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New Online Tourist Visa for Travel to Indonesia (eVOA) and 30-Day Online Extension + Online Customs Declaration

Do you want to apply for a tourist visa to travel to Indonesia? Do you need to extend your tourist visa? From now on both requests can be made online.

In order to eliminate the inconvenience that visa applications were causing and thus boost tourism in the country, Indonesian immigration authorities announced at the end of January 2023, that from now on, travelers can already apply for tourist visas and make their respective extensions online.

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Online tourist visa to travel to Indonesia (e-VOA Visa)

Before the introduction of this new online service, foreign citizens who wished to obtain a tourist visa to travel to Indonesia, they needed to obtain the VOA tourist visa (visa on arrival), at the same airport of entry to Indonesia. Process that, on many occasions, generated Endless queues of tourists at immigration counters of the main international airports of entry to Indonesia.

Likewise, VOA holders who wished to extend their visa once inside Indonesia had to go in person to the immigration office to request an extension of their stay permit. These procedures generated many headaches for tourists, since they were forced to interrupt their vacations to go to the immigration offices up to two times to obtain the extension of their visa, having to present numerous documentation and making long queues to be attended by immigration agents.

The authorities hope that the new service will boost tourism in the country, since, from now on, tourists can process their visas conveniently online, simply by having a smartphone and an Internet connection.

Online tourist visa application to enter Indonesia (e-VOA Visa)

Foreign citizens who wish to apply for a tourist visa to travel to Indonesia must register on the official immigration website, where they must complete a form and submit all required documents. After paying the visa fee, it will be sent electronically to your email addresses. The website from which the request is made is a government portal run by the General Directorate of Migration Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

Types of online VOA visa to travel to Indonesia: 30 and 60 days

At the moment the official immigration website allows you to process two types of VOA visas online:

30-Day Online VOA Visa

This Indonesia e-VOA tourist visa is a single entry visa that is valid for a 30-day stay in Indonesia for the purpose of tourism, government visit, business meeting, purchase of goods or transit. With the possibility of issuing this visa for another 30 days once inside the country (More information on how to extend your visa online in section 3 of this article).

Payment can be made with a credit or debit card Visa, Mastercard or JCB. That way, tourists can complete their visa applications in one process. The fee for this e-VOA is IDR 500,000. Please note that each debit/credit card payment may incur additional fees in accordance with your bank’s regulations.

60-Day Online VOA Visa

This Indonesia e-VOA tourist visa is a single entry visa that is valid for a maximum stay of 60 days in Indonesia for the purpose of tourism, government visit, business meeting, purchase of goods or transit. Without the possibility of issuing the visa once inside the country.

Payment can be made with a credit or debit card Visa, Mastercard or JCB. That way, tourists can complete their visa applications in one process. The fee of this e-VOA is 1,500,000 IDR. Please note that each debit/credit card payment may incur additional fees in accordance with your bank’s regulations.

Steps to follow to apply for your tourist visa online to travel to Indonesia

Below, we explain all the necessary steps you must take to apply for your tourist visa online to travel to Indonesia.

1) The first thing you have to do is go to the official immigration website and create a user. Hit the Apply tab and the Login page will appear, here click on Register .

Indonesia tourist visa VOA visa online 3 (8)

2) Fill in all the fields of the form by entering your personal data and click on the Submit button.

3) Go to your email inbox and open the email that will have come to you from the application. Tap the Activate tab to activate your account. Then log in to your account using your username and password.

Indonesia tourist visa VOA visa online

4) Go to the Home tab of the main menu and click the Apply button.

Indonesia tourist visa VOA visa online

5) Now complete the visa application form and once you have filled in all the fields correctly, click on the Submit button to continue.

Indonesia tourist visa VOA visa online

6) It’s time to process the payment. Click the Make a Payment tab and enter your credit card details, then click the Pay Now button to complete the payment.

Indonesia tourist visa VOA visa online

7) Complete and verify payment. Once the payment is successful, the e-VOA will be processed. You will receive an email notification once your e-VOA is ready. Then click Download to get your e-VOA visa.

Indonesia tourist visa VOA visa online

8) Congratulations! you already have your tourist visa to enter Indonesia. Please show the electronic or printed copy of the approved e-VOA visa to the officers at the immigration checkpoints upon arrival in Indonesia.

