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Surfing in Indonesia: a surfing paradise

Surfing in Indonesia the best spots: Indonesia is one of the best surfing destinations in the world, so those who love this sport have to come at least once in their life. The climate and water temperature are excellent, so you can surf in Indonesia all year round.

The best islands and waves for surfing in Indonesia

The best time to surf in Indonesia is undoubtedly when the rainy season ends, from late April to October. Indonesia has more than 17 thousand islands. The best islands for surfing in Indonesia are Bali, Java, Lombok, Sumatra, Sumbawa, Sumba and the Nusa but it should certainly be noted that the best island in Indonesia for surfing is Mentawai. Here there are many spots for both experienced surfers and beginners, its waves break on coral and with its crystal clear waters make it a paradise like no other.

Surfing in Mentawai

Off the western coast of Sumatra in northern Indonesia we find Las Mentawai made up of a group of about 70 islands, the best surfing destination in Indonesia. Well known place to be the scene of many movies amazing photos of magazines etc. For having endless tubes, perfect waves, crystal clear waters, secluded beaches with palm trees and white sand make it a unique place. The best season to surf Mentawai is in the dry season that is between April to October but also in the other months you will enjoy good waves, smaller but equally incredible.


E-Bay is a wave that when the conditions of the currents and winds are right comes out a left of unparalleled beauty, so it is the favorite place of many photographers for the quality of its waves and water since spectacular photos come out

4 Bobs

4 Bobs is one of the best waves of Mentawai to practice and get rid of the nerves of being in Mentawai surfing, it is a right with a tube section and after that section a good wall to give the most radical turns.

The Hole

The hole is a wave that is at the southern tip of Mentawai. Being not as accessible as the others is not as crowded and you can enjoy a good surf without so many people. It is a left with great strength and not suitable for beginners, an advanced level of surfing is required since it is a tubed wave with great strength.


Greenbush is a wave located south of Mentawai of the best waves in the southern Mentawai Islands. It is a wave for very experienced people since it is a very powerful left wave, difficult and with little depth but with magnificent tubes that any surfer could dream of.


Bankvaults is a wave that is close to E-Bay, it is not for beginners, it is already a wave for people with an advanced level of surfing. It is a very powerful right-wing wave with great strength and a large opening, ideal for those people who like the feeling of getting into a wave of such magnitude.

Surfing in Bali

Bali is the best known island in all of Indonesia, this island is the most visited therefore it has many infrastructures in it. And it is the best known destination for surfing in Indonesia since there are countless spots where you can learn to surf and others for the most experienced, it should be noted that the best time to come to surf in Bali is from April to October, although the rest of the remaining months you can also surf but with less wave quality. It is undoubtedly the main destination for surfing.


It is the most famous destination in all of Bali since it is the consistency of waves in dry season is perfect, apart from you have in the same spot several types of left peaks with very different waves, it is undoubtedly the desired destination for all surf lovers. The best time to surf this wave is from April to October, although in the rainy season the best days are still a perfect wave


One of the most beloved places in Bali, a good place to learn to catch waves and also a good place for surfers with level since it offers both types of waves, without a doubt many people choose this destination since it is complete both in waves and is level of infrastructure. The beaches of Canggu are: Berawa, Nelayan, Batu Bolong, Echo and Perenan, They certainly have a choice. The best months to surf in Canggu are from May to October.


If you have never caught waves and would like to learn in one of the best places to learn to surf without being afraid of hitting a rock etc … This is your place, kuta beach stretches about 2Km and has many surfing spots in this, even for the most experienced. The best time to come to kuta is from May to October.


Medewi is one of the softest lefts in Bali, but it rewards it with a wave with length where you can surf and have a great time, it is a very popular place for longboarders, it is undoubtedly a spot that you should visit since in this you can improve a lot for its wave so manageable, the best time to surf Medewi is from May to October.


Without a doubt we could not leave this incredible spot without naming, since it is one of the best waves in Bali, the days of greatest force of the tide this wave can leave from Uluwatu and forms one of the best barrels in all of Indonesia, this is a wave for experienced surfers as it is very dangerous and very difficult to handle. The best month to surf Padang Padang is from May to October.

