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Papua; Korowai – Kombai Tribes (13D12N)


Tour Code: C2I – 13D AT C TKK


Day 1


On arrival at Jayapura, our assistant will be waiting at the airport to pick up you and help you with the change of aircraft your flight to Wamena. The flight schedules vary widely, because only when taking off from Wamena warn that there is good weather. Flying the plane, with very well views of rivers and deep valley between cross, no access by car to Wamena, so that the planes up food and fuel to Wamena.

Arrive at Wamena, in the afternoon I’ll check that everything is ready for the trek and to leave the next day. We may also visit local markets in Wamena everyone is dressed. But markets are traditional dramatically.

Meals :                       Lunch
Accommodation :      Baliem Pilamo Hotel

Day 2


By car we go where the road ends southeasterly direction, about 40 minutes drive, with the porters, meals and our guide. Upon reaching Kurima, we walk and cross some muddy areas creek depending on recent rains may be a couple jumps, or cross the river with the water at the waist..., then walk a section of an ancient road, until the police and military post and from there begins the climb to the village where we stay, Kilise, a town in transition, but we use it to sleep, is more comfortable and clean (where are the tourists), but all afternoon we go to another town annex, which is marked to the old, no metal or anything like it, the surrounding villages are villagers Dani to old method of the stone age where they haven´t lighters to light the fire. (Walk approx. 4 Hours)

Meals :                       Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Accommodation :      Honai in sleeping bag

Day 3


Today we go to a second village, passing and crossing several rivers and muddy areas, up and down, crossing several hills and villages. The road today is harder, with an elevation difference of 1. 900m. reach other villages of the tribes Dani, the whole afternoon free to enjoy the town and its inhabitants. Bathing in the river and talk to the porters as we prepare coffee, and a snack for tea. (Walk approx. 5 Hours)

Meals :                       Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Accommodation :      Honai in sleeping bag

Day 4


More time with the Tribes in the morning and half day trips to Wamena. Arrive at Wamena in the afternoon, rest, charge batteries and prepare everything for the next day. Note that there is nowhere to charge batteries during the trek. Although Kilise have a small sola panel, but the energy is very low, so that we can´t count on it.

Meals :                       Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Accommodation :      Baliem Pilamo Hotel

Day 5


Breakfast at the hotel and at the moment determinate, we take the flight to a new small town called Dekai, capital of Yahukimo, south of the Mountains of Wamena, flight time 30 minutes. It will be a flight through valleys and over rivers, stunning visuals. We arrived at Dekai, and we stay in a small and basic hotel, then the guide will take care of getting the new documentation and make such purchases last boat to go down to Korowai. Dekai tribes had tribes called Manimo, but they all have mobile phones in their pockets as they say.

In case of flight cancellation, we will have to wait a day in Wamena to leave the next day. They are usually canceled if there is fog or high rainfall.

Meals :                       Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Accommodation :      Hotel/Losmen en Dekai

Day 6


After breakfast, we have to approach the port, so it is safest to go in the back of a truck, the road and one hour. An open path between wetlands, with many potholes and pools of water. Arrive at the port in the town of Lopon, where we expect the skipper of the boat we use to go downstream and the upstream. We’ll continue by Braza River, one of the longest rivers in the area and flowing into the southwest to the area of Asmats.

All the way the boat will be surrounded by dense jungle and crocodile-infested rivers, in the air can often see eagles and hornbills. You should use sunscreen to protect yourself during the hours and hours spent in the boat. Sit back and enjoy the ride. We can go if we stopping according to situations that are worth being recorded in various villages such as tribes Citak Mitak. These people built wooden houses and thatched roofs on the banks of the rivers, naked lived to 80´s. Now, most wearing shorts, although usually without shirts. Things of modernity. There are two or three villages and their way of life is fishing and hunting. After about 7 hours by boat, arrive at Muara Siretz. We camped in the village in a tent.

