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Indonesia Trip Types

Explore Tours In Indonesia By Trip Types
What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

What’s Your Favorite Indonesia Trip Type?

The first part of deciding where you want to go on your trip in Indonesia is to determine your traveling “personality,” that is, how you identify yourself as a traveler, the passion behind your planning, your modus operandi if you will.

To help you identify yourself (and likely travel companions), we’ve pinpointed a few Indonesia Trip Types – one or a few are likely to fit your profile. You can use them to establish an overarching theme for your trip around Indonesia, or to divide up Indonesia into those places that have a place on your route.


Choose The Travel Style That You Would Like To Do In Indonesia!

Here at Come2Indonesia, we like to offer our customers a variety of travel styles, allowing them to find the perfect adventure in Indonesia. Guided group tours remain our speciality, helping passengers to discover exotic locations around Indonesia. Our tours are always accompanied by knowledgeable, passionate, local tour guides and we include lots of authentic experiences along the way.
We organize private trips for couples and friends who want to enjoy the best places in Indonesia that are outside the travel guides and places that only traveling with us are possible to explore. For families, we designed the most convenient holiday packages in Indonesia to kids-friendly destinations.
Come2indonesia organizes hiking to the highest volcanoes in Indonesia and jungle expeditions, to an authentic trip based on Asian luxury of Indonesia. Either you are traveling alone or in large groups for company incentives, we can design a specific itinerary that suits your needs.
Do you live near Indonesia or plan to come soon but have not organized anything yet? Check out our last-minute offers and save some money traveling with us.

Take a look below at some more information about our different travel style, and start planning your next trip to Indonesia!


Still Don’t Know What To Do In Indonesia?

We offer a range of tours in Indonesia of different interests and activities, helping you to find the perfect trip in Indonesia. Our wildlife & nature tour choices include Indonesia’s greatest wealth and biodiversity forests, and offer opportunities to explore more than 50 national and marine parks that Indonesia has. The cultural options showcase the diverse ethnic groups from east to west of Indonesia, which creates the sensation of traveling through different countries. If you are a photographer, our experienced guides know just the right place and time to capture the endemic birds of Sumba, or the tribes in villages of Papua, or the nomadic Bajo tribes. We also have a list of ideas for your next yoga retreat, best diving tours and surfing trips around Indonesia!

Want to combine different interests and activities? Consult our travel experts for a tailor-made option and design your own holiday in Indonesia!