Indonesia tourist visa VOA visa online

List of countries that can apply for the tourist visa online (eVOA Visa) to enter Indonesia

Passport holders from the following countries can apply for the e-VOA tourist visa online to enter Indonesia:

  1. Albania
  2. Andorra
  3. Argentina
  4. Australia
  5. Austria
  6. Bahrain
  7. Belarus
  8. Belgium
  9. Bosnia and herzegovina
  10. Brazil
  11. Brunei Darussalam
  12. Bulgaria
  13. Cambodia
  14. Canada
  15. Chile
  16. China
  17. Colombia
  18. Croatia
  19. Cyprus
  20. Czechia
  21. Denmark
  22. Ecuador
  23. Egypt
  24. England
  25. Estonia
  26. Finland
  27. France
  28. Germany
  29. Guatemala
  30. Greece
  31. Hong Kong
  32. Hungary
  33. Iceland
  34. India
  35. Ireland
  36. Italy
  37. Japan
  38. Jordan
  39. Kuwait
  40. Kenya
  41. Kazakhstan
  42. Laos
  43. Latvia
  44. Liechtenstein
  45. Lithuania
  46. Luxembourg
  47. Macau
  48. Malaysia
  49. Maldives
  50. Malta
  51. Mexico
  52. Monaco
  53. Morocco
  54. Burma
  55. Holland
  56. New Zealand
  57. Norway
  58. Oman
  59. Panama (It was removed from the list on January 9, 2024.)
  60. Palestine
  61. Peru
  62. Philippines
  63. Poland
  64. Portugal
  65. Republic of Korea
  66. Qatar
  67. Romania
  68. Russia
  69. San Marino
  70. Saudi Arabia
  71. Serbia
  72. Seychelles
  73. Singapore
  74. Slovakia
  75. Slovenia
  76. South Africa
  77. Spain
  78. Suriname
  79. Sweden
  80. Switzerland
  81. Taiwan
  82. Thailand
  83. East Timor
  84. Tunisia
  85. Turkey
  86. Ukraine
  87. United Arab Emirates
  88. United Kingdom
  89. United States of America
  90. Uzbekistan
  91. Vatican
  92. Venezuela
  93. Viet Nam

💡 If you are from a country that is not on the list, you can still enter Indonesia, however, you will need to apply for a B211 visa before travelling. From Come2indonesia we can help you process your B211A visa, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you with the whole process.

30-Day Online Extension of VOA Tourist Visa in Indonesia

⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTE: The online extension of the eVOA visa can only be done if you applied for your eVOA visa online before traveling to Indonesia. If, on the other hand, you obtained your VOA visa on arrival at the airport, you must make the extension of your visa at the Immigration offices.

Until recently, VOA holders who wished to extend their visa once inside Indonesia had to go in person to the immigration office to apply for an extension of their stay permit. These procedures generated many headaches for tourists, since they were forced to interrupt their vacations to go to the immigration offices up to two times to obtain the extension of their visa, having to present numerous documentation and making long queues to be attended by immigration agents.

From now on, foreigners in possession of an eVOA tourist visa, will no longer need to go to immigration offices to extend their visas. Tourists traveling to Indonesia can now apply for the extension of their visa online through the same official immigration website from where the eVOA visa is processed online. On the Extend tab of the start menu, they will need to fill out a form and submit all required documents.

Indonesia Tourist Visa Online

After paying the corresponding fee , you will receive confirmation of your visa extension :


This extension can only be processed once you have entered Indonesia with your eVOA visa and will allow you to stay in Indonesia for another 30 days. The extension has a cost of IDR 500,000.

Frequently asked questions about the online tourist visa to enter Indonesia (e-VOA visa)

Below, we answer the most frequently asked questions from travelers, regarding the online tourist visa to enter Indonesia and its online extension. If you have any other questions, write them in the comments section at the end of this article so that we can clear your doubts and add your question to this list.

What is the Indonesian e-VOA Tourist Visa?

The e-VOA is a single entry visa valid for a 30-day stay in Indonesia for the purposes of tourism, government visits, business meetings, purchase of goods or transit at the airport.

Applicants obtain their e-VOA electronically after entering the required information and making payment by credit card (Mastercard, Visa or JCB).

The link to download the e-VOA is provided in the final step, where you will be informed that your application was successfully completed. In addition, you will be emailed the same link to download your e-VOA for entry into Indonesia.

Immigration officers at the airport of entry can check your e-VOA in their system. However, we recommend that you carry your e-VOA either as a digital copy (Tablet PC, smartphone, etc.) or a hard copy in case there is an error in your system.

