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Lalunia Liveaboard



Lalunia Liveaboard

Type Of Ship
Motor Vessel
Size :
Length 26 m
Max Speed
8 Knots
Numbers Of Cabin :
Maximum Passangers
Guests 14 Persons

Lalununia has the facilities and services as follows :

Lalunia is 26 meters long. On the bottom deck there are 6 cabins: 4 double cabins, 2 single cabins and 2 bathrooms at client's disposal. On the upper deck there is a saloon that serves as the dining room, conference room and playroom at the same time. You can find there a collection of books in different languages, as well as an audio-visual equipment with a great collection of "sunny hits" (DVD in near future). It turned to be a rule to dance after dinner as you can find there enough space for "noisy activities". On the upper deck there are also: the kitchen, diving back-up facilities and an additional toilet. Moreover, on this deck you can find comfortable outdoor seating in the sun and shade where as a general rule the life concentrates.

The viewing terrace on the roof, where you can take sun bath on comfortable loungers during the day, can serve as a lodging place because there id nothing more exciting on the open water than falling asleep under the stars (although we assure you that cabins are very comfortable as well :)

Lalunia's Technical Specifications

Lalunia Speed Boat
Constructed 2009
Material hull - iron wood; deck, cabins, roof - teak wood Length 7,5 m
Accommodations 4 DBLS, 2 SNGL
Toilets 2 external showers/3 toilets (with showers) Engine Yamaha 40 KM
Length 26 m/91 Feet
Beam 5,5 m Diving Equipment
Speed 8 Knots
Main Engine Mitsubishi 6D20 Compressor
Elektronics GPS/DS/Radio
Genset Yanmar 6 kv Bottles INT
12 piezas
Life Jackets 20


Basic informations

We organize diving safaris over 5 to 14 days (without calling at a port).
Our adventure starts in Labuan Bajo Port on Flores Island. Diving expeditions take place in Komodo National Park. We organize smaller (max. 8 person) and larger (max 10 person) group expeditions. There is also a possibility of a boat charter and the opportunity to take up residence on Bali, Flores or another island in the vicinity.

Diver: 220 USD per day per person
Non-diver: 180 USD per day per person

Price includes:

  • Accommodation and full board (three main dishes),
  • Water, coffee and tea,
  • Three dives per day (first and last day diving depends on flight deadline),
  • Transport from the airport to the boat in Labuan Bajo and return to the airport,
  • Rinca Island trekking (basic program).

Price does NOT include:

  • Additional drinks,
  • Komodo National Park passing,
  • Diving equipment hire.

Indonesia middle temperatures (°C)

23° 23° 27° 31° 31° 27° 27° 27° 31° 31° 27° 23°


The first time you we admire the coral reefs of Komodo National Park is in flight. The view of stunning little islands surrounded by amazing white sand and azure water takes one's breath away. An hour after departing Bali Island we're seeing an entirely different, exquisite scenery. It is noon. The ATR plane is slowly landing on Flores Island...

It is a 10-minute ride from the airport to the Labuan Bajo Port and we're now ready to start our safari. The boat is set out to sea. From this moment we're faced with one of the most diverse underwater ecosystems of the world where the waters of the Indian Ocean meet the Pacific Ocean. It guarantees us an unforgettable visual and emotional experience.


The first day's plans are dedicated to check diving. If you have read about strong streams on Komodo, you can be confident that in easy conditions you will be learn to keep yourself and your equipment secure, as well as learn to keep your balance. We're heading for Komodo Island, which the beginning of the safari is just beginning and as approach it, it becomes clearer and clearer. This is the calm bay where we will spend the night.

On the second day we will have three diving expeditions in the north part of Komodo National Park, where we will stay for the next two days. These areas are well-known for their huge pelagian fish and beautiful corals. Diving spots are diverse - underwater mountains, channels, slops, ridges. All places are threatened by tides of heightened intensity during certain times so it is important to choose the time and place properly, securing maximum comfort during diving, no matter how good one's skills are.

Castle Rock is a site that worth more than one diving trip. Each time it is a completely different place. Just before the coming of the tide, we can feel on our own skin, how huge shoals of fish prepare for it as the water trembles. This is a kingdom of giant Trevallies. The show starts when the stream comes - hunting has been begun. Travellies are as fast as cheetahs. From time to time, we're in the middle of terrified shoals of smaller fish. Even sharks starts making circles in the water but the greatest panic rises when Bottlenose Dolphins take up the hunt. Those diving places are some of the most dynamic, you can expect non-stop action! During the entire show we're practically standing in a place turning our heads in every direction to see everything that's happening.

Then as we're diving in one of two channels we are the dynamic element, swimming along with the tide, having some difficulty in stopping to admire the passing creatures - huge Sweetlips, Bumphead Parrotfish, turtles...

The next well-known place in the area is Lighthouse, where Groupers gather to reproduce. The best time for diving there is during a full or new moon. We see the males biting their rivals in long chasing all around us.

