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A Guide to the Best Restaurants, Bars, and Beach Clubs in Bali

Savaya A Guide to the Best Restaurants, Bars, and Beach Clubs in Bali Indonesia

Bali’s Best: Canggu, Seminyak, Ubud, Sanur & Uluwatu Highlights


Catch the cool waves and laid-back vibes in Canggu. This bohemian beach paradise is a canvas of street art, trendy cafes, and endless waves. Whether you’re a surfer dude, digital nomad, or just seeking good vibes, Canggu is the place to go. Don’t miss out on our tips on where to go!

Restaurants in Canggu:

  • Crate Café: For breakfast enthusiasts, Crate Café is a hip and trendy spot where the only thing more delightful than their dishes is the price, every food dish for 65k

  • Milk and Madu: A restaurant with a diverse menu, Milk and Madu is a go-to spot for tasty brunches and hearty meals. It’s family-friendly and work-friendly. So, bring your laptop, your grandma, or both.

  • Penny Lane: Offering a mix of comfort food and healthy options, Penny Lane is a beautiful and Instagram worthy restaurant with a chilled-out vibe. They serve high quality food. Tip: Try the gnocchi with burrata.

  • Iwa: Iwa at Hotel Tugu offers a contemporary fine dining experience featuring a culinary journey across the Indonesian Archipelago. Here you can enjoy diverse local specialties presented on a traditional ‘Conglak’ board, a playful nod to a children’s game. Every Thursday night, you can immerse yourself in the charm of live Balinese dancing.
Penny Lane Bali

Bars in Canggu:

  • Old Man’s: A popular surfers’ haunt, Old Man’s is a beachfront bar known for its vibrant atmosphere and live music. You can party here real good while listening to some housy/techno music. They also organize events like a beer pong tournament! Warning: Beer pong skills may skyrocket after a few rounds.

  • Luigi’s Hot Pizza: Quirky and fun, Luigi’s Hot Pizza is not just about pizz. It’s a lively bar with a great selection of drinks and a party-ready ambiance. Every Monday after dinner this place turns into a big party! Check out their socials for more information.

  • Mexicola: Next is Mexicola, where the dance floor is your personal fiesta. Colorful, lively, and with cocktails as vibrant as the decor, it’s the Mexican escape you never knew you needed.

  • Sandbar: Here the party goes on for a long time. With your feet in the sand, this party is on the beach, this is a must visit! Join the crowd after a night at Old Man’s or Mexicola, because if you’re not at Sandbar, did you even go to Bali?

  • The Vault: The vault is a club with a different music genre playing every night, so it offers something for everyone. Why commit to one genre when you can have them all?
Mexicola Semiyak

Beach clubs in Canggu:

  • Finns Beach Club: Overlooking the ocean, Finns Beach Club is a luxury beachfront venue with pools, bars, and a party atmosphere.

  • Atlas Beach Club: A trendy beach club with a stylish design, Atlas Beach Club is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated beachside experience. If you’re looking for a place to see and be seen, with a side of classy vibes, this is your spot.

  • The Lawn: Apart from being a bar, The Lawn also offers a beach club experience with comfortable loungers and stunning sunset views.

  • La Brisa: Combining a beach club setting with a restaurant, La Brisa Bali is a fantastic spot for daytime lounging and evening parties. And on every Sunday there is the la brisa market, which is the cutest.

  • Times Beach: With its beachfront location, Times offers a laid-back atmosphere, great cocktails, and a perfect setting to enjoy the sunset. After a heavy night out you can relax here.
La Brisa A Guide to the Best Restaurants, Bars, and Beach Clubs in Bali Indonesia cafe del mar
La Brisa Bali

Welcome to Bali’s haute couture hub. Seminyak, where beachside luxury and trendy boutiques create a glamorous fusion. This glam playground is all about stylish beach clubs, upscale shopping, and spas. Seminyak’s chic surroundings are definitely worth a visit.