As with all other visas, the immigration officer at the airports of entry reserves the right to deny access to Indonesia to an e-VOA holder without explanation.

What documents do I need to apply for my tourist visa online to enter Indonesia?

The documents required to apply for the visa online to enter Indonesia are:

a. A full page of personal passport data with at least 6 months validity from the date of your arrival in Indonesia (JPG/JPEG/PNG format with a maximum size of 200 kb)

b. Passport size photograph (JPG/JPEG/PNG format with maximum size of 200 kb)

c. An email address.

d. A valid Mastercard, Visa or JCB credit card in order to make the payment.

What are the advantages of applying for an online tourist visa to enter Indonesia?

The biggest advantage of applying for your VOA visa online before traveling to Indonesia is that you will save time, avoiding the queue where you used to buy the VOA on arrival at the airport of entry to Indonesia. The e-VOA can be easily obtained anywhere with an Internet connection. So, if you already arrive in Indonesia with your electronic visa, you will save time by not having to queue to process the VOA when you arrive at the airport.

Does the issuance of the VOA tourist visa online guarantee my entry into Indonesia?

The issuance of e-VOA does not guarantee entry into Indonesia. E-VOA simply indicates that the person is eligible to apply for entry for a specific purpose. The right of admission rests with the Immigration Officer at the port of entry.

Once I have obtained my VOA tourist visa online for Indonesia, what should I do upon arrival at the airport?

According to Article 22 (1) b Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number 44 of 2015, foreigners wishing to enter Indonesia must have a passport with an expiration date of at least 6 months from the date of arrival. It is also recommended to print the return flight ticket. The immigration officer reserves the right to request your return flight ticket upon entering Indonesia.

What should I do if the information I entered in my VOA online visa application for Indonesia is incorrect?

If you have entered any incorrect data in your application, you will need to make a new e-VOA application. No refunds are made for error payments on the visa application.

According to Article 106 of the Regulation of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Number 44 of 2015, the Immigration Officer at ports of entry reserves the right to refuse entry to Indonesia to a foreigner who provides incorrect information in the visa application.

Is it compulsory to enter Indonesia on the exact date specified in my eVOA online visa application?

No. The validity period of the e-VOA starts from the date specified in your application. You can enter Indonesia on any date within this period.

Do I need to obtain a separate online e-Visa for each of my companions?

Yes. Each traveler must have a separate e-VOA.

My children are included in my passport. Should I apply for a separate visa for them?

Yes. If your children have a passport in their name, you will need to make a separate e-VOA application for them.

Can I get a refund if I finally don’t use my online tourist visa to enter Indonesia?

No. Payments are not refunded for unused e-VOA visas.

Can I get a multi-entry eVOA visa online to Indonesia?

The e-VOA is only valid for a single entry into Indonesia. If you want to obtain a multiple entry visa, visit the official Indonesian immigration website for more detailed information on other visa types for Indoneisa (work visa, student visa, investor visa, etc.).

The information on my online tourist visa to enter Indonesia does not correspond exactly to the information on my passport. Can I enter Indonesia with this eVOA?

No your e-VOA visa is not valid. You will need to obtain another VOA visa online to be able to enter Indonesia.

What happens if I stay in Indonesia more days than my tourist visa allowed?

If you have more time in Indonesia than indicated on your visa, You will have to pay a fine of over stay in the country of IDR 1,000,000 per day. In the worst case, you could also be detained, deported, or banned from traveling to Indonesia in the future for a specific period.

Are card payments secure through the immigration website to obtain the tourist visa online for Indonesia?

Indonesian immigration website maintains a high level of security standards. And they are not responsible for any damage resulting from the security vulnerabilities of every bank, computer or Internet connection.

I have finished processing my online tourist visa application for Indonesia. When will I get my eVOA visa?

Once the entire application process is complete, you can download your e-VOA through the “Application” tab.

If my online tourist visa for Indonesia (eVOA) application is denied, will I be refunded the amount paid?

No. Immigration never reimburses payments for any e-VOA application

How far in advance of my trip do I need to apply for the tourist visa online to enter Indonesia?

You can apply for the e-VOA visa 14 days before your trip. However, we recommend that you apply for the e-VOA visa at least 48 hours before your departure.

I don’t want to apply for my tourist visa online to enter Indonesia. Can I still get the VOA visa on arrival at the airport?

