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Tanjung Puting

3 Day 2 Night OT3 Shared Orangutan Tour

Sail upstream in one of our Klotoks through the rivers of Borneo. Meet amazing monkeys, birds, crocodiles and the Orangutan!

Tour Code : OT3 - Orangutan Tour and Travel Group

Orangutan Tour, Travel Group

Day 1


Upon arrival in Pangkalan Bun airport you will be picked up by our guide and taken to kumai port by car, National Park Tanjung Puting where you will board the boat. The boat is a wooden river boat and called a Klotok, specialized for tourists. It’s 12m by 2,5m with a roof, which forms the upper deck, from where you can view the natural rainforest. After boating around for 2 hours we stop at the Tanjung Harapan Rehabilitation center for orangutan, here we will experience the Orangutans from up close at around 15:00. Back to the boat and cruise slowly to explore the quite river by the Klotok while we observe the wildlife such as long nose monkeys, long tail macaque’s and birds and maybe even crocodiles along the riverside. Dinner and Overnight you will be on the boat on a comfortable mattress, pillow, meals, bottled “mineral” water and a mosquito net. Kitchen and simple western toilet and shower are available on the boat.

Meals :                    Lunch - Dinner
Accommodation :             
in the Klotok


Day 2


After an early and outstanding breakfast, we will leave to head to Camp Tangguy to look at feeding time of the animals. (9 am) Slowly the branches of the treetops will begin to move and the silhouettes will change into the Orangutans coming to the platform close to you. When the Orangutans are done eating they will leave and you shall return to the Klotok to sail upstream again. You will see the Sekonyer river change its colors and the possibility to see crocodiles and large lizards will increase significantly. Also you will have a chance to see more kinds of monkeys in the trees on the riverbank. When you arrive at Camp Leaky, an old research and rehab center for orangutans since 1971, you will be trekking a bit into the jungle to see more animals in the wild. Around 14:00 you’ll be back for another feeding moment with the Orangutans. After this you will go to a museum, created by Dr. BiruteGildikas. He is the pioneer and founder of the science camp.

May there still be time left, you can visit a small town nearby. In the afternoon the boat will dock near a congregation of fireflies and you can enjoy the spectacle of their luminescence combined with candlelight.

Meals :                      Breakfast – Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation :                in the Klotok


Day 3


In the morning you will be able to enjoy a breakfast and the last sounds of the rain forest before returning back to the airport to fly to your next destination!

Meals :                      Breakfast

Accommodation :      -



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  • Accommodation based on private river Boat (Klotok).
  • Transfer In/Out from and to Pangkalan Bun airport.
  • Transportation over land and river (traditional wooden river boat with toilet).
  • English Speaking guide.
  • 2 day permit from the police , rangers and park national
  • Fees photo camera or video camera
  • Mineral water, Tea, Coffee, Snacks, and Seasonal Fruits for trips on the boat.
  • 2 nights accommodation on board
  • Captain, assistant captain and Cook.
  • Full board Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Meals serve on the boat.
  • All meals : Breakfast , Lunch, Dinner served in Boat
  • A bottle of Steel Water ( For Favour use that filling it with water and also helps us to avoid excess plastic bottle in Indonesia . A very serious problem here.
  • We also get 1 bottle of shampoo 100ML and 100ML Gel another, both products 100% biodegradable and oraganico and incredibly fresh mint scent . That's one of the ways we are putting on our trips to help the environment. The bottles are not of plastic and are perfect to carry even in cab (100 ML) so you can reuse them in all your trips! :)

  • Flight Tickets > we can book your flight ticket, please ask us for details.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Personal expenses , alcohol , gratuities.
  • Failure that is above our control such as Natural Disaster, Flight Cancellation, etc.
  • Boat / Speedboat to achieve the Klotok if your flight arrives later than 11.30am
  • Airport taxes for tickets.
  • Optional night hike: Pay on Arrival 7 euro / person.

What to bring:

  • You won’t need special shoes for the trekking, as the walks are very soft.
  • Sandals (recomendables).
  • Synthetic socks.
  • Long pants (quick drying material).
  • Waterproof sunblock.
  • Sweatshirt.
  • Light T (fast drying material)
  • Long Sleeve (fast drying material)
  • Towel.
  • Mosquito repellent (the best you can get, preferably non-scented)
  • Your own medicines and personal care items .
  • Malaria prophylaxis (recommended).