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Surfing in Java

Java is the main island of the Indonesian archipelago, where the entire population of the country is located and are divided into 3 zones, west Java, central Java and east Java. There are many places where you can surf on this island especially along the south coast of it and waves and conditions that adapt to all types of surfers. Due to the little knowledge of surfing on this island and the difficult access to some spots it is a good destination to go since it is not as crowded as other surfing destinations in Indonesia. As in the rest of surf places in Indonesia the best time to surf these are in the dry season from April to October although you can also find some beaches where surfing is the wet season.


This wave is for many goofys ¡The best waves you can surf in the world! It’s a wave with a Coral breaker with a perfect tube And the best of all is that it is a Very long wave, is a spot that you can not miss when visiting the island of Java. Not suitable for inexperienced surfers.


This wave is undoubtedly another wave that you can not miss and more if you are regular, it is an extremely fighting wave. It is a wave for very experienced people because as soon as you paddle the wave erodes and then closes quickly.


This wave is a wonder for this planet, it has a fairly long reef and with different sections that come out with different weather conditions. It is similar to Uluwatu, but with more background and better waves, you certainly can not miss surfing in this magnificent spot.

Launching Pads

Are you ready to catch big waves? If you do not hesitate to come and surf this spot, take your board for big waves and row this amazing wave that will leave you speechless. Obviously only recommended people with a very high level of surfing.

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Surfing in Lombok

Located in the middle of Bali and Sumbawa, Lombok has long been unknown and has not been as well known as its neighboring island Bali but there are many differences between them. If you want to surf in a quieter and not as crowded place as Bali this is your place. Apart from this it has some of the most powerful waves of surfing in Indonesia and waves of charm. As we mentioned before, the best time to visit this area is from April to October but you can find waves with all kinds of conditions on this island.


The Mawi wave is one of the best known in Lombok, and one of the best destinations for surfing in the dry season (May-October). It is a spot for medium-advanced level but if the waves are small it is also ideal for a lower level. It has both left and right section, you certainly can’t miss coming to surf in Mawi.

Are Guling Beach

This is a spot that has both left and right waves, but they are different from each other, to surf this spot is better in the rainy season. The wave that opens from the right is very good both with small waves as well as large waves and when it comes out better it is as low/medium tide, and the one that opens from the left works with a medium/high sea force and is a fast and hollow wave.

Desert Point

Who has not heard of this magnificent spot? , you could say that it is one of the best waves on this planet, the dream of many surfers is to surf it or simply see it, it is a challenging and very scary wave, only the bravest and most experienced are able to surf it.

Ekas Inside

This is a spot for beginners and advanced, since they have waves suitable for learning and where everyone can enjoy a good day of surfing with the family, if you are looking for adrenaline, this is not your spot. But to relax and let go on this island, it’s great!

If you want to know more about Lombok visit our tour. Tour in Lombok

Surfing in Sumatra

Sumatra is located northwest of Java and south of Malaysia is the largest island in all of Indonesia and the sixth largest island in the world. Sumatra is divided into two regions, South Sumatra and North Sumatra but the best known is the area of West Sumatra the western side of central Sumatra point where you can access nearby destinations such as Mentawai and Nias. It is a fairly unexplored destination with world-class waves and perfect tubes that are waiting for you, it is undoubtedly a mandatory stop for any surfer who wants to escape from so much hustle and bustle in the water, it is undoubtedly a top surfing destination in Indonesia.

Pantai Panjang Bangkulu

This spot is suitable for beginners since it is not a wave with much difficulty, both right and left and its surface is sandy, so you can surf quietly without thinking about the coral below. You can surf all year round and the best time is when it is at half tide.

Jennys Right

This is a spot for people with an advanced level since it is not a simple wave and has a coral background. It is a long wave so it offers several sections within it with a good tube and good wall.

Karnang Nyimbor

In this spot even if it is coral is a wave where you will be able to enjoy its length since you can travel in the wave about 150 meters. A left that opens and lets you recreate and have fun in it is not in many places so it is a good option.

Pantai Purus

For many this is the best spot in Padang, being a beach with a sandy bottom and waves that open both left and right recommended from medium level onwards since the beach has some currents and waves not suitable for beginners.

