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Wakatobi Dive Resort


Wakatobi Dive Resort - Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Wakatobi Dive Resort and the Pelagian operate a high quality dive operation for the most discerning divers and nature lovers from all over the world. We believe in responsible dive tourism as a practical and sustainable way of protecting the tremendously rich marine heritage in this large, unspoiled area. Very experienced professionals ensure safety and high recreational value for our guests while ensuring environmental impact is minimized. We value sustainability of the operation and harmony with local communities over quick growth and short-term profit.

We demonstrate to the locals that utilizing their natural reef resources in environment-friendly dive tourism contributes significantly to nourishing and developing their communities while it liberates them from dependency on fishing for foreign commercial boats that come to the area without paying local taxes or contribution to the protection of the reefs (the marine environment is not threated by locals fishing for their own needs but from commercial fishing by foreign boats). Realizing the economic potential of responsible dive tourism encourages local communities to defend their precious reef resources against foreign fishing vessels intruding into their waters.

Trying to protect the pristine coral reefs in the Wakatobi region by declaring them a marine reserve is only the first step. The next and much more difficult step is to show fishermen the long-term advantages of sustainable economic alternatives, thereby guaranteeing their future livelihood.

We believe ecotourism is the most practical, sustainable way. The wheel of time cannot be turned back. Without a threat to the environment there would be no need for nature reserves! It is easier to convince the natives not to destroy their precious environment if they see a more lucrative and sustainable alternative in dive tourism.


Wakatobi Dive Resort - Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia



There are four (4) levels of accommodation :

  • Villas
  • Select Beach Bungalows
  • Standard Beach Bungalows
  • Garden Bungalows

All accommodations are spacious and available with a either a king-size bed or two twin beds. It is also possible to request a single bed to be added to a king bed configured room, enabling families to stay together. All of our accommodations have an own balcony as well as two lounge chairs for suntanning and reading outdoors. Some also have a hammock between trees in front. Each room has a desk with internet access, a mini-bar, and much more. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning as well as ceiling fans.


The Wakatobi Villas

For couples seeking the best - these are our nicest accommodations. They are located on the northern end of the resort beach and are perched on a rocky ledge with unobstructed views over the ocean and sunset, even from the bathrooms.

Each villa is classically designed and constructed of earthy materials such as wood and sandstone. They are more spacious than any of our other accommodations and are decorated for luxurious comfort and relaxation.

Select Beach Bungalows

The Select Beach Bungalows are located directly on the beach north of the jetty. They're simply gorgeous! They all have huge front porches with comfortable lounge beds / cushions and a stunning views. They also have indoor bathrooms and huge Asian spa-style outdoor showers.

Standard Beach Bungalows

Front row with an ocean view on the south or west beach. See the fish jump, hear the gentle waves and listen to the birds - all while seated on the balcony or in one of the comfortable lounge chairs in front of your bungalow. The ones on the south end of the resort are the ones with the best breeze from the ocean and is an excellent choice for those who prefer to enjoy a holiday in the tropics without the use of air conditioning (this applies primarily during the mid-year "summer" months).

Garden Bungalows

These very comfortable bungalows are located slightly behind and in-between the front-row Beach Bungalows amidst beautiful palm trees and other tropical plants. Available both on the south and west section of the Resort. Some garden bungalows even have ocean view.

Types of Villas :

  • Villa 1

The closest villa to the heart of the resort (restaurant and longhouse). Situated at the Northern Corner of the Beach complete with its own Bale. This villa offers direct beach access. Enjoy a relaxing massage in the Bale.

  • Villa 2

Our "Honeymoon Villa". The most private of all our villas. Enjoy sunset lounging on the sundeck overlooking the ocean with a drink or two. This villa also has it's own sand garden. Enjoy the sea and sun amidst the orchids in your own idyllic corner of the resort.

  • Villa 3

An open plan style villa in conjunction with villa four. Comes with infinity pool and sundeck.

  • Villa 4

This is the newest of the Wakatobi villas. This villa is open plan and the closest the ocean. Enjoy spectacular sea views from your own sundeck. Sip cocktails to the gentle burbling of our tidal water feature. This villa is good for birdwatching as it is near the boundaries of the resort that is a reserve for terrestrial wildlife. Watch collared kingfishers hunting or a morning visit from the black naped oriole.


Our resort restaurant is where you can enjoy a premier dining experience in a relaxed yet elegant setting. Most of our food supplies are flown in to our private airstrip from Bali. When available, we include fresh locally caught (pelagic only) fish.

Our team of professional chefs are highly trained and have years of experience working in other first class resorts and restaurants before joining our team. The food served here is an international blend, combining Indonesian delicacies and flavors with dishes from around the world. For those that are adventurous there are exotic dishes and for those looking for comfort foods those are available as well. There are always multiple choices of starters, main courses and desserts.

If you have special dietary needs our chefs will happily accommodate you. This is true whether it's a food allergy or simply a preference. They are used to low-carb, vegetarian. low lactose or gluten free etc. Our chefs are used to special diets and prepare specialty meals with just a little advance planning. Just let our Bali office know your preferences prior to your trip and we'll do our utmost to accommodate your wishes.

In order to provide the most varied meals while having everything ready as soon as groups of hungry divers arrive at the restaurant most meals are served buffet style - but not just any buffet:) This one is constantly replenished and kept fresh and hot. No stale cold food here! For dinner there's also a station for today's roast as well as a another one for today's soup - and let's not forget a variety of desserts! Wait staff are on hand to serve drinks, whether you're looking for a soda, a fresh fruit juice, beer or an imported highly-rated wine. We also serve gourmet cappuccino, espresso and a variety of teas.

Should you wish to sleep in and enjoy a relaxing morning in your room we offer a la carte breakfasts served right in your Bungalow or Villa.

For the ultimate romantic dining experience we offer private tete-a-tete dinners by the beach.

Innovative cuisine and the freshest ingredients offer guests a myriad of choices to please the palate.
Kids love gourmet cuisine too!


Our jetty bar is a great place to relax and watch a fantastic sunset after a day of diving at Wakatobi. We can mix your favorite drink or offer you a selection of fine wines. If a cold beer is your favorite we can make it happen.


Wakatobi has a spa area that can offer you a variety of treatments to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Start your day with a pleasant morning back message or after a long day of diving get a deep tissue message to relax those strained muscles.

Need a body scrub, manicure or pedicure? Our experienced spa staff are fully-trained and ready to serve you. You deserve it!

