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Tanjung Puting



Damai I

The vessel has been designed with three large deck areas for relaxing either in the sun or shade. Our guests can enjoy the all inclusive service onbaord where even spa therapy is included in the price of a cruise.

The vessel has been specifically designed for cruising and diving in the tropical waters of Indonesia, with passenger well-being always our top priority. Equipped with the latest navigation, communication and safety equipment, the DIVE DAMAI fleet sets a new standard for safety as well as comfort, service and passenger amenities.

Of course even the best ship is only as good as her crew, and this is another area where DIVE DAMAI shines. Every trip is managed by highly qualified and experienced western cruise director, complimented by our ever-helpful Indonesian crew, all of whom are dedicated to making your diving holiday the trip of a lifetime.




- Keel - Iron wood 30 cm x 32 cm (Double)
- Hull Plank-1 meter from Keel-Iron wood-thickness=8 cm
- 1 meter Up - Iron wood - thickness = 6 cm
- Frame - Kayu Biti and Nyamplung - 15 cm x 20 cm
- Bolting - Under water area - Monel (Aprox.6000 pcs)
- Above water area - Galvanized (Aprox. 5000 pcs)
- Cross beam - Main and below cabin Deck - Iron wood 15 cm x 20 cm
- Super structure - Iron wood 7 cm x 8 cm
- Bolting - SS 306 5/18 x 21/2 (Aprox.1200 pcs)
- Deck Plank - First Layer - Marine Multiplex 120 mm
- Intermediate layer - Petroleum Asphalt Roofing Felts
- Top Layer - Teak wood 4 cm
- Screwed with Galvanized Self Tapping screw (10x21/2)
- Superstructure - Post - Nyamplung wood 10cm x 15cm
- Biti wood 10 cm x 15 cm
- Cross beam - Iron wood 7 cm x 8 cm
- Iron wood 8 cm x 12 cm
- Wall - Multiplex (120 mm)
- Yumen Board insulation sound and fire proof
- Teak wood (200 mm).

- Main Engine Mitsubishi 10M20-OA - 520 Hp serial No.1020-011435
- Gear Box - Twin Disc type: MGH 56 BLX-1
- Auxiliary Engine
- Mitsubishi M4D33P Generator 40 Kva serial No.4D33-D30594,
- Mitsubishi M4D30-OA Generator 25 Kva serial No.4D30-080700,
- Isuzu / Denoy Generator 20 Kva serial No.DC 23500048
- Compressor 1 unit Dive Compressor Elmot type 112MB-2 serial No.00010 10 073895

  - 1 unit Dive Compressor Elmot type 112MB-2 serial No.00016
- 1 unit Nitrox type SC 18FM4 serial No.SC 18FM 03080144 U
- Fuel Filters - Primary filter - Racor
- Secondary filter - Racor
- Pumps 2 unit Sea water pumps for toilet flush (Lakoni-Italy)
- 2 unit Fresh water pumps(Sannyo)
- 3 unit GS pumps
- 1 unit submersible pump for bilge (Nocchi-Italy)
- 1 unit fuel transfer pump.(Taiko-Japan)
- Note

- Kayu Biti
- Vitexcofasus
- Kayu Nyamplung
- Colophyllum Inophylum L
- Iroon Wood
- Eusideroxilon Zwageri

  - Tanks

- Fuel tanks - 4 units @ 5000 ltrs capacity
- Fresh water tank - 1 unit @ 10.000 ltr capacity
- Fuel daily tank - 1 unit @ 1.000 ltr capacity
- Gray tank - 1 unit @ 600 ltr capacity
- Black tank - 1 unit @ 600 ltr capacity
- Navigation Equipments

- Echo sounder & GPS plotter - GP 1650F
- Radar FURUNO (36NM) - F1832
- Standard Compass - Toyo Keiki
- HV Radio - Furuno M 710
- VHF Radio -2 units - Furuno M 304
- Electronic Chart - Maxi (ver 10.02)

- Safety Equipments

- Life Raft (Capacity 20 persons) - 3 unit
- Life Jacket - 35 unit
- Throwing line Apparatus - 1 set
- Pyrotechnics - 2 set
- EPIRB - 1 unit
- Life Ring - 8 unit
- MOB beacon. - 2 unit
- Fire Fighting Equipments

- Fire man out Fit with breathing apparatus. - 1 unit
- CO2 portable (6Kg) - 6 unit
- CO2 portable (4Kg) - 2 unit
- Foam portable (9Kg) - 4 unit
- Bompet (foam automatic applicator) - 7 unit
- Fix Hydrant with hose and nozzle - 2 unit


The MY DAMAI I was built in Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi, by Pak Hadji Baso, the most prestigious builder in the area. The collaboration of traditional skills and experience with the years of experience in the Indonesian liveaboard diving industry has created a remarkable vessel.

The MY DAMAI I has been designed to offer a personal service that only a vessel of this size and that is dedicated to small groups can provide. With an overall length of over 40 meters (130 feet) and a beam of over 8 meters (26 feet) the vessel has 6 staterooms with a choice of single cabins, twin, doubles or two spacious master cabins.

