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Tanjung Puting

Experience Flores and Komodo, coral reefs, prehistoric dragons, volcanoes, lakes, tribes, anismismo and traditions...

Imagine, going back to the Stone Age while in 21st century. A journey that will take you to the center of Irian Jaya on the island of Papua.

Trek along and across the Baliem River, up and down the the Baliem valley's to meet some of the first men livng here!

Not only famous of cuisine "Rendang" but Padang have potential of natural, traditional house, waterfall. Kubu primitive tribe at...

Meet Flores and its amazing coral reefs, prehistoric komodo dragons, active volcanoes, amazing tribes with their wonderful tradtitions and ancient religion.

Nias is famous of its beautiful sea and year-round big waves for surfing, that made the tournament surfers place.
Toraja - Sulawesi is one of popular destination who wanted about culture still intact within modernization, respect to dead body...
Many of these graves in the different mountains. And some are well guarded by life-size wooden statues of the persons buried.
Not only tells about the beauty of famous nature, but Lake Toba have culture that are still exist until now. There are an old way...

As one of the biggest tropical rain forest, the island is also home for hundreds species of flora and fauna. The Dayak...

Various types of graves are located in Cliffside caves, mountain ledges or in special houses reserved for the dead. There...

Baliem Valley and the Dani tribe waited a long time to be discovered. Papua highland belongs to one New Guinea areas.

Tendremos dos días de aventura en las Tierras Toraja. Región de las Tierras Toraja no solamente es conocida por

Symbolized in mythology as the land of heavenly kings, its boat-shaped houses face north in honor of the deities (Tongkonan)
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