Our menu of services include :

Relaxing Message

Relaxing Massage (60 Minutes) US $36. This traditional massage combines stretching, long strokes, finger slide, palm and thumb pressure techniques to ease tension and stress in the mind and body. Oil use: Relaxing massage oil.

Deep Tissue Massage (90 minutes) US $42. The Deep Tissue Massage is a stronger massage aimed at easing tension in the deeper muscles or concentrating in certain areas, this massage is good for active people and people with sport injuries. Oil use: Aphrodisiac massage oil.

Foot Massage (45 minutes) US $24. Foot massage which induces relaxation and a feeling of well being to the whole body via the feet. Oil use: Maluku Oil

Back Massage (30 minutes) US $19. A massage on the head, neck, back and shoulder to ease tension and which induces relaxation and a feeling of well being. Oil use: Javanese Oil.

Hot stone massage (90 MINUTES) $49. This treatment includes stretching certain part of the body to remove any tension before begins the massage, putting the hot stone which are placed in different area of the body. Great for relieving stress, insomnia and depression.

Ritual Body Scrubs

Traditional Lulur Scrub (60 minutes) US $34. Made of powdered spices such as Turmeric, Rice, and Cinnamon etc. This traditional beauty ritual will soften, refine and rejuvenate your skin.

Coffee Scrub (60 minutes) US $34. Made of finely grounded Bali Coffee, Coconut and red rice. This richly aromatic scrub will smooth your skin and elevate your mood. The best for dry skin.

Milk Scrub (60 minutes)US $34. Made of rice powder, milk Powder and Almond powder and Vanilla powder. This scrub will soften your skin and remove the dead skin cells. Good for sensitive skin.
Boreh Scrub (60 minutes) US $34. Made of Clove, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Ginger and rice powder. This warming traditional scrub is good for relieving fever, headaches and Muscle aches. NOT recommend for pregnant women.

Sea Salt Scrub (60 minutes) US $34. Made of Ground natural salt and Asiri Oil. This scrub is to moisturizes the skin, removes the dead skin cells and helps maintain The Oxygen circulation.

Seaweed Body Mask (30 minutes) US $24. Clay Body Mask (30 minutes)US $24.

Beauty Treatments
  Traditional Facial (60 minutes)US $32. A facial using a traditional beauty with fresh ingredients includes rose flower product, Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, steam, Mask and special massage including Face, Scalp, neck, Shoulder and Hand. This facial will leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

Refresher Facial (60 minutes) US $36. The same techniques as The Traditional facial using different product which including Seaweed and Aloe Vera. This facial will leave your skin clean, fresh and relaxed.

Manicure (45 minutes) US $20. The treatment includes hand brush, scrub, nail care, Cuticle stimulation, nail polish and a wonderful relaxing hand and arms massage.

Pedicure (45 minutes) US $20. The treatment includes foot brush, scrub, traditional nail care, cuticle stimulation, nail polish and wonderful relaxing foot massag


Wakatobi has a fully stocked "gift" shop at the resort. Here you will find a wide selection of T-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, casual clothing, silver jewellery, hats and other logo wear. We also have some diving accessories, local souvenirs and a selection of personal items that you might need while staying at the resort. Come in a browse when you wish to take a break from diving.


While every holiday at Wakatobi Dive Resort is special we offer a couple of services that take things to another level altogether. Our "Bali Concierge Services" and "Private Diving Services" upgrades allow our guests an even higher level of individual attention and sophistication.

Bali Concierge Services upgrade : incredible value

Bali is a wonderful island with spectacular geographical diversity and delightful cultural attractions. Private guides and drivers are available to transport you to towering volcanoes, emerald green rice paddies, Hindu temples, dazzling beaches or a cultural dance performance - to name just a few. Bali also offers incredible values in art, furniture, silver jewelry, accessories, and tropical fashions!
Did you know that Bali also offers high-quality yet inexpensive health care? After a long day of touring or shopping, you can rejuvenate your body and mind with a luxurious spa treatment before departing for an evening of 5-star dining. After visiting Bali's chic night clubs, return to a room at a large international hotel, a private boutique villa or a bungalow overlooking a rice paddy. Bali offers resources and accommodations to match your taste and budget!
Upgrade to our Bali VIP services and our knowledgeable Wakatobi concierges will take care of every detail of your visit. Everything from helping you plan your trip to meeting you at the airport (and arranging for and dropping you off at the VIP airport lounge at the end of your trip), coordinating your transfers (limo van) and tours to helping you source that little one thing you forgot at home.

Our friendly team will learn about your preferences ahead of time and adjust your trip accordingly. With a VIP upgrade, we provide hand-picked drivers and provide complementary cell phone service so you can contact your concierge at any time throughout your stay for spur-of-the-moment guidance or advice. This service doesn't end on Bali - it extends through your stay at Wakatobi Resort - and back again at the end of your trip.

Wakatobi Scheduled Trips and Durations 2015 / 2016

Wakatobi Resort per person/per night
Item Twin Share
Single Occupancy
Additional Adult
Two Bedroom Villa
$ 845 $ 1550
$ 320
One Bedroom Villa
$ 605 $ 1090 $ 320
Ocean Bungalow
$ 380 $ 640 $ 320
Palm Bungalow
$ 290 $ 420 $ 320

Pricing by # of nights stay.

Trips in 2015 and 2016 are between 5 and 21 nights, in a variety of combinations.

You can book back-to-back trips to extend your holiday. We have four levels of accommodation and a luxury live-a-aboard yacht: At our land-based resort we have Garden Bungalows, Beach Bungalows, Select Bungalows and Villas. All 3 bungalow styles are of equal floor size while the villas are considerably more spacious. Bungalow accommodations are set apart by their location and appointment level.

All of our packages include accommodation, unlimited beach diving, three boat dives per day, delicious cuisine and such good service that you won't want to leave - all in a breathtakingly beautiful tropical setting.

Longer stays of 12 days/ nights or more receive a 5% reduction on the overall trip cost. Example: 18 night price = (7n price + 11n price) x 0.95. All prices quoted are in USD per person based on double occupancy. Single occupancy surcharges of +75% guarantees no room-mate (not mandatory). A 25% deposit secures a reservation. Balance is due 90 days before trip. Guests required arriving in Bali one day prior to start of trip/cruise. All inclusions subject to substitutions.

Privilege Services

Did you know that we offer two very special ways that you can upgrade your vacation? Our "Concierge Service" and "Private Diving Services" upgrades allow our guests an even higher level of individual attention and sophistication.