When you are sleeping in the Klotok the chances to encounter wildlife such as crocodiles and many monkey, ape and bird species is a lot higher. The sound of the forest at dusk will dawn upon you; some of the animals will come to the river for some refreshment but have to be careful not to end up between the jaws of one of the crocodiles. By the time the sun is down all you can notice will be the fireflies and the sounds.

The next morning at dawn the sun will rise and along with it the animals will wake, this is one of the most beautiful moments as there will be a whole concert coming straight out of the jungle. By the way, did you know that in Borneo most of the Orangutans live on the ground? They will only climb into the trees to either eat or rest. Yet on the island of Sumatra, the Orangutans will hardly touch the ground. This is because in the forests of Borneo there are no tigers to be seen and in the jungle of Sumatra there are! In the jungle of Borneo there don’t live any predators that the Orangutans should be afraid of.

The Klotok itself is a large boat, it has enough space for 13 people but we maintain a maximum of 9 to 10. The boat includes mattresses, sheets and pillows. The boat is also equipped with mosquito nets, plastic canvas to lower in case of rain and a small hand bath.

Recommended Flights to arrival:

Jakarta – PangkalanBun:

Trigana Air: IL-708 Out: 09.15 Arrival: 10.20

Surabaya – PangkalanBun:

Trigana Air: IL -704, Out: 06.10 Arrival: 07.10

Semarang – PangkalanBun:

Wings    IW-1806, Out 6.00 Arrival 07.35

KalstarAviation: KD –603  Out 08.30 Arrival: 09.30

If you are also in a hotel in Pangkalanbun , we will need to know the latest hotel the day before 14.00 local time to organizer perfectly transfers.

To enjoy the first platform supply the Klotok leaves the port at 12.00am maximum. If for some motive your flight arrives later (Avion is delayed, or you take a flight in the afternoon) We will handle help you hire a speedboat that will bring you to where this the Klotok then and join the group. ( You will have to pay the price of SpeedBoat destination )
Recommended for return flights:

PangkalanBun – Jakarta:

Trigana: IL-709, Out 07.35 Arrival 08.40

PangkalanBun – Semarang

Kalstar KD-602, 07.00-08.00

PangkalanBun - Surabaya

KalstarAviation: KD-650, Out: 09.55 Arrival: 10.55

It is a carpool , but despite being a group of unknown people, you are all in this boat together for a reason, love for orangutans and other wildlife! Will be certainly a unique experience.

Why book with us , your trip to Borneo:

1. We are a legal company with a team of professionals for every detail of your journey. We will give you the best service before, during and after the trip. With a stable office, telephones and all the details you need to be able to reach us at all times.

2. Our trips are a guaranteed success, you can read reviews about us all over the web. That’s because we take care to make sure that everything runs smoothly within our power. (Nature is nature. This can sometimes cause boring shots, but also some of the best moments ever seen)

3. Our guides are official guides and rated highly by the Association of Guides.In addition to their own courses, each year we provide them with a personal course of the ways we think is best and hand them the new guidelines published each year.

4. Our guides perfectly know all the flora and fauna of Tanjung Putting. Also, are they so used to Spanish speaking people they basically know the Spanish name for almost everything.

5. All our klotok have bathrooms and generators; this way you can stay clean and keep your batteries charged!

6. Extra meals: We do not skimp on food, these meals will be some of the best you will try in Indonesia.

7. We know that our clients travel thousands of miles and spend a lot of money to get to Indonesia. We want our tour to be close to perfection, because you will be the best advertisement a company can get.

8. MOST IMPORTANT: We are lovers of nature and want to offer the best of Tanjung Puting National Park. We are not simply a company for business, we want to share the beauty of what we offer.

9. Last but not least: we maintain a competitive price to reach more people, this means we can share more with the National Park to help Borneo. This is because we need to help the environment to maintain and improve it's health and beauty!

Since 2013 we have been giving away bottles to our guests they can refill to avoid excess plastic being thrown away in to the nature.

In 2014 we have given away over 400 of those bottles and donated 2000 euro to the conservation of the Tanjung Puttin National Park.

In 2015 we continue to improve our support for a better environment, we help the animals living in the forest and the people visiting to see nature on its best. For the trip Come2Indonesia will also give you 2 shampoo and gels to use for cleaning yourself on the klotok, these are 100% natural and biodegradeable, this will not affect the river and nature around you.

Thank you very much, on behalf of Borneo and us, for your help to preserve one of nature’s many beautiful places around the world!

The price is a simple reference please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

Tour Code : OT3 - Orangutan Tour Group, Borneo (3D2N)


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