Yes. If you are a citizen of one of the countries listed in paragraph 1 of this article and meet the required criteria, you can obtain a visa upon arrival at the port of entry to Indonesia.

I don’t have a credit card. Is there any other payment method available to pay the visa fees online to enter Indonesia?

You can only pay by credit card (Mastercard, Visa or JCB only). However, keep in mind that the card used does not need to be in your name.

At which airports of entry can the eVOA online tourist visa be used to enter Indonesia?

For now, the e-VOA visa is only available at Soekarno-Hatta Airport (Jakarta) and Ngurah Rai Airport (Bali). If you do not land at these airports of entry, you can apply for another type of visa (Visa on arrival at port of entry, visa at the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate).

How much is the online tourist visa to enter Indonesia (eVOA)?

The eVOA visa fee is 500,000 IDR (about 30 euros or 35 dollars).

How long is the eVOA online visa valid from the moment I receive my visa until I enter Indonesia?

The E-VOA visa is valid for 90 days from the day the application is made. The validity period of your e-VOA is different from the length of your stay.

How long can I stay in Indonesia with the eVOA online tourist visa?

The stay of the e-VOA visa holder is 30 days from the date of arrival. Being able to extend another 30 days once inside Indonesia. (More information in the next point)

I want to stay in Indonesia longer than the online VOA tourist visa allows. What should I do?

If you wish to stay in Indonesia longer than your e-VOA visa allows, you must apply for an extension of the residence permit at the Immigration Office or now you can also do it online through this link to extend VOA visa online.

Please note that an e-VOA visa is granted only for the purposes of tourism, government visits, business meetings, purchases of goods, or transit. For other types of visas, a specific application is required.

Can I apply for a new eVOA tourist visa online from within Indonesia?

It is not allowed to apply for a new e-VOA visa without leaving Indonesia.

Visit the official Indonesian immigration website for more detailed information on applying for a residence permit and other types of visa (work visa, student visa, etc.).

Do I need to get a VOA tourist visa online for Indonesia if I do not leave the international transit area of the airport?

No. You do not need to obtain a visa if you are not leaving the international transit area.

Online Customs Declaration to enter Indonesia

For those tourists who are going to travel to Indonesia, I would suggest the following to expedite your entry. The more paperwork you do in advance, the faster and smoother your entry will be. Airport wifi can be a bit spotty, so always have screenshots, etc.

Now the customs declaration is necessary to fill it out online, they no longer give on the plane the typical pink paper of before. Then, when you arrive at the airports in Indonesia, there are computers so that people can fill out that form online. So, if you have it already filled, you will also save waiting time in the queue destined to carry out that procedure.

Fill in the online customs declaration form through the Electronic Custom Declaration (ECD) website.

Once you have filled out the form, you will receive a QR code that you must scan when passing through the customs department of the airport.

Remember that the Electronic Custom Declaration ECD can only be filled out 3 days (72 hours) before the departure of your international flight to Indonesia.

You can consult all the detailed and updated information regarding requirements to travel to Indonesia in the article on our website:
Coronavirus in Indonesia, information for the traveler

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71 Responses
  1. Dalila

    Hi, I am already in Indonesia under eVOA, however, under the extend tab I have no options to extend the evisa. Do you know what could be happening? Thanks!

    1. Danny

      Hi there, we have encountered the same issue and I have not met anybody that succesfully extended their E-VOA online. Did you manage to fix it? Looking forward to you reply and thank you in advance! Danny.

  2. Eric Gange

    I had a “Payment Failed” come up due to sufficient funds to pay for the Visa Extension. That has now been fixed, but I can not see where to make payment on the Extend page. It asks for payment, but no where to start inputting the credit card payment details. Does the page reset after a certain amount of time?

  3. Mark

    Hello, the extension of the e-visa requires that you get a picture taken at the immigration offices. If you apply online for the e-voa extension, do you still require to go to the Immigration offices to get your picture taken??? Thanks

    1. cometoindonesia

      Hi Mark, if you apply for the e-voa online, then do not need to go to the immigration offices to take the picture for the extension. All the process for the extension can be done online.

  4. Alex Antony

    I have done my e visa but unable to do for my wife or children. Do we need separate email id for each person. My children are minor. How can we take E Visa for them?

    1. cometoindonesia

      Hi Alex, exactly, you need to create a new account (with different email) for each person, even for the children. Safe trip!