Child and Teen Pricing
0 - 3 years old Free of charge. Babysitter available on request
4 - 9 years old 30% of non-diver rate
10 - 13 years old 50% of non-diver / diver rate (Bungalow shared with parents)
14 - 17 years old 80% of non-diver / diver rate (Bungalow not shared with parents)
Non-Divers and singles
Single travelers If you are traveling alone and wish to share a room, we will attempt to find a roommate for you. All efforts will be made to allocate separate accommodations or have you share a room with the same gender. If you do not want to share a room, an additional 75% single supplement charge will apply.
Diving Activity Prices

Private Dive or Snorkel Experience Manager
Per Day
  1. Pre-trip assistance and preparation by email,
  2. On arrival, personal consultation session with Dive Experience Partner.
  3. Flexible schedules and choice of guide, in function of personal preferences and operational possibilities - and whatever else can be done to get the best out of Wakatobi for you!
  4. Private resort and dive centre orientation - briefing and check in with PDEM/ PSEM at your chosen time.
  5. Private welcome dive/snorkel - to your preferred time, length and location, with recommendations by your Private Guide.
  6. VIP dive/snorkel schedule and planning for the entire trip.
  7. Exclusive ability to 'float' between boats. Based on PDEM/PSEMs recommendations (and subject to operational constraints), choice of which boat to join for which dive/snorkel - (or option to go private by shore, using a water taxi, or do a special dive/snorkel, such as dawn or dusk), giving a wider selection of diving/snorkeling to choose from. (NB Boat 'floating' is available only to those with PDEM/PSEM).
  8. Private unlimited shore and taxi-diving or snorkeling with your private guide during operational hours (up to 4 dives/snorkels per day)
  9. Personalized service pre-, during and post-diving/snorkeling. (PDEM/PSEM will be your 'diving/snorkeling butler', available to advise you (site selection (eg best macro/wide angle/current/depth/shallow site), boat selection, inform about marine life), give feedback and assistance with skills, provide a platform and stability for photography, join you for a meal, or even be available for other options - village tour, try dive, advanced dive course etc - to optimize your access to other resort resources.
  10. Private speedboat to locations of your choice (*additional charge, subject to availability)
$ 225 (4 days minimum)

$ 250 + VAT
Private Speed Boat
Per Day
Includes Captain, drinks, snacks and choice of locations (Private Dive Experience Manager not included and must be booked separately)

(NB Subject to availability. Choice of location subject to weather and max 10nm distance from resort.)
$ 495
Nitrox unlimited Fills
Per Day
$ 25
Advanced Nitrox
Per Day
for 2 mixes (Air or 32% bottom mix + 40% shallow mix) including pony tank (3-6 litre 40%) and regulator rental
$ 49
for 2 mixes (Air or 32% bottom mix + 100% O2 deco mix) including O2 tank (3 litre O2) and oxygen regulator rental
$ 79
for 3 mixes (Air or 32% bottom mix + 40% deep stop mix + 100% O2 for decompression) including pony tanks (3-6 litre 40%, 3 litre O2) and regulator rentals.
$ 95
Rebreather Packages

SCR Diving
SCR Package includes: 5lb/2.25kg Sofnolime 408 50 cbf tanks with NITROX fills (up to 40%)
Price per day USD$55

CCR Diving
Air Diluent (max 45 m) CCR Package /day includes:
5lb/2.25kg Sofnolime 797 Faber steel tanks 2 ltr or 3 ltr, air diluent, Oxygen fills, rental bail out tank with air or Nitrox fill (up to 40%) 3 lt, 4.5 ltr or 6 ltr, including regulator with pressure gauge.

$ 70
Additional Sofnolime per pound
$ 10
Trimix (max 60 m) CCR package/day includes: 5lb/2.25kg Sofnolime 797 Faber steel tanks 2 ltr, 3 ltr or Alu tanks 3 ltr, with Oxygen fills, 1 daily average 16/25 Trimix diluent fill, rental bailout tanks with Trimix 16/25 and Nitrox 40% (each 4.5 ltr or 6 ltr).
$ 115
Additional Sofnolime per pound
$ 10

Technical CCR Personal Dive Experience Managers
Technical CCR Personal Dive Experience Managers are subject to availability and price depends on level of dive complexity (4 levels).

Note: pricing is per half day, payable onsite and not commissionable.
TPDEM includes time for CCR related preparations and maintenance.

Dives max 30 m, air diluent, non decompression Technical CCR Personal Dive Experience Manager available @ $180 per Dive up to 200 min.
Dives max 45 m, air diluent, decompression  Technical CCR Personal Dive Experience Manager available @ $180 per Dive up to 200 min.
Dives max 60 m, Mixed Gas diluent, decompression Senior Technical CCR Personal Dive Experience Manager available @ $225 per Dive up to 150 min.
Dives max 100 m, Advanced Mixed Gas diluent, decompression Senior Technical CCR Personal Dive Experience Manager available @ $260 per Dive up to 150 min.

NB - Technical CCR Personal Dive Experience Managers are subject to availability and price depends on level of dive complexity (4 levels).
Note: pricing is per half day, payable onsite and not commissionable.
TPDEM includes time for CCR related preparations and maintenance.

Full Snorkel Equipment (Mask, Fins, Booties, Snorkel, Wetsuit)
$ 14
Full Dives Equipment (BCD, Regulator, Dive Computer, Mask, Fins, Booties, Snorkel & Wetsuit)
$ 30
Regulator  (incl. Octopus, SPG, Inflator) or BCD ALONE
$ 14
Mask & Snorkel, Fins, or Rash vest/Hood ALONE
$ 6
Wetsuit ALONE
$ 10
Dive Computer - Uwatec Prime, Suunto Gekko, Mares Puck pro $ 15
Dive Computer - Uemis with sender $ 25
Torch WiseDive $ 25 ($15/dive)
Pony Tank (incl. regulator) $ 15
CANON G12 in Ikelite Housing (With Flashes)  
(Images/footage provided on DVD support - advanced booking
$ 100 ($150)
(Images/footage provided on DVD support - advanced booking
$ 75
Canon 5D mark 2/3 in Seacam Housing, Strobe, Macro/Fisheye
(Advanced booking recommended)
$ 250
Evolution CCR
 (incl. ADV, tempstik, full software for Vision electronics)
rental per day
$ 158
Evolution CCR
 (without Vision Electronics Lid, bring your own)
rental per day
$ 98
* we are only able to rent our units to a qualified rebreather diver who requires our gear as their own equipment  has failed
Please Note – We off er top-quality dive gear for incredibly reasonable rental prices as a reflection of our desire to reduce the need for guests to be burdened by expensive international excess luggage charges, and also to lower the baggage weights of our guests on our own charter aircraft. Equipment lost or broken will be charged at  replacement price