Restaurants in Seminyak:

  • Sardine: Set amid rice fields, Sardine is known for its beautiful setting and a menu featuring fresh seafood and Balinese flavors.

  • Mama San: Here Asian cuisine gets a chic makeover. A chic restaurant with a mix of Asian cuisine, Mama San offers a stylish dining experience in the heart of Seminyak.

  • Kynd Community: For shooting the perfect instagram picture, Kynd Community in Seminyak is a must visit. In this vegan restaurant you have a wide range of food and you can also make your own smoothie bowl!

  • Bambu Restaurant Bali: Offering Indonesian cuisine in a stylish setting. Bambu Restaurant offers authentic local tastes with a side of sophistication. Because sometimes you want your satay in a classy joint.

  • Sarong: A fine-dining establishment with a focus on Asian flavors, Sarong promises a memorable gastronomic journey.
mama san A Guide to the Best Restaurants, Bars, and Beach Clubs in Bali
Mama San Bali

Bars in Seminyak:

  • Red Carpet Champagne Bar: Where the champagne selection is as extensive as your love for bubbles, Red Carpet Champagne Bar is a glamorous spot.

  • Shishi: Ladies listen up, on every Wednesday you can eat and drink cocktails at ShiShi for free! A nice club, where you get good food and after you can enjoy yourself dancing on the dancefloor.

  • The iron fairies: This new bar is really interesting. The iron fairies in Seminyak is a luxurious place and is a magical entertainment destination. Offering unique but beautiful looks from the inside. Read more about the creation of this bar on their socials.

  • La Favela: A quirky bar and restaurant, beautifully decorated. La Favela is a popular choice for those seeking a vibrant and unique atmosphere.

  • Mirror: With different music genres on different nights, mirror is a real cool club to go to! A gothic-themed lounge and club, a night out in a cathedral is not a daily experience.  
La favela A Guide to the Best Restaurants, Bars, and Beach Clubs in Bali
La Favela Bali

Beach clubs in Seminyak:

  • La Plancha: Famous for its colorful bean bags and vibrant atmosphere, La Plancha is colourful, vibrant, and a little bit Spanish, because who said Bali can’t have a touch of España?

  • Mari Beach Club: A stylish beach club with a relaxed vibe. Mari Beach Club is perfect for those seeking a chill seaside experience.

  • Double-Six Rooftop: Providing panoramic views, Double-Six Rooftop is a sophisticated beach club with a trendy rooftop bar.

  • Potato Head: Apart from being a renowned beach club, Potato Head offers a unique architectural setting and a diverse range of dining and drinking options.

  • Ku De Ta: A legendary beachfront destination, Ku De Ta offers a sophisticated atmosphere, great drinks, and breathtaking sunset views. At this bar they also offer other services such as making your own parfume!

Uluwatu’s cliffside setting provides a stunning backdrop for its dining and nightlife. This part of paradise on Bali’s southwestern tip offers jaw-dropping ocean views and beach clubs that know how to throw a party. Uluwatu is a great spot for surfers who like to take it easy. It’s a must-visit if you enjoy the relaxed vibe of the surfing scene.

Restaurants in Uluwatu:

  • Lola’s: Lola’s offers a lot of different types of Mexican food where you can mix and match your taco’s. When you are here with a bigger group, don’t forget to order the margarita bottles. The passionfruit flavour is a must try! Drinks like it’s lemonade. Also if you want to joke around with your friends, mention to the servers that it’s your friends birthday! They will come to you with a ridiculous Mexican hat with a small dessert and a shot!

  • Mana: With a focus on healthy, plant-based cuisine, Mana provides a unique dining experience in a beautiful setting. With a focus on health and sustainability, it’s the place where your body thanks you for making delicious, guilt-free choices. Here you can recover from the bottles of margaritas from the night before at Lola’s!