  5. Diego

    Hi, I am planning to stay around 45/50 days in Indonesia so I want to apply for the e-VOA and then request an extension (that is cheaper than requesting a 60 day touristic visa). My doubt is about the return ticket, can I enter the country with a return ticket date that is after the first 30 days of the visa without the extension (extension that according your very good article can be requested only once I’m already in the country) ?
    Thanks a lot for your reply!

    1. cometoindonesia

      Hi Diego, to enter Indonesia with the e-voa visa, the date of the return flight must be within the first 30 days of the visa. Have a safe trip!

      1. Ray Willis

        Hi my understanding is a 30 day visa is 500,000 Ind, if the return date is more than 30 but less than 60 days the cost is 1,500,000 and must be completed online now? The issue I am having is understanding what funding details is required and reducing pdf document to 10 mg.

        1. Come2Indonesia

          Hi Ray, in this case you should apply online for 60 Days visa.
          You need a financial proof for funding your stay in Indonesia of at least USD 2000, such as:
          – Personal bank statement showing the last 3 months period
          – Latest salary slip
          – Time deposits
          You can use any website for reduce PDF documents such a: https://www.sodapdf.com/compress-pdf/
          Safe travels!

          1. Kirsty

            Hi! I was searching for info on whether I should apply for the 60-day tourist visa or the 30-day visa because I am going for 35 days. Having read that some people have not been able to extend the visa online, it seems less hassle to apply for the 60-day visa (even though it’s more expensive). If you agree with that, then my question is regarding the financial proof of funds required – is it all of the items you listed (bank statement, salary slip, time deposits)? Or will just one thing like a bank statement suffice? I ask because I’ve just stopped working to take a year off and don’t have any current proof of income from a job. But I do have a sufficient bank statement. Thanks!

          2. Come2Indonesia

            Hello Kirsty, I’m glad to inform you that the immigration website is now functioning much more smoothly compared to a few weeks ago. As a result, extending visas has become less problematic. Regarding the financial proof required for the 60D visa, a bank statement should suffice. Wishing you good luck and safe travels!

  6. Tomas

    I’m trying to extend my visa. I got to the payment part and for some reason it didn’t get through so now I’m waiting for them to let me try again. However, at no point in the process did they ask me for my return flight, which is now different to the one I showed the immigration officer so I wonder if the extension will be approved or not…

    1. cometoindonesia

      Hi Tomas, Unfortunately, sometimes the official government website is giving many problems to carry out the extensions online. Good luck!

  7. Martin

    Am trying to apply for an eVOA – all the details are in the system but never get option to pay.
    When looking at the application you then see “waiting for payment” but of course without being able to actually set up payment, the application expires.

    1. Silvan

      Could it be that you cannot extend the 60days visa before the last 30days? Or something in this direction?
      Also my extend tab is empty (in indonesia since 10 days

      1. Come2Indonesia

        Hi Silvan, the 60 days VOA visa is not possible to extend. Only the 30 days VOA visa can be extended another 30 days, and the extension should be made before the first 30 days. Thanks

  8. Frances

    Hi Norberto,

    I don’t understand the answer to Diego. He wants to apply for an extension of the E-VOA because he will be staying in Indonesia for a longer period of time. Logically, his return flight will not fall in the first 30 days, but on a later date. That is why he wants to apply for an extension (which is possible, isn’t it?). Otherwise, what’s the point of an extension?
    I will soon be going to Indonesia for 31 days and also need to apply for an extension for 1 extra day. My return ticket therefore falls outside the first 30 days. Can you answer this?

    1. cometoindonesia

      Hi Frances. It doesn’t really make much sense, but that’s how it works. What people usually do is make a ¨flight reservation¨ within 30 days just to show proof and then cancel that reservation. Have a good trip!

  9. Aukje

    Hi, I have the same issue as Dalila. When I login my “Extend” page says there is no data available. I am currently 1,5 weeks in Indonesia with the E-VOA. When will the option become available to extend?

    1. cometoindonesia

      Hi Aukje, Unfortunately, sometimes the official government website is giving many problems to carry out the extensions online. If you cannot do the extension online, you will have to do it in an immigration office or ask for help to a visa agent. Good luck!

      1. Heather

        I am coming to Bali in May for my son’s wedding. I am staying for 57 days and am wondering what visa to get. Can do a E visa for 30 days and hope the extend button works or apply for a 60 day visa, even though more expensive, not worry about renewing. There’s a lot more documentation for 60days, how do I prove my finances, am a bit worried uploading a bank statement onto the internet. Also don’t think my passport photo meets the requirements, so am I able to take my own photo. Can you apply for a 60day visa in Bali. Thank you for any advice you can give me, am finding all this confusing.