Specifically designed for divers the vessel offers a large dive station with individual rinse tanks and a camera room with separated camera work stations with6 cabins, ranging from 18sq. meters for the single cabin to +40sq. meters for the master cabin, all equiped with either queen or king sized beds, ensuite toilets and showers, integrated 110v and 220v charging station for each customer. The vessel is the first in Indonesia to offer a dive master/guide to customer ratio of 4 to 1 ensuring the best service underwater as well as onboard.

The vessel has been designed with three large deck areas for relaxing either in the sun or shade. Our guests can enjoy the all inclusive service on board where even spa therapy is included in the price of a cruise.

Rates 2016 & 2017

US$ 560

Rates are per person per night, based upon two people sharing a twin or double cabin. Each boat has two double cabins that could be used as SINGLE CABIN for an additional US$175 per night, and two MASTER CABINS that have a supplement of US$50 per person and night.

US$ 6,100 per night

Rates 2016 & 2017

US$ 560

Rates are per person per night, based upon two people sharing a twin or double cabin. Each boat has two double cabins that could be used as SINGLE CABIN for an additional US$175 per night, and two MASTER CABINS that have a supplement of US$50 per person and night.

US$ 6,300 per night

Schedule 2016

Destination Date
Raja Ampat
May 10
Raja Ampat May 23
Raja Ampat June 04
Raja Ampat June 12
Raja Ampat June 28
Cendrawasih July 05
Cendrawasih July 18
Cendrawasih July 27
Komodo July 29
Cendrawasih August 05
Cendrawasih August 14
Cendrawasih August 23
Cendrawasih September 02
Raja Ampat
September 15
Raja Ampat
September 28
Banda Sea
October 13
Banda Sea October 25
Asmat November 09
Komodo November 28
Komodo December 09
Komodo December 20
Komodo December 28

Schedule 2017

Destination Date
January 28
Raja Ampat February 17
Raja Ampat  March 01
Raja Ampat  March 20
Raja Ampat April 02
Banda Sea April 15
Banda Sea - Forgotten Island
Apr 13
Raja Ampat May 26
Raja Ampat June 09
Raja Ampat
June 18
Raja Ampat
 June 26
Cendrawasih Bay
 July 05
Cendrawasih Bay
July 18
Cendrawasih Bay July 27
Cendrawasih Bay August 05
Cendrawasih Bay August 14
Cendrawasih Bay August 25
Cendrawasih Bay Sep 01
Raja Ampat Sep 17
Raja Ampat Sep 30
Raja Ampat October 09
Raja Ampat
October 22
Raja Ampat
November 04
November 17
Alor - Komodo November 28

Schedule 2018

Destination Date
Raja Ampat
January 21
Raja Ampat February 04
Raja Ampat  February 17
Raja Ampat February 19
Raja Ampat February 27
Raja Ampat March 08
Triton Bay
March 21
Triton Bay
Apr 06
Raja Ampat April 22
Raja Ampat
April 30
Raja Ampat
May 10
Raja Ampat May 24
Raja Ampat
June 04
Alor June 24
July 04
Komodo July 27
Raja Ampat
September 12
Raja Ampat
September 21
Raja Ampat
September 30
Raja Ampat
October 08
Triton Bay October 20
Banda Sea - Forgotten Island
November 04
November 17
Alor - Komodo
November 28
December 29

Price Basis :
  • All prices for 2015 onwards are based on sharing a double or twin cabin and are per person per night in US Dollars
  • Master Cabins 5 and 6 carry a USD50 per person per night supplement
  • Single Cabins carry a USD175 per person per night supplement

Inclusions :

  • Return transfers to/from the airport to the vessel or from/to any hotel and the airport the day of embarkation or disembarkation, within a distance of 20km
  • Accommodation with A/C in twin or double bed cabin with en-suite showers and toilet.
  • All meals and drinks while on board (excluding wine and Spirits). One glass of wine per person each night will be complimentary
  • Air Tanks, weight belt and weights.
  • Cruise director
  • Experienced Dive Guides, with a maximum of 4 customers per guide
  • Unlimited daytime diving and night dives (schedule permitting)
  • Government taxes
  • Land tours and group activities organized by Dive Damai
  • First spa treatment of each person on board

Not included :

  • All vessel port and harbour fees: between USD5 and USD25 per day depending on the destination
  • Enriched Air Nitrox: USD10 per diving day
  • Dive/snorkel gear: USD3 per item or USD10 per full set per day
  • National Park/maritime areas entrances fee
  • Dive insurance: compulsory – please contact Damai for short term insurance options
  • Laundry: USD1 per item
  • Spa treatments after the first complimentary one: USD10 per 45 minutes treatment
  • Travel insurance (please see note below): highly recommended
  • Crew gratuities
  • International and domestic air, land, sea transportation, and excess baggage
  • Visa, hotels and food ashore before and after the cruise
  • VIP service at the airport- if available


Special Note regarding Travel Insurance
: Indonesia is situated in the middle of the Ring of Fire and as such is regularly affected by volcanic activity which can impact travel arrangements, domestic and international. Dive Damai cannot be held responsible for a missed departure or disruptions to our schedules due to Force Majeure. Therefore it is HIGHLY recommended that all customers purchase travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance.