  • Warung Local: Embracing local flavors, Warung Local is a casual eatery providing a taste of authentic Indonesian cuisine.

  • Ulu Garden: Set in lush surroundings, Ulu Garden is a hidden gem offering delicious dishes and a tranquil ambiance.
Warung Local

Bars in Uluwatu:

  • The Cashew Tree: A laid-back hangout, The Cashew Tree offers live music, a relaxed atmosphere, and a variety of drinks.

  • Hatch: A trendy bar with a modern design, Hatch is known for its lively vibe. You can party, play a game of pool and dance your feet off. On Sundays you can visit the Sunday market here. It has relaxed vibes where you have enough time to check out the entire market and play some games.
Hatch Uluwatu

Beach clubs in Uluwatu:

  • Sundays Beach Club: Nestled in a secluded cove, Sundays Beach Club offers crystal-clear waters, white sand, and a luxurious beach club experience.

  • Ulu Cliffhouse: Combining beach club elements with a cliffside location, Ulu Cliffhouse provides a sophisticated setting for beachside relaxation.

  • Single Fin: A popular spot among surfers, Single Fin offers a laid-back beach club experience with live music and ocean views. On Sunday nights, Single fin attracts a lot of party people.

  • Savaya: With its beautiful and Instagram famous location, Savaya provides a tranquil beach club setting, perfect for those seeking a peaceful escape.

  • El Kabron: Perched on a cliff, El Kabron offers breathtaking views and authentic Spanish cuisine for a memorable dining experience.
Ulu Cliffhouse

Unleash your inner zen in the cultural cocoon of Ubud. Surrounded by lush greenery and ancient temples, this is Bali’s beating cultural heart. Lose yourself in art, yoga, and traditional dance. If meditation isn’t your thing, don’t worry; the local monkeys provide free entertainment as well. Make sure not to skip the following places!

Restaurants in Ubud:

  • Locavore: Renowned for its innovative dishes, Locavore focuses on locally sourced and sustainable ingredients for a unique culinary experience.

  • Clear Café: A health-conscious eatery, Clear Café offers a menu with organic, vegetarian, and with vegan options in a chill setting, a great place to detox without feeling like you’re at a yoga retreat.

  • Merlin’s: Merlin’s offers something different than other restaurants. This restaurant offers a unique experience. Expect it to be a magical night, with magical cocktails. Combining Balinese and international flavors, Merlin’s is a cozy restaurant with a diverse menu and a charming atmosphere.

  • In da Compound: Known for its fusion cuisine, In da Compound offers a mix of Indonesian and Western dishes in a picturesque setting.

  • Soulbites: A plant-based restaurant, Soulbites caters to the growing demand for vegan and vegetarian options in a serene and welcoming environment. This affordable place has a nice open space with lovely staff.
Locavore Ubud

Bars in Ubud:

  • Laughing Buddha Bar: A popular hangout, Laughing Buddha Bar offers a relaxed atmosphere, live music, and a diverse drink menu.

  • CP Lounge: Known for its cozy ambiance and creative cocktails, CP Lounge is a great spot to unwind and socialize. From karaoke nights to dancing until dawn, it’s the spot that makes your Ubud nights unforgettable.

  • No Mas Ubud: With its Mexican-inspired theme, No Mas Ubud offers a lively setting with a variety of drinks and a vibrant crowd.

  • Nomad Restaurant & Bar: A multi-level venue with a rooftop bar, Nomad Restaurant & Bar provides stunning views and a diverse menu of drinks. Perfect spot to unwind.

  • Pilleyar: Pilleyar offers an eclectic atmosphere and a selection of creative cocktails. If you are lucky you will find yourself salsa dancing with some random strangers on Mondays and Thursdays.
CP Lounge Ubud

Beach/pool clubs in Ubud:

  • Omma: Known for its stunning infinity pool looking over the beautiful Tegenungan waterfall and relaxed vibe, Omma is a great spot to enjoy the poolside atmosphere with a drink in hand.