Bubblemaker/Discover Scuba (try dive, confined water only) $ 130
Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)
(includes theory, confined water instruction and one open water dive (shore dive or taxi dive)
$ 230
Repeat DSD dive (per dive)
(Can be shore, taxi-dive or boat dive (2TD am or 1TD pm)
$ 130
PADI Open Water Course
(Includes course materials, theory, confined water sessions, 4 Open water dives & full certification)
$ 990
OWC Referral (4 dives)
(Includes confined water skill circuit, 4 Open water dives & full certification)
$ 700
OWC Referral (2 dives)
(Includes confined water skill circuit, 2 Open water dives & full certification)
$ 400
Upgrade Scuba Diver to PADI OW Diver certification
(Includes all course materials, theory, confined water skill circuit and lessons, 2 Open water dives & full certification)
$ 550
Advanced Open Water Course
(Includes scuba review, confined water skill circuit, 5 ‘specialty’ dives, 2 days)
$ 550
PADI Rescue Diver Course - not recommended -
NITROX - SDI (online course) $ 145
NITROX - PADI (standard course) $ 160
NITROX - TDI (basic technical diving course) $ 200
2 dive Specialty courses (1 day) $ 300
3 or 4 dive Specialty courses:
(Deep, Night etc) (1-2 days)
$ 500
  1. Course prices are per person and include instruction, course materials and certification. Prices may change based on diver knowledge, experience and additional/special needs.
  2. Courses available only on request and can only be guaranteed if pre-booked directly with resort 60 days prior to departure.
  3. Management reserves the right to refuse any dive course request.
  4. Any dive course (including beginner (OWD) course) guest must be booked on a resort ‘dive’ package.
  5. Following an OWD course, new divers may be required to dive with a private dive guide (at the instructors discretion).

** US$150 per additional couple above 4 pax.
** Additional requested add-on’s available at extra cost, such as filming land excursions, commentary, delivery in 16:9 format etc


Fluo Diving
Per person US$
Fluo-diving 1:1 ratio $ 220
Fluo-diving 2:1 ratio $ 160
Fluo-Snorkel Experience 1:1 ratio $ 180
Fluo-Snorkel Experience 2:1 ratio $ 120


Dive Computer Battery $ 10
Regulator Mouthpiece $ 10
Mask / Fin Strap $ 10
Low / High - Pressure Hose $ 60

Weight belt $ 15
Weights per kg
$ 12
Weights pocket $ 50
$ 70
Snorkel $ 25
Fins, closed heel $ 200
Fins, open heel $ 250
Regulator (full set) $ 550
BCD $ 400
$ 900
Dive Computer $ 550


Expand your exploration of the Wakatobi region on a live-a-board cruise.

Wakatobi owns and operates the Pelagian dive yacht. This vessel is based at Wakatobi resort and can comfortably accommodate up to twelve divers in spacious cabins Pelagian guests never feel crowded, whether diving on the reef, mingling in the common areas, or relaxing in the cabins.


No where else do you have such an ease of access to miles and miles of pristine reefs with diverse topography, life and highlights - in other locations you collect the good dive sites together over large areas with long and arduous boat journeys in between and might not even get close to what Wakatobi offers out there right at the doorstep.

Our house reef is world-famous. Some guests never go on a boat dive because the reef and wall right in front of our resort provides enough territory and diversity to keep them exploring for several days. There is no need to swim long distances. We even offer "taxi-boat" services to transport you to extended parts of the house reef.

Abundant and Diverse Marine Life

Biodiversity is a measure of the variety of species that can be found in an ecosystem. Wakatobi is located in an area that encompasses the highest coral reef biodiversity in the world.

What does that mean for the average diver?

It simply means that at Wakatobi will have the greatest opportunity to see the greatest variety and diversity of marine life. While diving at Wakatobi, you'll not only see beautiful vistas or pristine coral reefs, but also abundant colorful reef fish and rare and unusual cryptic "critters". New undocumented species are being discovered at Wakatobi.There are other areas of the world where you can see larger schools of fish, bigger animals and experience more adrenaline-filled underwater "rides", but for shear reef scenery and marine life variety, you won't be disappointed with a diving holiday at Wakatobi.

Pristine and Protected

The entire Wakatobi region has been turned into a sustainable protected marine park. The local village and surrounding communities have "bought in" to the conservation plan and as a result, illegal fishing, reef walking and other activities detrimental to the coral reef have been halted. Part of your payment for staying and diving at Wakatobi goes back to the community to sustain and support this new way of living. Living in harmony and in respect of the coral reef ecosystem. For more details on our conservation program.

TDI Technical Diving Services

Advanced and fully trained technical divers can utilize their skill by taking advantage of Wakatobi's new TDI Technical Diving Services. At Wakatobi we offer Advanced Nitrox diving in all oxygen concentration.

CCR divers with Trimix certification can take advantage of Trimix (HeliAir) diluents and bailout gases. Advanced diving packages are available.

Dedicated Professional Dive Staff

Our highly qualified professional dive staff are second to none in the industry. All of our dive guides are trained instructors, with an average of 3,000 dives each. Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment is their up most concern. Regardless of your skill level, they will take the time to make sure you have a great time cruising the reefs. For advanced divers, we also have instructor-level guides with cave diving and re-breather specialties. And naturally, all of our guides know the reefs of Wakatobi like the back of their hand. If there's a critter you have always wanted to see (like a pygmy seahorse?), they will know the place to find it.

Diving Program

Wakatobi is all about diving freedom . . . . . but safe and responsible diving is also of top priority.

Diving Options

At Wakatobi we offer three different types of diving boat diving on one of our specially designed, locally-crafted dive boats, shore diving on our fabulous house reef and taxi boat diving on the further points of the house reef. (Our house reef is more than three (3) miles long).

You can participate in any one or all three of these options on any given dive day. The choice is completely up to you, based on what your desire is for that given day. We also offer night diving (unguided) on the house reef and 1-2 guided boat night dives. Below is a brief overview of each of the diving options.

Boat Diving

Because of our very fortunate location there's a wide range of superb dive sites within reach of our dive boats. We have more than 40 sites that we regularly dive, all accessible by a normally short boat ride. Boat rides range from 10 minutes up to a maximum of an hour away for a few of the furthest away sites. Most are within minutes from the resort. Prior to each scheduled dive boat departure, there will be a briefing at the resort by your guide. A sketch of the dive objective is displayed, the likely conditions discussed, and a dive plan rehearsed. Known marine inhabitants and their locations are explained, along with specific advice for photographers. On arrival at the dive site, your guide will enter first. If conditions are as expected, the "pool is open". Otherwise, your guide will amend the dive plan before opening give the OK to enter the water. Boat dives always have trained guides to locate and point out marine life and/or assist divers as needed. Snacks are served between consecutive boat dives, as well as liquid refreshments such as tea, hot chocolate, and water. Dry fresh towels are also available. For safety purposes, all divers are encouraged to remain well hydrated.