Sumatra is an incredible island both for surfing and its culture, so you can not miss visiting its wonderful landscapes and beaches, if you want to know more visit our tour. Tour in Sumatra

Surfing in Sumbawa

It is located west of Lombok, they differ between two halves, but without a doubt where there are better waves is in West Sumbawa, here you can find dream waves with magnificent and impressive tubes. This is not an island as explored as the others we have mentioned before, so it is an idyllic destination to go to practice this exciting sport. As it should be noted the best time to visit this island is from April to October is when the magnificent waves of this place come out every day like all surfing in Indonesia although you can also find waves in the wet season.

Lakey Peak

No doubt this Preferred spot of all who visit Sumbawa, its waves open both right and left, different from the other waves of Sumbawa this wave is suitable for other levels so having waves for all levels is the favorite spot of all who visit this place.

Scar Reef

Another of the favorite spots in Sumbawa already requires a medium / high level since it is a wave that has a thick wall that closes and forms an incredible powerful tube. For this wave to be perfect, it takes a considerable size and strength that is why it makes it so special as well as dangerous.

Super Suck

In this spot in which it is only suitable for experienced surfers with a good level, you will find a thick big beast that offers a long but shallow barrel. It is not a wave that comes out very often because it needs strength and that the waves are big, it is certainly an exciting wave as well as terrifying.


The wave of Yoyos or also known as The Hook is an easier wave than her other friends Super Suck and Scar Reef. This Spot has two different peaks one known as the wedge with a short but quite hollow wall and the other called the hook that is in the center and breaks right and can be very fun.

Surfing in Las Nusa

We will put in this case those of Nusa Lembongan since it is where there are quality waves and more spots. Nusa Lembongan is located 20km from the east coast of Bali and one hour from the port of Sanur. It is a small and very cozy island where about 4 thousand people live. By having fewer visitors than Bali you can enjoy its crystal clear waters and its wonderful waves without so many people around. As we had said, the best time to visit this island is from April to October.


This wave is one of the easiest waves of this since being protected by the bay does not receive so much wind or waves. The wave is formed in the center and offers a left with several sections where you can make some good carving and improve your skills, and then the right is somewhat more explosive but then it will be easy to surf it.


It is a wave that opens a large right barrier while breaking on its sharp and shallow bottom, so it is not an easy wave for all audiences, nor is it a long wave but short but the magic of this wave is its descent and the speed to get into its wonderful barrel.


This spot is quite peculiar is a left break, but if the tide is empty it forms a quick and difficult tube for experienced surfers, but when the tide is full it forms a long and fun wall where you can enjoy the wave. And also this wave holds size so it is a good wave to surf.


In this spot you will see a great right wave with difficult descent and difficult maneuverability to access its barrel section, since it is a fast wave and a bit complex, but without a doubt experienced surfers enjoy this wave. Without a doubt one of the spots you should visit.

If apart from surfing on this incredible island you want to visit it thoroughly and visit its neighbors Penida and Ceningan, you can not miss these tours. Tour in the Nusa.

Surf in Sumba

Sumba Island It is located near its neighbor Sumbawa, it is twice the size of Bali, but it does not have as many infrastructures as Bali since it is not so well known, in fact it is not so easy to move around the island so it makes it have a special charm for those lovers of the waves who want to enjoy them without anyone else. It is divided into East Sumba and West Sumba, as you know the best time to surf this wonderful island with incredible and solitary spots is from April to October although you can surf also in the remaining months, you certainly can not miss this magnificent island.

Surf trips to Indonesia, Bali, Mentawai

Occys Left

Or also known as nihis left is a left wave that you can surf with both medium or large small waves, but it is a wave that you can only catch if you are staying at the hotel hence its great fame apart from being also known as the wave of god for being so perfect.

Millers Right

This spot as its name suggests, is very fun because when surfing it you will see that it lets you maneuver and have fun in it, although also if you want and have the level let the wave break on you and surf its incredible barrel.

But Left

In this spot you can find a right and a left, but it should be noted that the right comes out only when the waves are very large and is very dangerous because it breaks the wave in front of some stones, the left is not an easy wave because it is quite hollow and closes fast, it is recommended to catch it with half tide since with low sea it is very shallow.


This spot I have included to this list since it is a wave that usually comes out in the season from November to December season that is not waves in Indonesia, it is a wave that has a large barrel where you can dive but be careful you will see some rocks in between so before you have to look where you are going to surf.

Remember that you can also write to [email protected] if you need help planning your trip to Bali.

Enjoy your surf trip in Indonesia!


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