        1. Come2Indonesia

          Hi Heather,

          Please note that the 60-day visa option is exclusively available online. If you prefer not to submit all the required documentation online for the 60-day visa, you can opt for the 30-day visa instead. Upon your arrival in Indonesia, I recommend initiating the extension process promptly to allow for ample time in case of any issues with the official website. Wishing you safe and pleasant travels!

  10. Jeronimo

    Hi. I just arrive to Indonesia with my EVOA for 30 days. I want to extend today, so the “next 30 days” will start to count from the day I apply or from the day my original visa finish?


    1. cometoindonesia

      Hi Jeronimo, the extension will start count from the day that your originally visa expired. Good luck!

    1. Come2Indonesia

      Hi Ada, once the VOA is issued you have 60 days max to enter to the country. You can apply even the day before to enter to Indonesia but is recommended to apply at least 2 weeks before the trip. Safe travels.

  11. Claire

    Hi – this linked page re: advance visas does not work – I’ve tried multiple different devices, browsers and photos (and yes I have read the instructions very carefully and ensured my photos meet every requirement) but it always returns an “error” message upon clicking “submit”. This has been the case for the past week. Is the website currently down or is it usually faulty?

    I’m running out of time to get the e-visa processed before arriving in Indonesia next week, and I need the 60-day one which is only available in advance.

    Any tips/ideas please let me know! Eg is there any agent who will be able to complete the form if I cannot? Is there a helpdesk? Are website issues usually fixed within X days? Thank you

    1. Come2Indonesia

      Hi Claire, I’m not sure what could be the problem. But if in the end you cannot process the visa through the web, the last option is to process the 30-day VOA upon arrival at the airport and then extend another 30 days within the country. Greetings

  12. Maxi

    I want to extend my visa (30 days) for Indonsia. However, there is no “Extend button” on the website molina.imigrasi.go.id. There’s only a button for home, information and contact us. Where do I have to click to request the extension??

    Best regards

    1. Come2Indonesia

      Hello Maxi, first you have to log-in / sign-in into your account. If you applied for a eVOA through the website, you already must have an account, once you log-in, you will see the label EXTEND in the main menu. Best regards.

      1. Maxi

        Thank you very much for your quick response! I already expected the worst and thought I would have to go to the Immigration Office! Can you also tell me when the visa can be extended (how many days before the visa expires)?

        Thank you in advance and many greetings, Maxi

        1. Come2Indonesia

          Hi Maxi, you can extend your visa once you have entered Indonesia. It may take several days for your application to appear on the EXTEND page. You can make the extension until the last day your visa expires, but I recommend doing it as soon as possible, since the web sometimes does not work correctly and the process can be delayed. Good luck.

          1. ask3538

            Some people faced problem with the EXTEND page. They have been more than 2 weeks in the country but the visa information still not in the EXTEND page. Looks like the system is bit glitchy.

          2. Come2Indonesia

            Yes, many people are having this problem. In these cases, you should send an email to the contact address provided on the website so they can solve the issue, and the visa will appear in the EXTEND tab.

  13. patricia

    Hey! Thank you for the article ! Is the extend page issue solved yet ? Do I have to already be in Indonesia to ask for extension of VOA once applied for the VOA / How long does it take to get the VOA online ? Is it immediate ? And last but not least Lombok airport website chat officer says that yes you can enter Lombok International Airport with e-VOA whereas its not on their list

  14. patricia

    Also to apply to a voa I must provide the outbound is it ok to provide a outbound flight that is 58 days from date of arrival : knowing that I will apply for extension or do I have to provide one that is 29 days after arrival ?

    1. Come2Indonesia

      Hi Patricia, if you are planning to stay in Indonesia 58 days, the best option for you is apply online for the 60 Days e-VOA, so you don’t have to worry about to make the extension. Safe travels!

      1. Bryan

        The 60D e-VOA is much more expensive (IDR 1.5mil) and requires much more documentation e.g. financial proof and photo according to the official site. So wouldn’t going through extending a 30D e-VOA be simpler here and also cheaper as I believe extension is only IDR 500,000.

  15. Flavia

    Thank you for the article. Very thorough.

    We are trying to extend the visa.