Shore Diving

Our "signature dish". This is what has made Wakatobi the number one choice among not only resort divers but also live-aboard lovers. World's best shore diving. Simply get your gear and step right out on the beach, get in the water, flip your fins a few times and enjoy some of the most amazing reef life you will ever see. The house reef top is so prolific that many photographers find themselves out of film* before they have even reached the drop-off (located approx. 80 yards in front of the Resort proper). Here on the house reef you can spend hour upon hour throughout your stay. Sometimes you will enter from the beach, other times from the ladder at the jetty. Most dives will be in a slight current meaning that you will drift at various speeds along the reef while exploring it's beauty. You can enter and exit the water right in front of the resort at high and medium tide while at low tide you will need to use the jetty or the canyon "second gully" at the corner of the island. Due to our location next to this unique island corner canyon you can shore dive at any tide!

When getting in the water in front of the resort you will first gently drift over an area completely covered in lush sea grass. This is a superb macro site with tons of wondrous critters. Then, as you get about two thirds out on the reef flat you'll start to see the corals..and lots of 'em. The outer part of the house reef is completely covered with lush coral, both soft and hard. Enjoy!

You can dive the amazing house reef in buddy teams beginning at 06.00 a.m.

Taxi Boat Diving

Our house reef is more than three (3) miles long. We offer a service that allows you to explore dive sites on the house reef normally not accessible from the resort. Due to the house reef being so expansive this adds several sites for you to enjoy. Simply let one of our dive guides know that you and a buddy (or a group of up to 6 divers) wish to go out with a tender boat and they will help you get your gear on board. Then, as the boat glides out over the reef you fine tune your gear and get ready for the dive. Once over the site you will do a back roll to enter the water. The dive location will be chosen so that the current will bring you back to the resort. After a perfect, impression-intensive dive, you can then exit the water at the end of our jetty (or on any part of the beach) where our attentive local staff will be standing by to carry cameras and dive gear. Sometimes the predominant current will change and you may not be able to get all the way back to the resort without surfacing. No worries ... our tender boats follow you as you make your dive and after surfacing, you can simply give a wave and one our taxi boats will pick you up and return you to the beach in front of the resort. Beach dives and taxi boat dives accompanied by guides upon availability. Taxi boat service is available from 06.00 a.m. until 5.30 p.m.

Night Diving

Night diving at Wakatobi is fantastic!. One or two night dives (depending on length of the trip and weather) will be offered from the boats. You can dive any night on the house reef in front of the resort (unguided). Simply gear up in the diver preparation area and walk-in off the beach. Night dives should be finished at the latest by 10.00 p.m. but special arrangements can be made to dive at other hours. Solo diving at night is not allowed due to security reasons. To get a feel for what night diving at Wakatobi is all about, check out this HD Video titled: Wakatobi by full Moonlight done by one of our recent guests.


Basic Nitrox

We feature two state of the art Nitrox Technologies membrane systems fed by multiple water-cooled Bauer compressors. Using Nitrox is highly recommended since it makes your diving experience even safer and more enjoyable, by extending your bottom times and shortening your surface intervals. Nitrox certification is available for those who are not yet certified and can be easily earned with Wakatobi Resort even before your holiday! Wakatobi Resort is associated with PADI, SDI & TDI. You can chose any Nitrox course option (minimum age 15) as long as you hold already any kind of open water diving license - the licenses are recognized by all diving associations.

Advanced Nitrox
(Technical Diving & Re-breathers)

Divers using closed circuit re-breathers can be accommodated with oxygen fills, standard Faber tanks with standard DIN valves, sofnolime and knowledgeable staff to assist. Our boat crews are trained to handle re-breathers properly. CCR divers are required to bring all their own equipment. We do have The Evolution re-breather on site for rent as a backup for fully certified Evolution (and Inspiration divers with Vision electronics license).


It is also important to bear in mind that we are in a remote location and while we have our own private airport, the nearest re-compression facility is in Bali and would require an emergency transfer flight to be arranged. Therefore, we do have some basic guidelines that must be followed to ensure that all our guests have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Check-out Dive

On the day of your arrival (depending on arrival time and tides) there is the option of a 30min welcome/orientation dive (mostly off the beach), where we help check your buoyancy control and safety skills (mask off/clearing and breathing from a alternate air source). Most guests will have no problems and can dive completely independent there after if they wish to do so. Less experienced/skilled divers will receive assistance from our instructors.

We recommend however to rest on arrival day and to integrate the dive checks into the first boat dive next morning.

  • Decompression diving is not recommended,
  • Solo diving is not allowed, except for guests: a) Being certified instructors, certified solo divers or very experienced divers and, b) Prior clearance by our resort manager and, c) Equipped with pony bottles. (tanks and regulators can be rented in resort),
  • To protect the reef there is a strict NO Gloves policy at the resort. (only exception: medical condition and doctor's certificate),
  • One hour minimum surface interval between dives,
  • Please do NOT use any macro frames.


Although most famous as a diving destination Wakatobi Dive Resort is so much more than just a dive destination. One area that it excels at is as a snorkeling destination. With the World's most pristine house reef only a few fin strokes from the beach this is where you can satisfy your tank-less desires.

Some guests have said that he one can see two thirds of the Nemo movie in just a foot of water right in front of the resort.

In addition to the awe-inspiring house reef most of the dive sites our dive boats visit on a daily basis are also suitable for snorkeling. Here, the reefs are not only pristine with abundant marine life, they come right up to the surface in most locations.

Snorkeler's Paradise

If you would like to explore other reefs, you're welcome aboard all of our dive boats. Many of the sites that they visit every day for our divers are suitable for snorkeling. Just come along and enjoy! There's plenty of room and snacks and drinks are provided for everyone.

We have a number of snorkelers who return to us year on year to enjoy the reefs from the surface ..... it simply is some of the BEST snorkeling on the planet, right in front of you bungalow.

Discount for Snorkelers

Snorkelers enjoy a discount of $ 40 / diving day off the regular package prices while still enjoying access to all the dive sites both by boat and from shore.

Equipment Rental

Wakatobi has all of the snorkel equipment you need to enjoy a fantastic experience in the water. No need to purchase or bring you own gear with you. If you wish to travel light, leaving your own equipment at home, we can supply everything you need at a very modest rental price.