Next day we're sailing to the North-Central part of the park. It's the place where we can find diverse diving places, but the most amazing one of them all is Batu Bolong - the king of the area. This rock which grows in the middle of a channel is a natural habitat and home for numerous species of water animals. The steep walls are covered by small corals because of strong tides heading from the north other time from the south. We always dive in sheltered part of the rock and admire making circles sharks, giant Travellies and numerous turtles, along with slugs and shrimp. Just before resurfacing, about five meters under water, you will be awed by the colors of the coral reef.

This part of Komodo National Park is also well known because of the plateau that serves as a favorite hunting place for mantas. Even when the tide is strong it makes for quite easy diving. We're swimming along with the tide, passing mantas coming towards us from all directions. Sometime there are even a few dozen of them. Apart from mantas - you can meet there sharks, turtles and Bumphead Parrotfish.

A few more dives follow - each one unique. Then we go from a small, rocky island in the North with numerous small caves, drift dives and a completely different region - the South.

Here we have a completely different ecosystem and it seems as if we must have moved 1,000 miles on. The water is greener, less transparent, and beneath it we witness a scenery that is utterly different from what we've seen before. The walls, boulders and ceilings of caves are covered by long soft corals and colorful crinoids. The main reason we have traveled to the south is this part of Rinca, a real paradise for fans of watching invertebrate life. Snails, shrimps, crabs in different sizes and colors abound and are ready to entertain. It is the best place for night diving.

We spend two days in this magical location.

It is almost end of our journey. If there is a time and if we haven't managed to see any Mantas in the North, we will sail to the south part of Komodo Island. It's another Manta-spotting point within the park.


Apart from diving and snorkeling, we take daily treks up low mountains on small uninhabited islands to admire the sunsets.

We need to climb for about half an hour to get the chance to look upon Komodo from above. Such moments stay in our memories for long time. Islands in the Komodo National Park are very picturesque. The surreal colors of mountainous small islands take us to completely different worlds, especially during sunset. Sometime we don't even believe it's real. Mountains sunken in azure water traversed by bright, sandy beaches make thought of returning home almost painful. It is worth to wait on the beach for night to fall completely. On the way back, our boat "Lalunia" will be lighted by plankton. The movement of our motorboat will cause fireworks worth of new year celebrations - underwater ones this time, with the exploding colors of nature.

An alternative to trekking is a relax on one of numerous beaches. There are mostly sandy ones in this region, certainly beautiful and completely uninhabited as well. Canoe or boat trips across mangrove forests are very popular attraction too.

Komodo / Rinca

During the whole safari there are many interesting attractions apart from diving. Komodo, as you well know, is a natural habitat for the greatest lizards of the world - the Komodo Dragon.

Komodo Dragons were discovered in 1910 and to protect them in 1980 the National Park of Komodo was founded. Dragons live on two of the park's islands - Rinca and Komodo. We will take a two-hour trek on the savannah (similar to African ones) to watch those stunning animals. Typical dragon food is water buffalo, timour deer, wild pigs, monkeys and other animals which we will also find there.



Bali is this kind of island where everybody will find something to interest him (or her). It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Every year thousands of tourists come there, mostly to surf, dive, tour and party of course. Kuta is a place full of life for 24 hours seven days in week. Numerous clubs, restaurants and pubs are characteristic for that place. Seminyak is full with joints with live music (especially with salsa) and meeting places for minority and Bali's subcultures. Sometime it is difficult to guess the sex of a person sitting at the next table. Between Kuta and Seminyak we can find Legian, which has the most popular beach in this area. Fans of beautiful beaches, almost uninhabited ones, away from noisy Kuta, should go to the south of the island. After an hour travel by taxi you can reach Balagan Beach. White sand, palms, azure water, silence and delicious local food brought straight to the beach.

It is worth to stay there for a night and fall asleep listening waves trying to reach the beach. The west coast is a perfect place for fans of luxury resorts. It is also a diving region as well. The north part of the island is completely different. The whole of Bali is green and flowery, but the northern part is the greenest place on the island. Thermal springs or waterfalls are what attract tourists next. For dessert you can visit the City of Artists - Ubudu - situated in the central part of Bali. A night here will prove to be an amazing time spent with a glass of wine listening to live music. There's also the very popular Monkey Forest in Ubud. The whole island is filled with numerous temples worth recommending. The Barong Dance show is also a spectacle that won't fail to entertain.


Flores differs from Bali. It is hard to meet any tourists there. The island is over 600 km long. Because of its narrow and winding roads, covering this distance requires quite long time. Visiting Flores for few days and then coming back to Bali from the airport in Mau Mere is your best bet. During the trip you can see amazing waterfall, native villages, and beautiful beaches - from white and sandy ones to rocky and green ones. But the best impression makes the Kelimutu volcano. It has three craters, each one different than the next.

The most effective one is azure crater which looks like something from the other planet. As we travel, we pass tropical forest and rice fields. Giant bamboos covered in fog, coffee and cocoa plantations, enchanting cotton trees, women doing the washing by the river, naked children playing in puddles, this is what brings us to another world, where political views, corporations, the rat race and fashion don't matter.

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