Meals :                       Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Accommodation :      Camping in tent

Day 7


Muara Siretz is the bigest town of Citak Mitak Tribes. There are about 150 houses and about 400 peoples living here. The missionaries as in most of Papua have left a church assembled. After having breakfast, we cruise to Mabul, the town where we find the first Korowai. To do this, we will need about 4 hours sailing upstream, the first of the Korowai villages are modern, and there we will find “mayor” of the people and collect new porters to help us with all the dishes, bags and meals for walks of the next days.

This is usually a situation where all the people gather to see us arrive, it is not tourist who comes every week, amid the din, our guide will choose the carriers and with them we will go into jungle so search for that even Korowais living in the jungle.

Meals :                       Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Accommodation :      Camping in tent

Day 8

STONE KOROWAI (last cannibals discovered)

We are in the interior Korowais, known as domains you take advantage of the Stone Korowais (because a hollow stone used to cover the penalty), but now many are using tree days leaves to cover it. These tribes are more complicated Korowais and closed the tribes of the Korowais the center, they are nomads, they move from season to season, even today in day living with leaves and debris covering his penis, and skirts of straw or leaves women.

Today will be flexible, depending on how soon we find the tribes, and oven once we find a family doesn´t mean we accept the first time, some don´t want to know the white man put us dirty looks and reject us, local guide and porters who will hire to carry relevant gifts meals and accessories that teach to the tribes in exchanges for their acceptance. Once inside their circles, is like traveling back to the time stone age, no electricity, clothes, wee mounts the tent inside the cabin of them.

Meals :                       Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Accommodation :      Camping in tent



We will be a couple of days living with them, and if we leave we can go hunting with them, collect the Sago, fishing, set traps for fishing, or view as taken out then eat worms, etc…etc. Here, we must to prove traditional meals that Mother Nature produces. The lands of the Korowai are lowlands, so often have floods, and has a lot of mud, surrounded by streams and especially much forest.

The main meal of the Korowai is the Sago, a kind of meal they get from the trunks of the Sago palm, the cooked roast or to make different types of food, so supplement with fish and small lobsters that get in the river, Kuskus (small marsupial), birds, snakes, frogs and wild pigs. And sago worms are their favorite dish. The portion is based on plan forest fruits and a spinach species of the forest.

One night we will try to sleep with them in the houses at the top of the trees. Only if see that the house is in good safety. The Korowai people have homes where they often sleep at altitude couples and men, and a bigger house floor, where products are often collected and where the women sleep, our porters, and where will the tents.

Meals :                       Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Accommodation :      Camping in tent

Day 11


Today with the Porters, we woke up early in the morning; we cover all materials, to protect them from rain and departure to Mabul, where our boatman is waiting for us to go to Dekai. These day and to avoid reassembling the tent we will return directly to Dekai we will be a fairly long boat trip, as we make 2 days in 1, which will be about 10 to 11 hours on the boat downstream and then upstream up to Dekai. The food will be a picnic on the boat. Arrive at Lopon and transfer to hotel.

Meals :                       Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Accommodation :      Losmen/Hotel Local

Day 12


A specific time will take the flight to Jayapura, then flight to Jayapura but via Wamena. After arriving in Jayapura, transfer to a good hotel to take a shower under.

Meals :                       Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Accommodation :      Swiss Bel Hotel o similar

Day 13


After having breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Jayapura Airport for catch your flight.

Meals :                       Breakfast
Accommodation :      -

Note :
We recommend you don´t have any international flights these day, to avoid any problems of delays or cancellations of flights Dekai.

El dia 1 de Abril en Callejeros Viajeros de la cuatro, se podra ver esta expedicion guiada por Norberto Rodriguez en Wamena, y Korowai en  Papua, Indonesia Titulado las Tribus de Papua, con el reportero Lucas Goikoetxea y la camara Elena Fernandez!