Wakatobi is blessed with more than 43 mapped and named dive sites all within a short distance of the main resort.

The reefs around Wakatobi are actually continuous so to call a dive site a "site" is a little misleading. We simply identify most of our dives sites at locations on the continuous reef where we start a dive. We have generally selected these starting points because of some unique underwater typography or marine life that is common to this spot. In some cases, however, they are selected and named just "because" we like it.

Click on the dive site map below for dive sites descriptions.
Below is a matrix of Wakatobi Dive Sites with information on dive site type (terrain), recommended diving skill level, rating for snorkeling, rating for technical diving and best range for viewing marine life.


# Dive Site Name Terrain Level of Skill Snorkeling Technical Best Marine Diversity
0 The House Reef Steep Slope /Wall / Overhangs

Advanced Beginners to Advanced ¹

*****! *** 0-40 m
1 Turkey Beach Steep Slope /Wall / Overhangs Beginners **** *** 0-30 m
2 Conchita Ridges/Sandy Bays Advanced Beginners *** ***** 0-50 m
3 The Zoo Slope/Sandy Bays Beginners *** *** 0-30 m
4 Barracuda Slope Beginners ** *** 0-30 m
5 Liabale Steep Slope /Wall / Overhangs Advanced Beginners ** ***** 0-70 m
6 Malabea Steep Slope /Wall Advanced Beginners *** **** 0-40 m
7 Teluk Maya Slope/Sandy Bay/Deep Overhang Beginners ** **** 0-60 m
8 Trailblazer Ridge/Steep Slope /Wall Advanced Beginners - **** 6-50 m
9 Tanjung Lintea Slope/Shallow Coral Garden/Deep sandy Bay Advanced Beginners *** *** 0-40 m
10 Pockets Wall/Slope/changing currents Advanced Beginners *** ** 0-20 m
11 Fan 38 East Steep Slope /Wall Advanced Beginners *** **** 3-60 m
12 Fan 38 West Steep Slope /Wall Advanced Beginners *** **** 3-60 m
13 Spiral Corner Steep Slope/shallow Garden/Sandy Bay Beginners *** ***** 2-40 m
14 Magnifica Steep Slope /Wall Advanced Beginners **** *****! 0-80 m
15 Cornucopia Steep Slope /Wall Advanced *** ***** 0-55 m
16 Batfish Wall Wall with Crevasses Beginners *** ***** 0-40 m
17 Fan Garden Steep Slope /Wall Beginners *** ***** 0-60 m
18 Starship Ridge und Wall Beginners *** ***** 0-60 m
19 Galaxy Steep Slope /Wall Beginners *** **** 0-60 m
20 Pinki's Wall Wall Beginners **** ***** 0-60 m
21 Black Forest Wall/Steep Slope Beginners *** ***** 0-80 m
22 Lorenz's Delight Wall Advanced Beginners ***** **** 0-50 m
23 Pastel Reef Steep Slope /Wall Advanced Beginners ***** **** 0-35 m
24 Inka's Palette Slope/Deep Overhangs Beginners *** *** 0-40 m
25 Brian's Choice Slope Beginners *** *** 0-45 m
26 Channel Channel/Steep Slope/Current Advanced - **** 6-45 m
27 Tanjung Patok Channel/Steep Slope/Current Advanced Beginners **** **** 0-55 m
28 Dunia Baru Slope/Garden/Sandy bottom Beginners * * 3-25 m
29 Waitii Ridge Ridge Advanced Beginners * ** 4-30 m
30 Table Coral City Ridge Beginners *****² *** 0-30 m
31 Teluk Waitii Ridge Beginners * **** 3-40 m
32 Koilo-Soha Beach Steep Slope /Wall Beginners *** - 0-20 m
33 Roma Seamound/Gardens/Slopes Beginners ***** ** 0-25 m
34 Mari Mabuk Ridge Beginners ***** ** 0-25 m
35 Gunung Waha Ridge Advanced - **** 6-50 m
36 Ali Reef Seamound Advanced - **** 0-55 m
37 Eel Valley Seamound Advanced - **** 6-45 m
38 Waha Top Seamound Advanced * **** 0-40 m
39 Kulati Seamound Beginners *** - 5-25 m
40 Blade Connected Seamounts/Ridges/Walls/Sandy Bottoms Advanced Beginners ** **** 3-55 m
41 Coral Hill Seamound/ Steep Slope/Wall Advanced Beginners ** **** 0-45 m
42 Pintu Timur Steep Slope /Wall Advanced Beginners ** ** 0-25 m
43 Mermaid Steep Slope /Wall Advanced Beginners ** **** 0-55 m


Operating a dive resort that provides discerning travelers with a great diving holiday is our core business. At the same time, the issues of marine conservation and community development remain a key inspiration and driving force behind all our efforts.

Recognizing the need for sustainable marine resource protection within the Wakatobi region, the Collaborative Reef Conservation Program was developed by the founders of the Wakatobi Dive Resort in consultation with local leaders and village elders. The Collaborative Reef Conservation Program was designed to motivate the people living within the Wakatobi region to realize the intrinsic value of the reefs and to inspire the villages to take an active role in protecting the marine ecosystem. The program achieves this by providing an economic alternative to fishing and creates real incentives that help protect and manage the reefs. Cooperation between local fishermen and visiting divers is promoted by generating an income from tourism that is channeled directly back into the community.

It took many years of continuous and consistent efforts to build deep trust and understanding within the community to where all members of the surrounding villages respected and honored the agreement. Based on the success of a pilot project launched in 1998 that turned 6 km of reef into an effective no-fishing sanctuary, the Collaborative Reef Conservation Program was extended even further. Currently, the program includes all 17 communities around the resort and stretches over 20km (12.5 miles) of some of the finest reefs of the world, including the protection of dozens of top dive sites.


What is biodiversity and what does it mean to the average diver?

Biodiversity is a measure of the variety of species that can be found in an ecosystem. Wakatobi is located in an area that encompasses the highest coral reef biodiversity in the world. But why it so prolific in our part of the world, and what does it mean to the average diver?

Why so diverse?

Many factors determine the overall number of species in an ecosystem. Historically, for instance, the region bordered by Indonesia, the Philippines and New Guinea was never severely affected by two great ice ages which caused mass species die-offs in other regions. For this reason, the region is considered to be the epicenter of coral reef biodiversity. 85% of the world's coral reefs are located in the Indo-Pacific region, and as you travel either east or west from the epicenter of biodiversity, the number of species decreases. At the Western edge of the Indian Ocean, or the Eastern edge of the Pacific, you will only find about 25% of the number of species that are present at Wakatobi. The Atlantic/Caribbean region has even less diversity, less than one tenth the number of species found in the Indo-Pacific. For instance, the Atlantic/Caribbean region has fewer than 70 species of corals while the Indo-Pacific has over 700 species.

