops steadily to depth of around 3 - 9 meters. ‘Top Secrets’ is this shallower reef–top. Comprised of smaller rocks with patches of black sand, occasional sponges and tiny hard corals. This is the place to find Frogfish, Eels, Scorpionfish, Lionfish, Sea Moth’s and Harlequin Shrimps.

Deep Secrets’ is on the sloping bottom from 10 meters down to 35 meters. Small outcrops support micro-habitats where Seahorse, Cuttlefish, Mimic Octopus, Striped Catfish, Nudibranchs, multi colored Crinoids and larger Frogfish are found. All this in visibility around 10 - 15 meters.

Batu Kelebit

Is group of rocks that protrude from surface, just a few hundred meters along the rocky coast from Alamanda. This site has a mooring buoy and like Alamanda, is accessed by Jukung from Tulamben Bay. Just to seaward of these rocks are beautiful ridges of reef that drop steeply to depths of 30 - 50 meters, where Sharks, Barracuda and larger pelagics are often sighted.

Unlike the darker volcanic sand inside Tulamben Bay, Batu Kelebit has white sand between the coral outcrops. So this is more of a traditional coral reef, the shallows are dominated by hard coral outcrops surrounded by swarming Damsel Fish and Anthias. Large Sea Cucumbers in fascinating colors meander around the sand patches, Mantis Shrimps dart around in search of meals, and large Bump Head Parrotfish feed among the hard corals.

Redfin Anthias swarm Around a Gorgonia Fan in the shallows at Batu Kelebit, these fish are most active when a current is running. Emperor shrimps are often found on large sea cucumber, they hitch a free ride, picking up food as the sea cucumber moves along the seafloor.

Mantis Shrimps have a front pair of claws similar to a preying mantis. These claws have razor sharp serrations and are used to catch unwary creature on the reef – don’t poke your finger at one. They can inflict a deep wound.


Lies outside of Tulamben Bay, just around the headland from the Drop-Off. This dive site is accessed by boat from Tulamben Bay, but this is no ordinary boat dive.
Fishermen from the village take divers out in a Jukung - a traditional Balinese outrigger canoe. Leaving from the beach adjacent to the Drop-Off, the journey is a pleasant 5 minutes with views back to Mount Agung and the surrounding coast. The real experience is at the dive site, putting on equipment in the confines of a narrow canoe.

The boatmen are great helpers and very quickly you are descending to edge of a steep rocky reef. Gorgonia fans and soft corals sprout from large ridges and rocks that are spread along the reef face. Pelagic fish parade past and many reef fish meander around the corals. Depths start at six meters and continue way beyond scuba diving limits -watch your depth gauge. At the end of your dive be prepared to remove your dive equipment and climb back into the Jukung.

Large gorgonia fans are a feature of Alamanda, they are mostly found beyond 15 meters. Nudibranch are most prevalent in the shallows at 6 - 10 meters. Soft Corals cover some patches of reef at Alamanda, particularly the larger boulder around depth of 15 - 30 meters.

Pygmy Seahorses were first discovered in the Tulamben area in the year 2000, it seemed that everyone had a secret gorgonian fan with a group of these tiny seahorses living on it. But news soon got out and everyone knew where to find them. By 2005 the best known gorgonian fans were showing signs of distress from the constant prodding by dive guide and sadly the pygmy seahorses had move on. But the seahorses are still there for those with patience and a keen eye .Alamanda is one site where they can still be found.

Kubu Reef

Is located near Kubu village, few kilometers west of Tulamben. A sealed road leads from the center of the village down to the shore. At its end is a basic dive preparation area and directly offshore are two dive sites, both accessible from the shore.

Looking straight off-shore, one is off to the left, the other slightly to the right. Both sites required a 50-meters swim out to deeper water though the swim is over picturesque shallow reefs.

The ‘left’ reef has a large area of delicate branching corals starting at the edge of deeper water. Beyond depths of 15 meters are large barrel sponges and one huge gorgonia fan.

The ‘right’ reef has large coral covered rocks and bommies in the shallows and deeper is a ridge with very rich soft coral growth. Both areas have fantastic fish and invertebrate life, with regular Shark, Barracuda and larger fish sightings.



For non-divers, Tulamben bay offers some great snorkeling. The house reef which lies right in front of the resort’s pool covering an area of approximately 150 meter long is rich in color. And as it lies at a reachable depth, the fame Liberty Wreck is certainly another great option.


Village of Tulamben

Tulamben, on the northeast coast of Bali, is a tiny village far from Bali's more tourist-oriented southern coast. The are no pretty rice-fields and only one quite insignificant Hindu temple is perched on a rocky headland above the sea.

Men from the village fish the deep offshore waters in pursuit of tuna and bonito. The women collect dry wood from the nearby barren scrub and tend cattle. It is doubtful that Tulamben would ever have become a tourist destination if it was not for one fateful day during World War II. On January 11, 1942 the USAT Liberty was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. The wreck now rests just 50 meters from the pebble beach at Tulamben and since the late 70s it has become one of Indonesia's most recognized wreck-dive site.

Nearby Places of Interest

Tirta Gangga Sourrounding places of interest include the charming seaside town of Candi Dasa that boasts a mixed selection of different restaurants.

There is also the royal water palace of Tirta Gangga, created in 1940 's by one of Bali's last reigning King's. It is reminiscent of a noble era and exludes a tranguil beauty. A series of pools are fed by a secred spring where visitors can bathe in the refreshing waters and appreciate the calming surroundings. 

Alternatively, avid divers will benefit from a trip the relatively isolated area of Amed that claims a number of dive sites of its black sandy beach front. A drop of about 35 meters in depth is home to abundant marine life including tropical fish and coral.

Mount Agung Trekking

For Those who enjoy a challenge, guided hiking tours are available with several routes that lead up the slopes of the spectacular holy mountain Gunung Agung.

Trips are scheduled for early morning to take advantage of the dramatic views at sunrise.

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