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PEDULI LINDUNGI: How to download, install and register in the Health APP to travel to/through Indonesia

PeduliLindungi, a smartphone app made up of two Indonesian words, Peduli which means to care, and Lindungi which means to protect, is created by the Indonesian Government specifically for COVID-19 pandemic. The application was initially used to control and track positive COVID cases but it developed over time to become an important and must-have application for Indonesians as well as foreigners in the country, especially in terms of traveling. By keeping the app active on the smartphone and using the scanning feature, it is able to track which flight you take, which establishments you visit, and more. In addition, it can your COVID-19 vaccination certificate as well as any COVID-19 test results you take either using RT-PCR method or rapid antigen test.

Steps to follow to use the new mobile application needed to travel to/through Indonesia

Within PeduliLindungi, there is a special feature called eHAC, short for electronic-Health Alert Card. It is used specifically to create a QR code that you must do before taking flights, whether they are international to/from Indonesia or between regions within Indonesia. Below we will explain how to register to fly to Indonesia with EHAC.

Download the PeduliLindungi app

From the App Store on Iphone or Play Store on Android phones, you will need to download the application called PeduliLindungi


App permissions

When you open the app, the first thing that will come out is the request for permission to use the location. You must allow it for the proper functioning of the application.


App notifications

When you open the app for the first time, you will see a prompt asking for permission to use your location. You must allow it so the app can work properly. There will be another prompt that asks your permission to allow the app to send notifications. You are free to choose.


About the app

In the next screen, you will see information regarding the purpose of the app. The first page mentions that it helps the government in monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and therefore control it. Tap on the Next button to continue.

On this page, it mentions that you can see COVID-19 spread zones including their severity, and the app will notify you when you are within a zone with high case of COVID-19. Helping the Government to detect Covid19 cases and therefore control it.


On this page, it mentions that you can see COVID-19 spread zones including their severity, and the app will notify you when you are within a zone with high case of COVID-19.


On this page, it mentions that through the app, you are able to make appointments with healthcare practitioners for virtual consultations, as well as register for vaccination.

Risk zone notification

On this page, it mentions that the app requires camera and storage access in order to scan QR codes and to save your vaccination certification in the phone.

Mulai/Get Started > > Starts

Here you will need to make sure that it is in English. Otherwise, press the button at the top right to change the language to English.

By pressing the “language” button, you can choose the English language. Then press the Close button.

Saya Setuju/I Agree > I agree. A prompt will show up to ask your agreement to terms & conditions of using the app and its privacy policy. Check the tick box, and tap on “I Agree” to continue.

Register in the app

This home screen “Login” is to access or register, for those who register for the first time, they must click on the bottom-right, in the blue letters where it says “Daftar or Register”

This “Daftar o Register” registration screen has two ways to register: using an Indonesian phone number or an “Email” email. You must click on the email option and where it says “Full Name” put your Name and Surname and in “Email” put your email. Then check the “I agree” box and press the “register” button.

Then you must check the inbox of the email you indicated in the previous step and put here the 6 activation numbers of the account that have been sent to you. Then press “verify”

Application features

This is the interface of the main screen (Home) where you can see from top to bottom the following functionalities:

  • Home: Beginning
  • Where it says Hi (and its Name): Account [To change the profile picture, etc]
  • Scan QR code: Scan of the QR Code of the place where you are going to enter. This if you will use it when you go to some places like supermarkets, shopping centers, hotels or even some tourist places
  • Vaccine Certificate: To activate the vaccination certificate, for now it is only valid for Indonesians or residents in Indonesia. Tourists must have the vaccination certificate printed on paper.
  • Covid-19 Test Results: Here will appear the results of the Antigen / PCR Test (Hasil Test Covid-19) For now it only serves for those registered with a NIK number, which is only accessed if you are local or resident.
  • Electronic Helath Alert Card (e-HAC). Which is the most important thing and you will need to fill in before taking the flight to Indonesia or between local flights in Indonesia.
  • Check in History: Diary of visits you have recently made where you have scanned the QR code
  • Travel Regulation: Travel information (Not usually very up-to-date)
  • More: By clicking on More, other options come out such as:

Telemedicine: It will put you in touch with Doctors online applications.

Healthcare Facility: Hospitals

Covid-19 Statistic: Statistics of Covid19 cases

Vaccinations: Places to be able to vaccinate, only for Locals and residents.

Pressing the EHAC Button will open this screen with 3 options. Notice that in the upper right is the option to choose Language (Language) there choose “English”.

To create the new QR Code you must press “Create e-HAC”.

Here you can choose between creating a QR for an international flight (flying to Indonesia from another country) or a domestic flight (flights within the country).

When you click on International flight you will see this screen

Here you must put all your personal data and press save (SAVE)

Here your name will appear, if you travel with children, you can put them in the part that says “add dependents” Then click next (Berikutnya)

On this page we will put both the destination information (you can simply put the address of the first hotel where you will stay), also the flight (you can put the flight with which you arrive in Jakarta) and the seat number where you will be on the plane, and then click next: (Berikutnya).

On this screen you must declare where you did the PCR Test and upload it to the application, as well as indicate in which countries you have been in the last 14 days and if you have any symptoms of Covid, if you do not have, simply press the word none. “none.”

Final confirmation screen to get the QR code. If all is well, press the button that says: next to get the Ehac card “NEXT TO GET E-HAC CARD”

This is the card, and by pressing the card you will get the QR Code.

QR code, you can save it in image to scan it on arrival at your destination

In the “Home” menu, you can press EHAC again and then press My Ehac to see the e-HAC created previously again.


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      1. Richard

        Hi cometoindonesia,

        I’m currently researching about traveling to Bali in June! I’ve read multiple sources online that seem to say the app is still mandatory? Could you provide any links to where it’s stated that you don’t need the app to travel anymore as a foreigner? Thank you!

  1. Sarah

    I managed to download app, completed information and got confirmation of my account and that my vaccine proof was accepted. Logged out of the app and now unable to log back in via either mobile or email address!! Says “unknown user” so tried to Register again but won’t allow me to do that either!!! Any suggestions?

  2. Harald Moos

    The described App is not available anymore for apple users. The new app (you will get forward automatically) is SATUSEHAT.
    The most bad programming i have seen in my life (and i am from IT-Business)… you are completely unable to create a user account in it. Only fault messages, nothing more… How can a government makes the entry to their country dependent at a not running software? Seems Indonesia will loose a lot of tourists actually coz the new App is still mandatory… So all tourists have to cancel their vacations in Indonesia till the app is running….excuse my sarcasm , but this is definitely not a good acting… the support out the App is not reacting at all to.

  3. fernando

    hi, i can’t get though uploading my certs. what is the best way to do it. I can upload my 3th dose, but can’t find my first dose cert. Any way to go around it?

    1. cometoindonesia

      Hi Fernando, It is no longer necessary to upload covid certificates to the app. It is only mandatory to have the app installed on the mobile and create a user. Have a good trip!

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