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Tanjung Puting

Felicia Liveaboard


Felicia Liveaboard

Felicia Liveaboard has the facilities and services as follows :

The Ship
2 Mast - Sulawesi schooner, Material - Teak
Long :
Width :
8 m
Draft :
2,5 m. 7 velas
Engine :
256 hp, Yanmar. 3 generators 12, 24/220/380 V
3000 L
Water.Tank :
4.000 L
Water :
2000 liters per day
Elect :
Anchor System

2 Rooms with king beds, AC, bathroom, shower and toilet. Large sun deck with loungers.

12 man crew
2. Captains, 2 Machine Engineer, 2 Dive Master, 2 cooks, 2 seamen, 1 Room boy, an oiler (machine)
Nautical Equipment :
2 GPS, Compass, Log Lot, Anemometer, Fish Special
Diving equipment :
2 Bauer compressors 120-200 l, about 40 tanks, 12 L, 1 Tender with 2x25 hp outboard motor, 1 Tender with 60 hp outboard motor, Nitrox, Oxygen for the Emergency
2 Freezers, 2 Fridges, TV with DVD
On the upper deck, Eighth Chamber

A Journey with Felicia

"FELICIA" is not the product of a commercial investment, but by divers for divers thought. Of course we are not the very best, strive not to. We want to offer you and ourselves some great diving holiday on the “FELICIA” by providing, the best diving spots, the best services with 4 dives daily if possible, cleanliness onboard, and least but not last a first class catering.

We are trying for this time on board all our guests to a comradely Community intrigue, no one should be excluded. Friendship is that survive from time to time on the “FELICIA”.

What we have achieved so far?
After 4 years, we have about 60% diving friends who already had one or more trips with us and we are very pleased with this development. It also brings commitment to always looking for new dive sites and deliver. On each trip, if possible at the last day there will be a beach barbecue with bonfire. Our crew knows how to make music work.

Finally, all new diving friends who want to go with "FELICIA" on Dive sites:

Wingers, whiners, Needier, alls, show-off, 300% transparent, intolerant, discontented, arrogant, ripper, negative thinkers, bigmouths, ass extinguisher, and evil smelling:



BALI - KOMODO, KOMODO - BALI This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In the past, our Komodo - trips always started in Labuan Bajo-. Ourguests were so dive in Bali to take a night at purchase. The next day we drove by air. With a little luck could be on the same day, made one or two dives in Komodo. One Check on board in Bali seemed too cumber some, to Komodo which have make up almost 300 nautical miles or two days crossing.

For us there were no good diving sites on the way to Komodo known, this has changed in the meantime. A sailing trip in Bali offers many advantages. You will arrive in Bali and checked immediately at the "FELICIA" and the mail goes out. First dives we do in Nusa Penida, Shark and Manta Point are as announced and with a little luck, a Mola-Mola fish swimming in your way.

Then we continue the journey around the southern tip of Lombok with its many good dive sites, among others the famous Hammer Shark Point.

We use the strait between Lombok and Sumbawa to make right with the tidal current speed. Other good dive sites are found in Medan and Mojo. In Sangeang we want to dive to the underwater hot springs. Since we are out at night, after about 3 days we will start Komodo from the west. Here we are left then another 5 full days to dive all the good dive sites in Komodo National Park. One of the courses is to encounter with the last Komodo in the world, which is the Komodo dragons.

Furthermore, we observed the departure at dusk of about 15-20000 bats from the Mangrove island Kalong. Graduated from last night is a barbecue followed by campfire and Musi performed by our crew.

Advantage of the trip from Bali:
No overnight accommodation and airfare to and
while others from Bali have sitting in the plane
we have a few dives behind us.

TAUCHEN IN KOMODO - NATIONAL - PARK !!! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Diving in Komodo - National Park, which is above all diversity. Whoever emerges has a week much to write in his journal. Sharks, manta rays, rays, Napoleon's, turtles and more are also in the rule. Experienced underwater photographer with the claim "Dive Point Cannibal Rock" to the National Park possesses one of the best and most interesting macro dive sites in the world. This one damaged about 90% underwater fauna.

The National Park covers a size of 122,500 hectares with a total of 68 islands and about 30 good to excellent dive sites. As early as 1938, the island of Padar and the south and west Rinja the island declared a wildlife reserve in 1968 came to the island of Komodo. In 1991 is the appointment of the Komodo National Park as World Heritage Site (World Heritage).

The Komodo National Park has become one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern Age. This of course has less to do with diving, but with the last dragon of this world, the only living ends Komodo dragons. They spit no fire; however her store contains about 40,000 different bacteria. If left untreated, so far no living thing have survived longer than a few days after got bitten from a Komodo dragon.

Amazing the variety of wild animals live here: water buffalo, horses, deer, deer, pigs and monkeys, you are part of the diet of the lizards. In front of their own species, they do not stop and if this results in them not despise a person to eat. An encounter with a pair of those cute little animals is an event of our agenda. Finally the visit of lizard on the last afternoon at sea as the diving 24 hours before departure is not announced.

In the evening we watch the going away of about 15 - 20,000 flying foxes of the mangrove island Kalong. Last but not least, the trip ends with a barbecue party with a bonfire and live music of our crew. The next morning schedule is arriving in Labuan Bajo to catch the return flight to Bali.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

After getting a little the poor relation among the top dive sites in Indonesia. But anyone who has dipped in Alor will Love it!

The underwater photographer Wolfgang Pölzer wrote for the magazine 'dive' in issue No. 4 April 2003 after a visit to Alor:

"A fantastic underwater world spreads out beneath our fins. In the battle for each vacancy colonize colorful sponges, sea squirts, feather stars overhangs and recesses. Large schools of grunts and Banner fish catch in the flow of food. How we can pull off with the accusing. Fly by sharks, turtles and groupers as by the endless blue. Graham is right, the sight of true paradise we have found it.

The price is subject to change. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

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