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Tanjung Puting

Diving in Menjangan



Located around 140 km from Sanur, is one of the farthest point from our base and one of the most interesting dive sites in Bali. With spectacular walls that begins at depths of 5 meters and reaching down to 60 meters at its deepest point. Adorned by soft corals and gorgonians, you will find caverns which are full with crystal fish, morays, turtles, some rays and reef sharks. Diving in Menjangan is suitable for all level of divers with a visibility up to 30 meters. This place also…is recommended for the practice of snorkeling.

Diving in Menjangan Site

One of the most popular tourism destination in the world. This “Island of Gods” offers you an affordable dream for an unforgettable experience which you may never seen elsewhere in the world. With its people, unique culture, temples, rice fields, and of course its famous beaches will take you into a whole new senses of experience including the wonderful underwater world.

Common knowledge for every diver is that the best diving areas have to be remote and unexplored. Its true for most of the cases, but Bali offers you a unique case. The people in Bali believe in protecting the environment while developing its service and so have kept the majesty of its sea water and the beauty of nature preserve within it.

Prepare to find one of the world’s richest marine life while diving Bali, one that you may never find elsewhere in the world. With the impressive marine variety, you may find yourself surrounded by large fish and beautiful underwater coral gardens. We will travel by volcanic bottoms, reef walls, underwater canyons, and shipwrecks during your Bali diving adventure.

One of the main features that you will never forget is with its warm and crystalline water, you will taste an unforgettable underwater adventure when going through its abundance of coral and surrounded by the big pelagic that move around like tuna, barracuda, ocean sunfish, manta rays, dolphins, sharks, turtles and myriad of small species. Prepare yourself to be addicted to scuba diving Bali and get your mind blown away with every journey through the deep of Bali Sea.

Only included in Safari

Included :
  • Taxes,
  • 2 dives,
  • Dive guide,
  • Tanks,
  • Weights,
  • Transport,
  • Marine park fees,
  • Drinks and food,
  • Transport hotel,
  • Divesite,
  • Hotel.

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