    We have scanned the QR code on the visa for extension, followed the steps, made the payment, received an email of payment confirmation, but no sign of the visa extension yet. When we check the platform, the extend button is active and we are not sure what to do at this point. Just wait more or the visa extension should have already arrived 3 days after the request? I also wrote an email to the contact on their page.

    I can’t log in to the molina.imigrasi platform because they say the email address is not in the system, but when I try to make an account, the platform says my email is already in the system. So no way to log in, but I can still access the visa page through the email I received when I originally purchased the visa, before coming to Bali.

    Thank you so much for the valuable information and your time to read the comment.

    1. Come2Indonesia

      Hi Flavia, if you got the email with the payment confirmation means that it is already in their system, so no panic. Just keep trying contact with them by email to fix your web profile to be able to download the visa extension. Cheers!

      1. Flavia

        In the end, it worked. There were some issues with the platform for a few days. They also answered the email and I could retrieve the extension from the site. Thank you for answering!

  16. Nicole

    If I am planning to get an e visa and then an e visa extension (60 days total) will my return ticket still be ok if it is after the first 30 days?

  17. Paul

    Hi All, great informative site.
    I have a question that hasnt came up yet so hoping this would clarify things for people in same situation.

    I am currently in Bali with an online 30 day tourist visa. 7 days left till end of 30 days. I could extend but i want to come back for 60 days
    I have flights booked at the end of 30 days where ill be going to Singapore for 3 days.
    I want to come back to bali on the 60 day tourist visa.

    However, am hesitant to apply online as it says you can only have 1 visa at one time, so if i try and book the 60 days now whilst im still here maybe they will reject it and i loose my money as i already have the 30 day VOA visa active.

    Do I wait till i get to Singapore than apply then, but then this could take longer than my return flight back to bali eg 3 days then im stuck without a 60 day visa?

    Its not clear how to do what i am trying to achieve so any help will be grateful, thx

    BTW, the online application all works fine for me and it is good progress with visa application recommend everyone try it.

    1. Come2Indonesia

      Hi Pau, appreciate your inquiry. Unfortunately, you cannot apply for a new visa while staying within the country. It’s necessary to wait until you exit and then apply. I would recommend submitting your application upon your arrival in Singapore. If your stay in Singapore covers three working days, you should be able to obtain your visa before returning to Bali. However, if the timeframe is tight, you might want to consider obtaining a 30-day visa on arrival at the airport. There aren’t many other viable options. Safe travels!

  18. Fe

    Hi, I have problem to extend my 30 days e-visa online, I was not able to login as it always come back say “your account is not activated “.
    Can I register another account to extend the visa ?

    1. Come2Indonesia

      Hi Fe, if you encounter issues while extending your e-visa, I recommend reaching out via email to the following address: [email protected]
      Explain your situation, as they are typically prompt in responding to and resolving such issues. Best of luck!

  19. Fe

    Hi, I got a 30 e-visa without activated my account. Now I can not login into my account to extend it.
    I did register a new account with different email, but the visa data is not there.
    If I have to go to the immigration office to extend ,can it be done in 1 day or have to take 3 trips like normal procedure ?

  20. Danny

    Hello, I have. B213 e-VOA and extended for 30 days a week ago. I have the payment confirmation emails and a download of the PDF extension permit, as pictured in your detailed description above.

    However, whenever I log in to the molina.immigrasi portal I cannot see the extended permit in my account, which is making me a little nervous. Should I be able to see the extension permit in the account and download it?

    My 30 day visa expired today so the extension should be valid from today.

    Any help appreciated.

  21. Mariia

    Hi! I applied for e-visa extension online, and received a confirmation of the payment, but haven’t received confirmation of the extension. information in my account wasn’t updates either.
    how much time does it usually tale to process?

    1. Come2Indonesia

      Hi Mariia, check the status of the extension again in your account, if still not update yet, you always can send an email to the following address: [email protected]
      Explain your situation, as they are typically prompt in responding to and resolving such issues. Best of luck!

  22. Natasa Kocic

    I have to extend Indonesian visa before 30 days expire.
    I am on Nusa Penida. What can I do?
    Thank you
    My contact What’s up

    1. Come2Indonesia

      Hi Natasa,

      If you initially applied for the eVOA online, extending it is a breeze through the official website: https://molina.imigrasi.go.id/. Simply follow the online process for a hassle-free extension.