 : All reservations must be made with Dive Damai by electronic mail or facsimile transmission. All prices published on the web site or printed in the brochure are cash USD.

: For both, individuals or full boat charter please refer to schedule and rates. Rates are per person and night and are calculated for a currency exchange between 1USD= IDrp 11,500-IDr 14,500. should the exchange rate fall below these parameters, Dive Damai has the right to ask for a compensation and/or will return some money should the rate fall above these circumstances The total of all payments submitted to Dive Damai bank account must be net in the full amount as stated on the invoice. No Bank transfer commission will be assumed by Dive Damai. A 3.5% fee will be applied to all credit card payments. On the vessel we accept all major credit cards. Short notice bookings: Full payment will be required if the booking is made less than 90 days before departure.

 : For individuals: A deposit of 25% per person to be made effective to Dive Damai no later than 10 working days after the date the reservation is made. Dive Damai reserves the right to offer the berths to another client should the deposit not arrive by the stated date. Full payment must be completed 90 days prior to departure. If the payment is not fulfilled, Dive Damai will proceed to cancel the booking according to the cancellation policy stated on this website For single occupancy, please contact the office. Full boat charter: Any schedule can be booked as a full boat charter. Possible changes in the dates or itinerary should be discussed in advance with Dive Damai and a relocation fee may apply 10% of the total must be paid within 10 working days following the booking.This amount is non refundable 40% of the amount due must be paid 180 days prior to departure. This amount is non refundable The total remaining amount has to be paid 91 days prior to departure.

Credit Card Payments
: Credit card payment onboard is usually available, please inform your credit card company that you will be making overseas transactions before you leave home. Credit card payment from overseas, when available, will be processed by our third party provider, Molpay. The online invoice you will receive should clearly show the Dive Damai, or Damai Cruises, logo and upon clicking on the link included on this invoice you will be redirected to the Molpay Secure Server to complete the transaction Rates are quoted and paid in USD. Payments using credit card will be converted to Indonesian Rupiah at that days mid market rate, as quoted on Please note that this may differ from the rate your bank use to buy back into your credit card’s currency Credit card payments will be subject to a 3.5% surcharge.

 : Individuals: Should the reservation be altered 90 days or less before departure, 20% of the total invoice will be applied to cover administration costs Full boat charter: Changes in the number of passengers will only be accepted between 180 and 90 days prior to departure.

: All cancellations made by the Guest/Agent will be done by registered post, facsimile transmission or electronic e-mail. Individuals: The operator reserves the right to charge an alteration or cancellation fee of USD500 per passenger for any cancellation or amendment made 180 prior or more the day of departure. A cancellation fee, of the equivalent to a 15% of the total invoice, will be applied if the cancellation is made between 180 and 91 days prior the date of departure No cancellation or alteration will be accepted 90 days or less from the day of departure Full boat charter: No money will be refunded for any full boat charter bookings.

Changes in Brochure
 : Dive Damai reserves the right to alter the prices printed in the brochure or any price list due to special circumstances. Nevertheless, the invoice of any already confirmed booking will never be altered. Dive Damai will inform all agents and publish the new rates on the web site. The day the booking fee is received will be the starting date of the contract.

Alterations and cancellations made by Dive Damai
 : Dive Damai reserves the right to alter the itinerary or given services due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. Dive Damai will inform the agent and/or client at the earliest possible time of such alterations, as well as any consequent changes to the price.

Dive Damai will make appropriate arrangements where possible to provide clients with a viable alternative. Dive Damai reserves the right to cancel a trip due to unavoidable circumstances and will contact the agent and/or client at the earliest possible convenience. In the unlikely event that a trip should be cancelled by Dive Damai then an alternative date will be offered to the agent or client and where such a date is unacceptable to the agent or client then a refund of the money paid for the trip by the agent or client will be considered  

If circumstances (e.g weather conditions or unforeseen natural phenomena etc) force Dive Damai to alter the itinerary and the quality of the trip is effected, Dive Damai will not be held responsible for the altered itinerary or, if such a case exists, the shortening of the trip.

In the case of Force Majeure (natural disasters, epidemics and unforeseen acts of God etc) or unavoidable acts of man (war, riots etc) Dive Damai reserves the right to cancel the trip and offer an alternative date to the agent and/or client at the earliest possible convenience. Should the agent and/or client be unable to accept the offered date then Dive Damai will not be required to offer an alternative or to refund any monies paid. As stated above, it is recommended that clients take out separate trip cancellation insurance before traveling to Indonesia.

Dive Damai reserves the right to cancel a booking if any unreasonable or unlawful act on the client’s part gives justifiable cause to do so. In such instances, Dive Damai will not refund any payments made by said client.

Dive Damai will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the guests’ personal belongings.

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