The environment also influences biodiversity. Coral reef ecosystems need warm, clear waters to thrive. If there's too much runoff from large rivers or urban growth nearby, the reefs can be choked by siltation or pollution. The waters must be warm, but not too warm. Below 25 C, coral growth is retarded. Above 29 C, the symbiotic algae living in the corals begins to die off and stress the corals. Depth is important too. Very shallow waters have too much temperature fluctuation and disruptive wave and surge action. Too deep, and light is diminished, which decreases diversity. At about 20 M depth, there is plenty of light, and not much wave action, even during large storms, so more species can survive.

Why is biodiversity important for divers?

That's simple. When you go on a dive vacation, you want to see lots of stuff. But you don't what to just see lots of the same stuff all the time. A bio-diverse reef in pristine condition lets you see more species with less effort. If you are interested in seeing and learning about the most bio-diverse coral reef region in the world, it's time for you to start planning a trip to Wakatobitoday!

Reef Management

Wakatobi has always been about something more than just a great diving experience. Our mission from day one was to establish a dive resort that gave divers a sense of well-being that they are helping contribute to an environmentally and culturally sound conservation program. So it's not an accident that we established the Wakatobi Collaborative Reef Conservation Program, which is now one of the world's largest privately-funded marine protected areas.

Committed to Protection, Education, and Sustainability

For many years, Wakatobi Dive Resort has been known to be one of the world's most proactive eco-tourism resorts and has won several awards for being the most conservation-minded tourism operator in the Asia-Pacific region. Wakatobi Dive Resort has worked together with Project AWARE to advise operators worldwide how to contribute substantially towards the marine ecosystem We received PADI 2005 Project AWARE Environmental Award and Scuba Diving magazine 2005 Editors Choice Award for Environmental Initiatives.

While almost every traveler inevitably has some negative environmental impact on the place he or she visits, it is most important to see the overall environmental impact balance. The question every dive operator has to ask himself is: "Is my operation improving the natural environment? Does the local community benefit directly and indirectly?" Most dive destinations are deteriorating over time for a number of reasons. Wakatobi Dive Resort has not only managed to stop destructive fishing methods and unregulated exploitation, but has actually improved the quality of the resort surroundings, sea grass beds and reefs.

Wakatobi Dive Resort is proud of its efforts to counter destructive trends, to contribute back to the local communities, to build a lasting cooperative conservation program. Here's a sample of how Wakatobi Dive Resort goes beyond others.

Wakatobi Dive Resort Actions :

  • implements strict rules to minimize divers impact (all guests sign a dive conduct agreement), non-compliance leads to exclusion from diving without refund,
  • installs and maintains moorings for dive operationsconducts reef monitoring and cleaning when needed, all dive guides are fully committed to contribute towards conservation,
  • gives complete dive briefings by top notch senior dive instructors (with at least 2,000 dives) to enhance pleasure, increase knowledge, protect the marine environment,
  • sponsors regular marine biology and ecology presentations in addition to discussing the resort conservation programs,
  • offers village tours to further cultural understanding,
  • cleans a 1 km stretch of beach every day,
  • reduces, separates and recycles waste as much as possible,
  • treats waste water in biological ways (microbiological decomposition under ideal conditions at 28 C/leach fields/other treatments to avoid nutrients entering the sea),
  • uses local traditional skills to build and maintain the resort, sells local products,
  • provides full-time employment to a workforce of about 100 locals (with equivalent salaries for men and woman).


For the first time ever, a dive resort operator, Wakatobi Resorts, has privately financed and constructed an airstrip to provide access to a previously undeveloped part of South East Sulawesi. The concept of this project is to facilitate the development of responsible Eco-tourism that generates international awareness of the unique marine resources in the area as well as employment and education for the local community.

Without this Eco-tourism project, the locals are largely dependent on working with foreign, illegal fishing boats to make a living. The resort on the contrary brings employment, educational material, environment awareness and international aid. The only way for the resort to stay alive and thriving is by keeping a sustainable number of guests per year. The airstrip is a necessary stepping stone, supported by the locals.

You've been commended for your conservation efforts, why then build an airstrip? 85% of the world's coral reefs have already been damaged or are under severe stress. This destruction is caused mainly by human activities, especially by destructive and non-sustainable fishing methods. (such as cyanide, dynamite fishing.)

In the area around Wakatobi, this kind of fishing still occurs (however limited by our patrols) by boats from other areas of Indonesia or other countries. These boats are owned and crewed by people who don't consider the pressure they are putting on the marine-life. The owners don't pay local taxes, the crew doesn't care where they throw anchor or deplete marine resources. In the end, locals get very little gain from this kind of activity.

Beyond the Ordinary

However, the marine reserve is just one of many unique programs we've established over years. In addition, our operation goes way beyond most dive operators’ scope by:

  • sponsoring electricity for the 500-person village on our resort island (including 2 km power line to the village, transformers, electrical installations in every house, providing 24 hours maintenance team) in exchange for the villagers honoring a 3 km reef sanctuary on their traditional fishing grounds,
  • sponsoring waste management in the surrounding villages on the neighboring island,
  • sponsoring public moorings and harbor facilities to reduce anchor damage,
  • sponsoring public projects for all 17 villages in our sub district (Collaborative Community based Reef Management Program).


Are drinks included in the price?
Water, tea, and coffee is available 24 hours and is included free of charge. Juices, Sodas, beer and wine as well as cocktails, mocktails and specialty coffees are available at an additional cost.

What kind of food can I expect to the served?
Our executive chef serves up an excellent and delicious mix of international and local dishes. Just about any special dietary need can be met, but please let us know in advance what if have specific requests or dietary restrictions.

Are the bungalows air conditioned?

Yes. However, air conditioning is generally not necessary as our resort is on an island far out from mainland which ensures there is always a gentle sea breeze to cool you down. All the rooms are cross ventilated and fitted with ceiling fans and mosquito nets (which are rarely ever being used). During part of the season we even have to provide blankets!

Is the resort appropriate for families?
Absolutely! Children (and adults alike) can enjoy world-class snorkeling right off the beach in front of the resort. We also have babysitters available. Please ask a sales associate for more details.