      However, if you obtained your VOA upon arrival at the airport, the extension process involves a visit to an immigration office. To make this smoother, I recommend enlisting the help of a visa agent.

      Best of luck with your extension, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

  23. Danielle

    Hi there! We are looking to apply for the B211A visa online (2 adults, 2 children from the UK). Am i correct in thinking that you no longer need a sponsor for this visa, and the extension?

    the online application also asks for a bank statment for our children, as they do not have bank accounts how do i submit their application online?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  24. Marj


    I wanted extend help and share my experience to those who’s in doubt.

    Like some of you, I entered Indonesia with eVOA (single entry) which we all know it’s valid for 30days. Last week, I tried to read online and search the web. I’ve seen some comments where they’ve tried to use the EXTEND button in https://molina.imigrasi.go.id/. Same to me, IT IS NOT WORKING. I tried to email their Contact but haven’t received any response yet a different agent emailed me. (no wonder how that agent know that I’m trying to extend my visa 😛 )

    The default solution is to go to the nearest immigration office in the home/hotel address you’re staying longer. So this is what I did. 😉

    I went to the immigration sometime bet 9-0:15am. The processing is smooth.

    #1. Go to the Foreign Service counter. Mention your intent why you’re there. They ask for my passport, return ticket, photocopy of eVOA sticker (in my passport) and a photocopy of my passport. So this is just ‘ASSESSMENT’. Then the staff provided me 2 papers. Application Form and the letter form (saying your intent why you’re extending)

    NOTE: Please bring BLACK PEN

    After I filled up the form, the staff gave me a number and instruct me to go upstairs.

    They have different services offered that is why the area is not crowded. eVOA has a separate counter/floor.

    #2. My number is called by an immigration officer. He then read my form and ask questions (about the places I’ve mentioned in the form). So be aware, make sure you know something about the place. This is like mini assessment (again) and interview. The officer already mentioned the extended date and he wrote it in my application form.

    NOTE: The officer also ask me for my digital eVOA. So dumb I forgot to print it. But he asked me to send it to the WhatsApp number then he printed it 🙂

    #3. PAYMENT. After the assessment and mini interview, the officer ask me to go to the bank (BRI) to pay for the fee IDR 500,000. The bank is located in the ground floor. Please do note, they only accept cash and any local Indonesian Debit card/atm.

    After the payment, I went back to the officer as he instructed. My number is no bearing already. He just ask me to come back to him and present the receipt. He is very kind and approachable.

    #4. After validating my payment, he input something in the computer. Then he give me (NEW) number. He said that is for the Photo. ANDDDDD he also said that I can get my passport the next day, between 1-3pm in the COLLECTION COUNTER. I didn’t expect processing is fast.

    #5. BIOMETRICS. My number is then called. Another officer in charge interviewed me. Like just trying to start a conversation. They’re very pleasant to talk to. She did took my photo and thumbprint and signature.

    ALL THESE HAPPEN in just under 1hr. I’m happy with smooth processing.

    —the next day–
    I directly went to the Collection Counter with the payment proof I have from yesterday. The lady said, I need to get number first. LOL. Too excited.

    I get the queue number to the Foreign Service counter I went yesterday (the #1). Then go back again to the Collection Counter. In under a minute… I was able to get my passport. 😉

    NOTE: Candi Borobudur assembly area has eVOA counter where you can apply to extend your eVOA. Unfortunately, I don’t have my passport when I visited Borobudur.

  25. Jakub

    Hi! I’m going to spend 37 days in Indonesia. I thought to apply for a 30 day e-visa on arrival and later to extend it for another 30 days (60 day visa costs 1,500,000 IDR while 30 day e-visa plus its extension cost 1,000,000 IDR in total). I’ll be flying from Singapore to Jayapura via Jakarta (however in Jakarta I’ll be in a transit area only). Is it possible to apply for the 30 day e-visa on arrival if my airport of arrival is Jayapura or I should apply for the 60 day visa?

  26. Kathleen Archibald

    Regarding the online visa extention, when I put in my passport info it says that the info cannot be found.
    Currently it is over 14 days before my visa expiration, would this be a reason behind this message? I have triple checked the information that I have provided and it is all correct.

  27. Oli


    We just applied for the tourist visa (60 days) online. Do you know if we can enter the country with this visa at any border or just via airport in Jakarta/Bali? We actually want to cross the border between Tawau (Malaysia) and Tarakan by ferry and hope it is possible.

    Many thanks!

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