  • Cretya: Nestled amidst nature, Cretya, Alas Harum is a tranquil pool club surrounded by lush greenery, providing a serene escape. Cretya also offers more than just some pools, you can walk through the ricefields, try out the famous Instagram swing and more!

  • Tlaga Singha: A hidden gem with a beautiful pool, Tlaga Singha offers a peaceful setting away from the bustling crowds.

  • Jungle Fish Pool: Set in the heart of the jungle, Jungle Fish Pool provides a unique and refreshing experience with its natural pool and scenic surroundings.

  • Wanna Jungle: Surrounded by the beauty of nature, Wanna Jungle offers a luxurious pool experience with stunning views of the Ubud landscape.
Cretya Alas Harum Ubud

Slide into the easy-breezy charm of Sanur, where calm waters and family-friendly vibes rule the scene. This coastal gem is perfect for lazy beach days, vibrant coral reefs, and an overall laid-back island atmosphere. Sanur offers a big variety in dining, take a look:

Restaurants in Sanur:

  • Massimo: An Italian restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, Massimo is known for its authentic flavors and welcoming ambiance. Pro tip: The line for their ice-cream is worth it, gelato dreams come true.

  • Ari Putri: Ari Putri is a small but really cozy restaurant with affordable food. Live singing, delightful food, and a singer who engages with the crowd. A recipe for a fun family night at Ari Putri.

  • Soul on the Beach: A beachfront restaurant, Soul on the Beach provides a relaxed atmosphere and a menu featuring a mix of international and local dishes.

  • Juicy and Crispy: Known for its tasty burgers and laid-back vibe, Juicy and Crispy is a casual spot for those seeking comfort food. And if you are up for a challenge, at Juicy and Crispy you can order an entire chicken!

  • Three Monkeys Sanur: A stylish and fun restaurant with a diverse menu, Three Monkeys Sanur offers a tranquil setting for a delightful dining experience.
Massimo Sanur

Bars in Sanur:

  • Batu Jimbar Café & Bar: Set in the heart of Sanur, Batu Jimbar Café & Bar is a lively spot with a diverse drink menu and a great social atmosphere.

  • Tree Bar: located within a lush garden for a unique drinking experience. Providing a relaxed setting for enjoying drinks with friends, it’s the spot where nature and nightlife intertwine.

  • Casablanca: A classic bar with a retro vibe, Casablanca offers a nostalgic atmosphere and a variety of cocktails. With a live band om some nights, which makes this place even better.

  • Bamboo Beach Bar: A beachfront bar made of bamboo, Bamboo Beach Bar provides a rustic and laid-back setting for enjoying drinks with a sea breeze in your hair.

  • Lila Pantai: Located at the beach, this cozy bar and restaurant with warm staff, offers great food and drinks. Enough cocktails and drinks to choose from!

Beach clubs in Sanur:

  • Byrdhouse: Offering a chic beach club experience, Byrdhouse provides a stylish setting with loungers, poolside cocktails, and ocean views. Don’t forget to try one of the many good desserts/ tarts they offer!

Now that you’ve read this guide on Bali’s top restaurants, bars and beachclubs you no longer need to doubt about where to go! Bali’s diverse regions offer an array of dining and nightlife experiences, from beachfront parties to romantic cliffside dinners. Whether you’re exploring the hip vibes of Canggu, the lively scenes of Kuta/ Seminyak, the cultural richness of Ubud, the serene atmosphere of Sanur, or the breathtaking views of Uluwatu, Bali has something to satisfy every taste and mood. Dive into the vibrant energy of the island, savoring each unique culinary creation and enjoying the lively rhythms that make Bali a destination like no other.

A Guide to the Best Restaurants, Bars, and Beach Clubs in Bali

Ready to visit Bali and try out all these places? Don’t forget to book your tours with us!


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