What currency will I need while I'm at Wakatobi?
On the resort, we accept US Dollars, Visa or MasterCard, Rupiah (local currency) and Euro. However, you can pay everything on credit card - even the staff tips. We do suggest you change a little money while in Bali to cover incidentals along the way.
Please note that we do not accept travelers cheques. Also note that throughout Indonesia, the best exchange rates for US currency will be for $100 dollar bills printed after 2003.

Can my family reach me while I'm at Wakatobi?

Yes. Since 2007 there is a good chance, that your GSM phones might work in the resort through a public system on the island, which is however not always reliable. In addition, we have several satellite phones for use in an emergency. There's also a PC available in our Lounge with Internet access in case you want to check your email. You can also have friends/family our staff will forward any messages along. Refer to the resort's contact page for more information.

BTW, our internet access is possible due to a VSAT two-way 128 kb satellite internet connection. It's not broadband, but given the remote location, it works just fine. This connection powers both the resort's PCs and can also be used for guest's own laptops as there are LAN ports in every room! A WI-FI network is also up and running.

What entertainment is available?
Wakatobi has a complete entertainment center including a TV, VHS, DVD and CD player, cassette deck and stereo. The staff will have slide and video presentations during the week and guests are encouraged to do likewise with the photos and videos they take. If you have a favorite movie, a slide show or a video to share, we encourage you to bring it along! You may also bring your own favorite music, movies, games, etc.

Are laundry facilities available while I'm at the resort?
Yes. We have two services available. One takes three days and is hand washed by our local staff. If you need your items back urgently we have a one-day quick turnaround service as well.

What is the air / water temperature?
Air temperature is in general around 30 °C (86 F) during the day and nicely cooler in the evening. Water temperature is a fairly cool 26-28 °C (79-82°F). We recommend a full body 5 mm dive suit, especially for divers making several dives in a day.

Do you have any facilities for photographers?
Yes. Located in the three-sectioned air-conditioned camera room with wall-length, padded work benches. Both 220v and 110v power strips are already set up for your recharges. There is a fridge for 35mm film (not that anyone's using that anymore;) and various basic tools for adjustments of cameras, lights and housings.

Does the resort provide any toiletries?
We have hair dryers on request and in all rooms there is high-quality Wakatobi branded shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, towels and everything else you would expect from a real resort. We also have electrical converters if want to bring your own electric razor or hair dryer.

I'm not a diver. Is there anything for me to do at Wakatobi?
Tolandono Island, which Wakatobi Dive Resort is located, is roughly 8 square kilometers (3 square miles), which allows for nice walks (or jogs / runs) across the island on the various foot paths that over the years have developed between the resort and the village that lies on the opposite end of the island. Behind the resort, one can find shallow sink holes that can be explored with snorkeling equipment and a dive light.

We offer volleyball and badminton as well as more leisurely pursuits such as board games, a selection of movies and a fairly extensive library. A television set with VCD and VHS players is located in the Longhouse lounge area, along with a CD/ cassette stereo system. Of course, there's always the beach that offers world-class snorkeling, or more simply, just a relaxing view. We also offer day tours to neighboring villages as well as kayak tours to the mangroves, kite-boarding, stand up paddle boarding and more....

Do you offer massages?
Yes! We have both male and female local massage therapists with strong hands, a gentle touch and a real knack for providing relief to sore muscles and tension. Popular among both men and women, a massage session after a long day of diving can be a real blessing. And contrary to many other places in the world, a massage session in our resort is affordable!

Are we allowed to bring souvenirs up from our dives?
No, we do not allow anyone to bring corals, shells or animals out of the water and we make sure that our guests respect all aspects of our environment.

How long are the scheduled boat dives?
The Wakatobi region is blessed with abundant marine life and dive sites that have both deep and shallow ares. This allows for long bottom times on most dives. Divers can enjoy 70 minute bottom times or more if they choose. We do not mandate that divers surface after 60 minutes. You may stay down as long as your air supply or safe diving limits allow. Generally, however, a group of divers on a boat may agree to surface after a suggested time limit so that other divers on the boat do not have to wait for long periods.

Do I need a passport or visa to visit Indonesia?
Your passport will need to be valid for at least 6 months after your entry into Indonesia and must have at least one totally clear page for the visa sticker.

The current regulations in full are thus:
11 countries and territories are eligible for a "Visa Free" facility. Those holding valid passports from the following countries will be granted a non-extendable 30-day Visa-Free Short Visit Permit upon arrival at an Indonesian international gateway without charge:

  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Chilie
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • Macau SAR
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Singapore

Nationals of the following 63 countries are now eligible to purchase an extendable visa on arrival for USD 25 (for a maximum of 30 days). All Wakatobi and Pelagian guests require a 30 day visa.

• Algeria
• Czech Republic • Libya • Luxembourg • Portugal • Sweden
• Argentina • Denmark
• Liechtenstein • Maldives • Qatar • Suriname
• Australia • Egypt • India • Malta • Romania • Taiwan
• Austria • Estonia • Iran • Mexico • Russia • The Netherlands
• Bahrain • Fiji • Ireland • Monaco • Saudi Arabia • Tunisia
• Belgium • Finland • Italy • New Zealand • Slovakia • Uni. Arab Emirates
• Brazil • France • Japan • Norwa • Slovenia
• U K
• Bulgaria • Germany • Kuwait

• Oman

• South Africa • U S A
• Cambodia • Greece

• Laos

• Panama • South Korea
• Canada

• Hungary

• Latvi • People's Rep. of China • Spain
• Cyprus • Iceland • Lithuania • Poland • Switzerland

If you are staying in Indonesia for longer than 30 days, you can extend the 30 days visa-on-arrival for another 30 days at the nearest immigration office for IDR 250.000 (approximately USD 25 depending on the exchange rate) which has to be paid in local currency. Alternatively you can also apply for a 60 days tourist visa in advance of your arrival in Indonesia.

All other nationals should apply for visas in their home country before departure for Indonesia. There will be no leniency for nationals of countries not listed above should they arrive without a valid visa - they will be sent home immediately. US citizens are entitled to buy a visa upon your arrival for 30 days for $25 USD.

Since visa regulations change quite frequently, we strongly suggest that you check the above requirements with your travel agent, or with the airline you intend flying with. Although many taxes and security fees will be included in the cost of your air ticket, Indonesia levies an international departure tax of Indonesian Rupiah 150,000 (about US$15.00) at Denpasar airport. Please ensure that you have enough Indonesian currency available to pay this fee on the day of departure from Indonesia.

The price is subject to change. Please  Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spambots. Es necesario activar Javascript para visualizarla for more information.

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