  • Vuelo Jayapura – Wamena
  • Vuelo Wamena – Dekai
  • Vuelo Dekai – Wamena – Jayapura
  • Expedicion explicada en el Itinerario (Sujeto a variación en caso de problemas meteorológicos o conflictos espontáneos en las tribus)
  • 2 Noches de Alojamiento basado en habitación estandar doble compartida en Hotel Baliem Pilamo o similar en Wamena
  • 1 Noche Alojamiento basado en habitación estándar doble compartida en hotel en Jayapura
  • Todas las acampadas (Tiendas de campaña + saco de dormir) (Recomendamos que traigas tu propio saco sabana)
  • En DekaiLosmen o casa local
  • Todos los transfer terrestres requeridos en coche privado
  • Guia local de habla Nativa uno para las tribus Dani y otro para las tribus Korowai
  • Alquiler de un Barco para llegar a los Korowai (incluido el tiempo de espera hasta nuestro regreso)
  • Porteadores para alimentos, instrumentos de acampada
  • Cocinero
  • Permiso Policial para subir a Wamena y Korowai- Surat Jalan
  • Todas las comidas indicadas en el itinerario

  • Vuelos Internacionales
  • Tasas de Aeropuerto (menos de €2 en cada aeropuerto)
  • Tasas de aeropuerto a la salida del pais (IDR 150.000 menos de €13)
  • Visados
  • Festival del Cerdo en Wamena
  • Seguro de viajes/medico
  • Generador
  • Gasolina para el generador de electricidad
  • Lavanderia, Refrescos, Alcohol y gastos personales
  • Pagos pedidos por locales como “propinas” cuando se les saca fotos o videos*
  • Otros gastos debido a problemas mas allá a nuestro control, p ej.: Cancelaciones o retrasos de vuelos, problemas meteorológicos, etc.

*Recomendado traer bastante billete pequeño tipo 1000, 5000 rupias, como moneda de cambio. Tambien ayuda traer cigarros.


El Trekking de Korowai esta en uno de los lugares mas inaccesibles de Indonesia, lo que implica que estas también muy lejos de buenos hospitales. Es indispensable que los que vengan a este Trekking tengan un seguro que cubra evacuaciones via helicóptero.

Sin un helicóptero, tendríamos 11 horas de barco, para llegar a un centro medico muy básico, o dos horas de avión mas para llegar a un hospital básico, o otras 3 horas mas para llegar a un Buen Hospital.

La dificultad física de este trekking en Korowai no es my alta, pues no tiene subidas a montañas, pero si tiene una dificultad de aguante mental, pues caminaras por lugares donde el barro puede llegarte a las rodillas o incluso cintura, mosquitos y moscas estarán molestando a diario, por lo que deberás llevar constantemente anti mosquitos encima, aun así, es muy sencillo que te piquen. Deberás usar profilaxis para la malaria.

Las duchas serán en el rio, el agua refresca y siente muy bien. El Agua será siempre agua hervida del rio, por lo que seria conveniente también si traen pastillas de cloro, o purificadoras como extra.

En un viaje así se manejan muchos porteadores, guías, y la convivencia es muy cercana, y debes dejar los pensamientos de ciudad e higiene máxima en casa.  Nuestros cocinero trabaja siempre de la manera mas higiénica posible dentro de las posibilidades de la selva, lavando todo lo máximo posible en el rio de forma habitual, utilizando antiséptico para las manos y cubriendo vasos y cubiertos lo mejor posible, para evitar las moscas. Aun así, la selva atrae siempre muchas moscas a las zonas donde hay humanos. Por eso es altamente recomendable, no dejar restos de comidas cerca del campamento.

Y sobre todo disfrutar del viaje, mentalidad abierta, pues estarás en condiciones de no electricidad y en medio de la nada por unos días. Un lugar que aun no aparece en mapas, sin lugar a duda, una experiencia que muy poca gente puede contar que ha hecho, y la posibilidad de ver una cultura que aun mantiene casi al 100% su estilo desde el comienzo de los tiempos.

The price is subject to change. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.
Tour Code: C2I – 13D AT C TKK; Papua; Korowai - Kombai Tribes 13D12N

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